A Marketing Lesson from Beyonce

Beyonce is not only the Queen of the music industry (at least in my opinion), but has quite recently become the Queen of marketing. Her last album created an absolute tsunami on social media, blowing up Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many other socials with hashtags like #Flawless #WokeUpLikeThis and #Slay (which are all references to her songs and mannerisms). Beyonce and her PR team know how to create buzz about her music through exclusivity, timing and suspense. Anytime Beyonce does ANYTHING and we mean ANYTHING, social media blows up and the spotlight focuses on her. So, how does she do it? And what can your company learn from her marketing techniques?

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1. Be exclusive but remain relatable

Beyonce’s credibility and authority in the music industry make her both exclusive and relatable at the same time. Her consistency is what has made her so exclusive in the music industry and world of A-list celebrities. A hair is never out of place, sweatpants are never worn in public, her musical abilities are natural and she has refined her voice so acutely that she is never off-tone or off-beat. Her physical appearance and her talent are what set her apart from the rest of celebrities. She does what she has to do to make sure that her image is always consistent, even if that means hiring multiple personal assistants. Although she presents an image that is almost unattainable, Beyonce remains relatable to her audience by staying humble. Interviews with various backstage crews have said that she treats the janitors just as well as she treats her manager.

So what can your business learn? It is essential to do what you can to keep your product/service and company consistent. Putting in extra hours and hiring extra staff (when possible) will only grow your revenues and reputation, if done correctly. Similarly, it is just as important to have consistent customer service no matter the value that the customer brings to your company.

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2. Timing is essential

Beyonce has become notorious for releasing songs and albums right before big career milestones. Before her 2013 world tour, she released a new album and right before the Superbowl, she released a new song. These are just a few examples of how she surprises her fan base with new music to leverage her popularity.

So what can your business learn? It is extremely important to always have a way of leveraging and promoting your companies new products, services and events. Doing it “Beyonce style” and announcing a new product the day before it hits stores probably won’t do much for your company, because your not on a global scale and you may not have the same type of loyal followers as Queen Bee. However, you can find similar results by announcing flash sales and distributing email blast campaigns to get your customer base excited for your company’s newest ventures.

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3. Get your customer base EXCITED

Beyonce almost never initially releases her albums through streamlined music websites. Those who are devout fans, choose to pay extra or make a more valiant effort to listen to her music as soon as it is released, regardless of its format. Those who aren’t a member of her Beyhive, her obsessive fan club, simply wait for the music to be released on Spotify, Apple Music or other streaming services. In either case, Beyonce and her team use suspense to build up excitement for her new music. It also helps that her music is very consistent in it’s quality.

So what can your business learn? It’s important to have a loyal customer base just as it is equally important to have on-and-off again customers. Your most loyal customers keep your brand strong while your inconsistent customers help create the value behind your brand. By creating hype and a positive reputation with your customer base about your products or services, you will always have customers that you know you can rely on to buy into your company… no matter how ridiculous or expensive the product/service (or in Beyonce’s case, songs or tour tickets) may be.

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