Social Media Trends to Watch for (And Act On!)


Chatbots are the customer service agents of the future. From completing purchases to answering questions, chatbot technology can do it all, and major corporations are all over it. From Starbucks to Staples, big name businesses are hopping on the chatbot train like mad, and in the near future, everybody will be using them. Even a “starter” level chatbot can have the capacity to answer questions, book appointments, and route potential customers directly to staff members. You can get a jump start on this trend for even the smallest of businesses with MaxExposure’s Lead Capture Chatbot Starter package!!

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Instagram is at the top of its game, and only getting stronger. Individuals can literally make a living from having a big personality, a sense of fashion, and an Instagram account. It’s the new age of influencers, as the public no longer only looks to the rich and famous for advice, but the everyday Instagram personality instead. As a small business owner, use this to your advantage. Sending free samples, or impressive discounts to popular Instagram personalities could gain you some major advertising, without having to break the bank. Just look for individuals with 10k + followers who have a loyal following with whom they frequently interact, that way you know that their followers will trust their opinion on your product!

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Online Job Searches

While finding job postings online isn’t a new concept, its on its way to becoming the only concept. Employers want strong candidates to apply quickly, with a true understanding of exactly what they are signing up for. At the same time, employees want the ability to apply to a variety of positions within minutes, with the same detailed description of what they are signing up for. Online job posting allow for these detailed descriptions, as well as application with the click of a button as well as candidate filtering with the use of prerequisite questioning. Businesses should be sure to maintain a presence on the main job listing sites such as Indeed or LinkedIn, as well as any existing specialty sites for their industry, such as Dice, the leading job site for tech companies. Don’t have an online job seeking presence, but looking for easy access to a spread of impressive candidates? Start with a LinkedIn account. Post detailed descriptions of open positions as well as news articles and trends occurring in your industry to pull in potential employees and receive the maximum amount of applications possible. Need help getting started? MaxExposure’s Social Page Build package will professionally build you a LinkedIn presence so you can start taking advantage of its benefits immediately.

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Lastly, blogs are the new way that people are choosing to connect over the internet. From personal bloggers (like influencers) sharing their personal feelings and encounters with the world to gain a deep connection with them, to big time blogs that have blossomed over the years into million dollar businesses (like Barstool Sports). For individuals who have a passion for writing and sharing their opinions, blogs are an awesome way to share content with the masses, where indiviudals can leave comments and react to posts, connecting with and learning from each other. From a business standpoint, blogs are an incredible marketing technique. Bring traffic to your website through current and intriguing blog posts that will engage your audience and likely result in not only more foot traffic but more customers in the long run. Want to start a blog but don’t have the content creators necessary to post? MaxExposure offers a Blog Package, consisting of original blog content for your business’ use, perfect for beginning your blogging escapade!

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