5 Tips on Pictures and use on Your Company’s Social Media

One of the best aspects of having social media accounts for your business is that social media uses both a combination of visuals (pictures), as well as words, to both grab viewers’ attention, and provide them with information regarding your business. While the actual information or words that you post are extremely important in viewers’ actual knowledge of your company, the pictures you post to social media greatly impact viewers’ overall image of your company. If your company posts low quality images, or over or under edits them, people may associate this with the quality or success of your business. High quality, well edited pictures will cause viewers to see your company as successful, and providing high quality business.

Below are five tips for taking and editing your pictures for social media…


Use a high quality camera for your pictures

Taking pictures using a high quality camera can make such a big difference in how your viewers see your company. Higher quality cameras reduce grain and adjust to lighting depending on where the picture is being taken. If you are featuring images of your products on social media, using a high quality camera will make your product look better, and of higher quality, as well as show a more accurate color and details in the product.

Create a picture theme for your account

Creating a subject theme for your social media increases consistency throughout each of your company’s accounts and gives you better guidance for the pictures you need to take. For example if you own a restaurant, your theme might be pictures of food, with the occasional restaurant or staff picture depending on the purpose of the post. If you own a pet adoption agency, you might make the theme, “just rescued” or “just adopted” and feature images of the pets. If you choose a good theme, your viewers will become familiar with it and you will gain more followers who like the theme of your posts. Choosing a theme also applies to using similar filters when editing your images. You want the filters to “match” somewhat, this will improve your social media account’s overall aesthetic appeal, causing people to view your social media account as trendy or high quality.

Know when to hire a photographer v. use your own employees

pexels-photo-970105.jpegDepending on the type of pictures you need, you may need to invest in an actual professional photographer to take the pictures for you. It’s important to know when to hire photographers versus use your own employees in terms of budgeting and efficiency. If you just need pictures of plates of food for your restaurant’s Instagram, you should just use your own employees and save on photography expenses. If you need pictures of landscapes or groups of people, hiring a professional photographer may be best. This is going to depend on your own judgement call as every company has different employees with differing ranges of skill in taking pictures.

Take more pictures than you actually need

If you need five different pictures, you should take about 20 pictures of each of those five images, and select the best choice out of those 20 images. Changing up the lighting, angles, and material in the picture will allow you to pick and post the best image possible. Sometimes you may find that the angles you don’t think are going to work, end up working the best. In today’s social media trends, people are constantly taking pictures from angles that people never would have thought would look good before. The angles and lighting of your pictures will drastically change how people view the quality of the pictures on your company’s social media.

Bright is best

pexels-photo-910329.jpegWhen editing your images, BRIGHT IS BEST!!! “Exposure” editing should be performed at the very end of your picture editing, after all other filters and types of edits have already been completed. You always want to make sure you go a point or two brighter than you think your image should be. Most people today view their social media accounts from their phones, and most people, for the sake of saving battery life as well as to reduce harshness on their eyes, reduce the brightness on their cell phones. I do not know a single person who keeps their cell phone brightness on 100% throughout the day. This means, that the brightness of your images on social media that people are viewing from their cell phones is also decreased. Increasing your picture brightness a little more will catch your viewers attention that much more, and therefore improve the effectiveness of your social media.

Depending on your skill base with photo editing, here are some editing softwares and apps you can use to edit your company’s pictures for social media…

Easy-to-use photo editing tools:

VSCO (Can be found in the AppStore) Free

AutoDesk Pixlr (available for download on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac) Free

Flickr Pro (download on iOS or Android device) $5.99/mo or $49.99/yr

Advanced photo editing tools:

Adobe Photoshop (software download) $9.99/mo – $82.98/mo

PaintShop Pro (software download) $63.99


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  1. I found it helpful that this article pointed out that a corporate photographer may be best if you need pictures of your landscape or work groups. My friend will be starting up his own business soon, so this is a great tip to know. Do you have any tips for choosing a professional photographer?

    • Thank you Bethany! We’re so glad you found this post helpful! If you need further assistance with your online presence, please visit our website and request a FREE analysis!

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