How to Engage Customers Across Multiple Platforms

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Social media can be a major game changer when it comes to engaging your customers, but different platforms can call for different forms of engagement. Twitter is great for witty one-liners or a quirky advertisement, while Instagram may be best for showing off the quality of your products. Facebook is really good for interacting with customer feedback while Snapchat is a fun way to show off your company’s personality. The best way to keep your audience engaged is by utilizing a variety of platforms while ensuring that your customers are cognizant of most (if not all) of them. Drawing your customers across your social platforms is great way to grow each of your mediums. Missing a popular platform and looking to expand? MaxExposure offers their Social Page Build package where they will professionally build any of a variety of popular sites for your company to begin utilizing.
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  Links are a super easy way to present your customers with multiple platforms at once. This works best in one of two ways:  
  1. You can use your most engaging site to promote a lesser engaging one. For example, if your company just decided to implement a Twitter account, but it has very few followers because nobody knows about it yet, use one of your seasoned accounts to promote it. Maybe your Instagram is thriving so you throw the link to your Twitter page in your Instagram bio, subtly redirecting your loyal Instagram followers over to check out your new addition.
  2. On the flip side, you can use a link to direct customers from your lesser-engaging platforms to more engaging ones. From the previous example, throw a link to your Instagram in your Twitter bio. This way, if new customers were to first see your newest addition, they would quickly be redirected to your most engaging site, putting your best foot forward.
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Another way to direct your customers across platforms is by hosting contests or giveaways. If you want to gain a larger Instagram following, then try hosting a giveaway entirely through that site. Encourage users to comment, share, and/or follow a particular post in order to enter (this way you gain their followers as well!), but, to really draw your audience to the contest, or the site on which you are hosting it, promote it on your other sites. Post on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn telling your followers to head on over to your Instagram page to enter! This way you have an excuse to subtly redirect your already loyal following across platforms. Stories are a great way to promote not only your products, but your brand. Customers don’t want to follow a page that only posts advertisements and promos, let alone a page that solely redirects them to other pages. It is crucial to find ways to remind your current audience of your other platforms without scaring away potential customers. This is where stories come in. While many platforms have introduced story features, we will focus on Instagram. Instagram stories are a means of posting to Instagram in a way that only appears for 24 hours before it is deleted. This is a fun way to catch your audience’s attention without overloading the site itself. Post quick advertisements or even just give your other sites a quick shoutout.
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Lastly, always direct followers back to your website! While many companies forget about their website in terms of social platforms (because people can’t follow it) it should always be your strongest presence. This is where you need your customers to feel comfortable and confident enough in your brand to purchase your products or services directly. Link your website on all of your platforms and refer to it in posts frequently. Linking direct products from your website to advertisements for particular products can be an easy and effective way to clinch a sale, as well as prove your efficiency and effectiveness to potential customers. If you want to feel more confident in your website, feel free to check out MaxExposure’s Website Builder – Enhanced package. Use this tool to create a website showcasing all of your products and services to promote sales as well as increase your company’s credibility and image.

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