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Being the youngest of four siblings, my sister tends to find a lot of things to complain about. She was the last to get a cell phone, she’s the last to turn 21, and maybe most importantly, she’s the last to move out of the house (living alone with our parents can be pretty daunting). Being the fourth sibling definitely does have its perks; our parents are not nearly as strict with her as they were with me and my older brothers. However, one of the more reasonable things she complains about with being the youngest, is our parents did not keep up with scrapbooking and taking baby pictures of her like they had with the rest of us.

My mom wrote a whole pregnancy book for her first born, my older brother, and made almost two scrapbooks full of just his baby pictures. After my oldest brother, the amount of pictures and keepsakes dwindle down more and more with each kid. Apparently struggling to keep up with baby pictures and milestones is difficult for a lot of parents. Today, there are so many companies designed around building scrapbooks and collecting pictures of your kids while they’re young.

More common than using these services however, is the use of Instagram to create your own virtual baby album, “baby instagrams.” Anyone from celebrities to normal everyday parents are creating these accounts and posting milestones, pictures, and videos to create an online photo album of their baby’s special moments.

Bachelor in Paradise winners Jade and Tanner Tolbert have an Instagram for their baby Emerson, @emmy_tolbert.

My cousin just had a baby and she posts pictures every month that her baby turns another month old. Each month she takes out a blanket with numbers 1-12 for her baby’s first full year of life. This is a creative way of making Instagram posts into a scrapbook-esque picture album. In the caption she includes a short paragraph all of his milestones he’s completed that month.

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Baby instagrams…

are a fun and easy way of staying on top of taking pictures and recording milestones as your baby grows. You don’t have to have a baby to utilize Instagram the way these new parents have!! Dog Instagrams and Bridal Instagrams have also become extremely popular trends in recent years.

Take whatever you’re passionate about and run with it! If you’re passionate about fitness start a Fitness Instagram with healthy recipes and new workout routines! I think you will find that using Instagram as more than just a “social media platform” and actually sharing your true passions and interests can be more fun and rewarding not only for yourself, but for the people who follow you. Happy posting!!!

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