Email Marketing Campaigns: Far from Outdated

MySpace, AIM, Skype, Vimeo and Vine have died. So many popular routes of communication have passed on because they are consistently overtaken by larger social beasts such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. But the one form of communication that is often seen as “outdated” but has yet to meet its demise is email. Why is this? Email streamlines communication in a more professional manner. Besides this, email is immediate, it leaves a trail of records and it’s extremely low cost. tells us that their recent study showed that every $1 spent on an email marketing campaign produced $44 in revenue. And it makes sense. 58% of adults (in this same study) said that the first thing they do in the morning and last thing they do before bed is check their email, and then check their social media. The beginning of every person’s day can start and end with your marketing campaigns. An email focused on nothing but your products and services takes away all distractions and makes your company the focus of those moments.

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Similarly, another form of immediate and effective professional communication that has yet to meet its demise is live chat. Live chat is similar to email because it is low cost, leaves a trail of records and is immediate. If email marketing campaigns aren’t for you, check our our LIVE CHAT products. Get connected with clients and potential customers FAST with email campaigns or live chat windows.  

How To: Create an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

  1. Establish your Goals

What are you trying to do? Drive Sales? Promote a Cause? Spread the Word about a product?
  1. Create your email list

What type of people will actually read your emails? Add customers that are already using your products or services because you know that they find your business valuable. From there, make sure that your businesses’ website has a spot where a potential customer can fill in their contact to receive their emails.
  1. Create a Campaign

There are four types of email marketing campaigns: newsletters, marketing offers, announcements and event invitations.
  • Newsletters focus on providing information to customers without pushing sales.
  • Marketing offers focus on driving sales through attractive promotions.
  • Announcements focus on building the reputation of your company by keeping subscribers updated on “what’s new.”  
  • Event invitations focus on increasing awareness of a company’s event to bolster attendance in hopes of driving sales.
  1. Structure your campaign

It is essential that the physical layout is neat and not wordy. Your subscribers inbox are more likely than not, inundated with emails from many different businesses, so keep your layout aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate so that subscribers will be more apt to be interested in your email. It is also extremely important to not over-tailor your emails. Your messages should be a bit generic so that any and all subscribers might be interested in it’s content. Finally, it is key that you make your emails easy to convert, meaning that you make it easy for your emails to send your subscribers to your webpage where they can learn more about the product or service.
  1. Press send!

After sending your emails, be sure to record the response rate of these emails to know how to better structure your emails to convert subscribers to customers.

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