Do you feel like your Facebook strategy has gone a little stale? Do you feel like you aren’t getting enough engagement? We have some ideas that will help you re-energize your Facebook marketing through facebook posts.

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We usually come across 3 major mistakes when it comes to businesses marketing on Facebook.

  • Businesses posting the same content over and over.
  • Leaving major gaps in between when you post content. (Not posting for weeks, months, or even years.)
  • Not interacting with people who comment on your content.

Before you jump into our ideas we have to jump-start your Facebook marketing make sure you check out our infographic on Facebook advertising by clicking the link below.

15 Facebook Post Ideas

Giveaway or Contest

A great way to build followers and engagement is to host a local giveaway. You can ask someone to leave a comment in order to be entered to win. Example – if you are a restaurant you can ask people to comment with their favorite dish in order to be entered to win. You could ask someone to tag their favorite local business, drop an emoji, post a picture of their pet, etc. The possibilities are endless. The simpler the better.

Fun Facts About the Staff

Post a fun fact that people might not know about you or your staff. Are you also in a band? Are you an avid gardener in your spare time? Traveled to any interesting places? Give people a fun inside look into your personalities. People like to do business with people they like so if potential customers find you have similar interests they are much more likely to do business with you.

Behind the Scenes

Most people see your end product but why not let them get a little behind the scenes look? Do you make something? Do you provide a service? Show people what goes into your end product.

Teach Something

Everyone has something they are good at. Do a series of videos on your social media where you teach your followers how to do something. The more valuable content you can give the more likely your followers will consistently keep coming back to your Facebook page.

Share Industry News

Keep people up-to-date on what is going on in your industry. Social marketing services like ours can make it really easy to find the trending content in your industry and post it to your pages.


Want an easy way to gain insight from your followers? Post a poll about a product, service, or event that is going on? It doesn’t even have to necessarily do with your business. Is the local football team playing a big rival? Take a poll on who your followers think will win.

Announce a Product

Are you carrying a new product or service? Don’t keep it a secret. Make sure you let everyone know!

Post a Pet

Do any of your employees or yourself have a pet? Post some pictures of them. Remember, every time you post from your business page you are branding your logo and business name. It doesn’t need to be all business all the time.

Post a Question

Post a simple 1 sentence question to your followers.

Post Infographics / Guides / eBooks

You can create stunning content that provides real value to your followers. Instead of post the same “text & picture” try mixing it up and posting an infographic or a guide.


Don’t forget to post the hashtags. Make sure you are posting the right tags with a mix of relevant product hashtags, service hashtags and location hashtags.

Post a Blog

Share longer-form content on a blog post about a particular subject your followers will find useful. Don’t just post your blog and be done with it. Promote it on all your social channels.

Go Live

Try Facebook live as a great way to reach your followers in a more intimate way. Show you are a real person behind your logo. Your set-up doesn’t have to be fancy. Just put your phone in-front of you and start talking about a particular subject. Watch as the reactions and views start pouring in.

Announce a Special

Give your followers a little reward. You can generate exclusive offers to people who follow your pages and incentivize them to stay connected with your page.

Post Reviews

Did you receive a positive review on Google or Yelp? Post the review on your Facebook page for all your followers and potential followers to see, incase they don’t see it on Google.

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