5 Ways to Improve your Company’s Image

Although social media is extremely important in expanding your company’s network and maximizing profits, social media is also essential in building and promoting a good company image. Below are five ways in which your company can use social media to improve its image.

Share posts about company involvement in the community

Whether your company is donating proceeds to a charity, participating in a food drive, or simply showing support for a local sports team, it is extremely beneficial to the company’s image to post about these events on social media. Customers like to see that the company they are purchasing from are not only focused on their own profits, but on supporting other companies and foundations within the community. In seeing that your company is engaging in its community, customers will be more inclined to continue purchasing from you and support not only your products, but your company as a whole.

Social Media & Company Image

Share posts from customers’ social media accounts

Many people on social media will “tag” companies on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter when they are using that company’s product or service. Viewing who has posted pictures with your company’s products and reposting these images to the company’s own social media accounts makes the customer feel important and noticed by the company. Other customers will also appreciate this recognition and acknowledge that your company does care about its customer’s satisfaction with their products and services.

Comment and like customers’ posts

Even when you do not repost a customer’s picture, it is important your company’s social media account at least likes and comments on the picture. This again makes the customer feel important and noticed which encourages them to post with your product more often! By posting more often, it promotes your product or service to their followers and encourages them to purchase from you, as well as offering more pictures and product reviews for other customers to see. Commenting and liking customers’ social media posts will increase tagged posts from customers, therefore improving your products’ quality image and your overall company image. 

Comment on your customers posts!

Share posts about employees’ backgrounds

Every employee comes from a different background and has grown up with different experiences. Showing customers your employees’ experiences is extremely important in promoting a good company image. By showing employees’ backgrounds and experiences, customers can build an image of your company and understand the values and ideals the people within your company hold. Sharing posts about employees’ backgrounds also allows customers to trust the quality of your company’s products or services because it shows customers the qualifications each employee has. For example if a chef at a restaurant has previously worked with the health department, customers may be more inclined to trust that restaurant’s food quality and safety procedures.

Include high quality images

Use high quality images

Although this may seem obvious, it is extremely important that your company consistently maintains high quality images in its social media posts. In considering pictures of employees or customers to post on your social media account, or just your company’s images in general, the quality of the image needs to be factored in. If your company posts high quality images on social media, customers will associate the high quality images with high quality products and services. This will also increase the number of people following your company’s account as well as how many likes each post receives. 

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