#280Characters – 3 Tips to Utilize Twitter’s New 280 Character Limit

This week Twitter made a change to double the previously allowed character limit. You now can construct a 280-character Tweet as opposed to the old 140-character limit.

But what does this mean for businesses?

We put together some tips to take advantage of this new feature as well as some mistakes to avoid.

Don’t use 280 characters just for the sake of using 280 characters

Typing a Tweet

While the increased character limit certainly gives you flexibility it does not mean you should take advantage of it every single time. If you complete a coherent thought or message in 140 characters or less then don’t feel the need to say more. It could be a deterrent from your core message.

You can promote multiple products and services without running out of space

Tweet and Products

Instead of sending out 3 or 4 tweets for one

product at a time you can now place more information in a single tweet.

Take advantage of this feature by including captivating links, images or videos that will grab the user’s attention. Share similar products or services grouped together instead of relying on the reader to view multiple strings of tweets.

Convey your message in multiple languages

Often if you are a business who interacts with their audience in multiple languages Twitter could have been a source of frustration. If you wanted to convey the same message in different languages you could find yourself reaching the 140-character limit. Now you have more freedom to convey the same message without the restrictions of such a short character limit.

No matter what the character limit, the most important thing is to personalize your messages and be authentic with your audience. Share yourself, your business, and have fun with it.


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