4 Keys to Successful Email Marketing

As we’ve already learned, email marketing campaigns are far from outdated.

So what can you do to up your campaign’s efficacy to generate more leads?

1. Create an eye-catching subject line

Emails are constantly sold to third parties and this is why your mailbox is constantly being flooded with emails from companies that you don’t remember interacting with. To avoid being included in the SHIFT-SELECT-MASS DELETE from your audience’s mailbox, you should create a subject line that will catch the reader’s attention and make them interested to click-in. The most effective way to do this is to “personalize” the subject line! Use personal words like “you” or “name.” A personalized touch helps eliminate any doubt as to if your email is “spam.”

Example: A Special Offer just for YOU

Example: Hey *insert name here*!

2. Make your email short and to the point

The average attention span is about 10 seconds long so make sure that you put your main message in BIG letters to catch the reader’s attention. Leave all of the specific details in smaller words. The reader of your email won’t want to take the time to pick your message out of a body of text, so make it OBVIOUS as to why you’re emailing!

3. Make your email visually-appealing

On a similar note, making the email visually appealing will make the reader more interested in reading into your email because it will extend their attention span. Images can be especially effective in getting your point across in an email because images are absorbed and understood 60,000x faster than words!

4. Create a “smart” landing page

Hopefully, by this point, your reader will have clicked through to your landing page. The landing page is the most important part of your email because it determines if your reader will become a lead. The most effective way to ensure that your readers become leads is through a call-to-action.

Example: For a free consultation or information on *insert product of service here,* enter your email as well as your first and last name!


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