5 Keys to Effective Leadership 

Visions of Leadership

When you are growing up, every child has a vision of leadership. They have visions of managing a world series team, the lead singer of a rock band or President of the United States. At some point reality sets in, life presents challenges and expectations change.

Having been a “leader” (in my mind) my entire life, I never gave up on that vision, which resulted in being a leader in business my entire career. What follows are 5 simple tips to maintaining your passion for leadership and achieving it in your life.

Believe in yourself

There is a fine line between cocky and confident. The difference is confidence can be backed up with results. Have the confidence to take on new challenges, plan your next steps with your goals and intention as your guide and no matter what, trust your gut instincts. NEVER let anyone tell you “You Can’t” – they are wrong 100% of the time.

Have a passion and enthusiasm for life

A leader will act as if they have the best life possible. They will enjoy their family, friends and everything they do at work and play. You will know when you are doing it right, when people take notice. Leaders are leading in life, which attracts others to your business. If you are happy and passionate at home, it flows into your business and visa versa.

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Stay Positive

In the humorous quips of Dennis Leary, “Life is tough, buy a helmet.” That isn’t a negative thing to say, life is tough, but if your helmet is your positive attitude, you are never down, depressed or bummed. Leaders never show a negative emotion, they have them but their followers never see it. A leader will smile through adversity, find the silver lining in every cloud and when presented with a pile a “horse manure”, they will dive in and dig through it looking for the pony to ride away on!

Have an “Attitude of Gratitude”

Gratitude is infectious, when you have it, others will catch it. A leader is constantly appreciative and recognizing others, for even the smallest things. Saying things like, “You have a great smile” or “thank you for being on time” or “I appreciate you” doesn’t cost anything and brings joy to others. Recognition and gratitude are always presented into a “mirror” when it’s received, it reflects back on you!

Know your stuff!

To be a leader you need to be good at what you do. Some of the best coaches were not the greatest players (or played at all) and some of the greatest athletes have coaches who are nowhere near as good as they are. Knowing your stuff will send you to the top of your field fast. Regardless of the business or activity, leaders have skills, thoughts or abilities that others admire, envy or want to replicate. It’s been said that if you read 5 books on any topic, you will be considered an expert in that field. Most people won’t do the work, but when you outwork everyone else, they will follow the leader who outworked them.

There are probably 500 other tips on leadership, but for now, make it part of your day to engage and practice these 5 simple leadership skills and watch how people will gravitate to your, as you ascend to LEADERSHIP in your world.

About the Author:

JGJoe Grushkin is a serial entrepreneur for over 35 years. Currently, as the CEO, President and Founder of MaxExposure Social Media, the premier Social Media & Reputation Management Firm on North America, he is growing the business with effective leadership skills and developing a management team to lead in the future. MaxExposure assists small and media sized local businesses in over 80 industries. More information is available at www.MaxExposureSocialMedia.com


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