Maximizing your Instagram Exposure

Earlier this month Instagram broke their silence about their newest algorithm reconfiguration. The updated algorithm involves a lot of moving pieces, but with a little practice and consistency, you can be maximizing your Instagram exposure in no time!

The Instagram algorithm is what determines what order posts appear in a user’s timeline, so businesses need to focus on how often their customers are actually seeing the photos they post. The algorithm focuses on interest, recency, and relationships, so be sure to follow these tips for improving your exposure!

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Instagram analyzes past behavior and estimates how likely a user is to enjoy the content being posted. So, businesses should post content that is relevant to its followers and their interest (warranting likes) and then they should stay consistent to that content. This could include similar colors, formats, or even hashtags! While posts should be unique enough to engage both old and new customers, followers should also have an idea of what type of content to expect from you (that’s why they follow you in the first place!).


A post from yesterday will almost always appear on a user’s feed before a post from last week. So post often! Maybe some of your followers do not check Instagram every day, but most likely, they will be checking at least once a week, and you want to be sure you have posted within a reasonable window of time. MaxExposure’s Evergreen Posting package allows you to schedule posts to be sent out days in advance, so you never forget to post!


Posts from individuals deemed “close” to you, meaning that you interact with them often, will be higher up in the algorithm. This is tricky for a business, as it is unlikely that you will be tagging individuals in photos or receiving an influx of comments on a regular basis. Contests can be a life saver in situations like these. Encourage users to tag you in photos that they take with your product, or encourage them to comment the usernames of three friends for entries into simple giveaways. Another simple fix is to ask questions in your captions. If you post a photo of your product in a tropical location, ask your users to comment their favorite getaway or vacation spot. Any way you can think of to get your customers to engage in a unique way will get you more exposure on their feed in the future!

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