The Benefits of Using a Third Party for your Company’s Social Media

Today, social media platforms are no longer just used for the “social” aspect, but are now utilized to promote and market businesses to consumers. Social media offers a way for companies to reach large audiences of people at a relatively inexpensive price. Maintaining customer relations on social media is essential whether you have a new, up and coming business that’s looking to create a network of potential customers or employees, or a business that wants to expand its network or improve its company image.

pexels-photo-296878.jpegSocial media is one of those “you get what you give” kind of things. As in, the more effort and maintenance you put into your social media, the more benefit you will get out of it. The difficulty many businesses find when trying to maintain their social media accounts is that it takes a lot of time and energy going through each social media account and coming up with posts, replying to customer comments and direct messages, responding and evaluating online reviews, and hosting promotional campaigns. On top of every other responsibility you have to handle for your business, customer relations on social media can sometimes be overlooked. One way of insuring this does not happen and you maintain good customer relations online is to hire a third party to not only post to your social media, but respond to customers reviews, ratings, and comments as well. Below are just a couple of the benefits of using a third party for your company’s social media…

Takes One Responsibility off the List

As mentioned previously, operating a company can be extremely difficult, and it comes with a load of tasks, many of which change on a day to day basis and require flexibility and adaptation. With all of these other responsibilities, your company’s social media is one of the first tasks many people tend to overlook or move off to the side. You might find you are getting overflowed with work one day and find yourself saying something like, “Hey Sarah, can you do this instead of posting to Instagram like you usually do, we posted something just last week, that should hold us over for a bit.” Not only will your customers start to recognize inconsistencies in your posts, but your employee, “Sarah,” was also responsible for checking customer comments and messages on Instagram, which you have now overlooked and your customers may be frustrated not receiving a timely response. Taking this one responsibility off of your to-do list actually takes about 5 responsibilities off your to-do list, making it much easier for you to manage your business.

Allows for an Unbiased Response to Customers

pexels-photo-826349.jpegEvery company gets those rude, nasty comments or reviews from customers on their social media accounts. You know the ones I’m talking about, the ones claiming “not only was their lobster uncooked, but it was crawling around on the plate.” Responding to these, you might be tempted to react with some snarky comment because obviously, you want to defend your company. Hiring a third party company to respond for you takes the bias out of the response and allows for your company to still maintain a good image online. If customers saw that you did not respond well to criticism and were rude to your customer’s negative reviews, they would think less of your company and might even choose not to do business with you.

Keeps the Voice of your Company Consistent

Oftentimes companies might put their company’s social media accounts in the hands of the marketing department or public relations department, rather than just assigning the responsibility to one employee. Although this may be more efficient for your company, the voice of your company is constantly changing which can confuse customers and make them feel as though you just throw around your social media responses from employee to employee without real consideration. Having one consistent voice makes customers feel more cared about and comfortable, and third party companies do just that. They train their employees on how to respond to customer responses so there is consistency in every response.

Maintains Appropriate Response Time

The one thing you do not want to do, that could decrease your customer’s ratings rather than increase them, is take too long to respond to customer reviews. Whether the review is good or bad, customers want to know that you value the time they took to go on your site and review your business. Not many customers take the time to do this, so the ones that do need to be showed that it does make a difference. Bad reviews especially need a quick response rate because not only will the customer who posted the bad review be frustrated, but other customers viewing that review and see that you did not take the time to respond promptly to it. Third party companies have scheduled times each day of when to check and respond to reviews, comments, and so on, to insure this is never an issue for your company.

Insures High Quality in Social Media posts

hands-woman-laptop-notebook.jpgLastly, using a third party to not only respond to comments and reviews on social media, but to post to your company’s social media as well is extremely beneficial to your company’s image. Figuring out what to post to social media can be extremely difficult, and finding a photographer or videographer that is qualified and produces the correct quality images and video for your social media takes up more of your time and effort. Hiring a third party for this insures you receive the same quality every time, without having to constantly go through the process of scheduling a photographer and having someone come up with post ideas.

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