Social Media Hacks to Bump up your Engagement

With the constant addition of new features on social media networks, knowing what features to use to best utilize each social network can get pretty overwhelming. To escape the confusion, here are the five most cost-effective and marketing-effective features on social media networks today…


Facebook Post Advertisements

Although some companies pay Facebook to post advertisements, posting advertisements on your own company’s Facebook page is a much cheaper alternative. Although these advertisements may not reach as many people, the people it does reach are more quality. This is because the advertisement shows up on their feed either because they have already liked your company’s page or posts, or because their friends liked your page or posts. The key to posting an effective Facebook advertisement is including appealing graphics that catch the eye, keeping the content short, simple, and to the point, and making the content engaging (asking viewers to click a link, publish a comment, or like and share the post to receive a discount or promo).


Instagram Stories and Story Highlights

Instagram stories are also extremely cost effective and effective in reaching your target audience because like the Facebook advertisements, the viewers of your Instagram stories are users who have already followed your company’s page, or users who are currently viewing your page. Instagram stories are not only a great way to advertise new promotions, but new product releases, company events and community involvement, or even just to remind viewers in general to visit your company soon. If you own a restaurant for example, posting pictures of dishes on the menu for the day could cause someone who was maybe going to eat at a different restaurant that day, to eat at your restaurant. If you are not consistently engaged in posting stories, creating story highlight reels is a great way to always have a story available for new viewers, as well as categorize your stories so they are easier for viewers to navigate.


Instagram Campaign Posts

Posting Instagram campaign posts are a great way to engage viewers, as well as expand your company’s social network outreach. Some examples of content for an Instagram campaign might be…

“Like this post and republish on your Insta story to receive 40% off today only!”

“Like this post and post a beach pic on your Instagram with #CompanyNameSale to get BOGO free on all swim apparel!”

This not only will increase your sales during the promotion, but will also expand your campaign outreach as viewers will be republishing your post to all of their followers, or post your hashtag on their Instagram post, encouraging more people to view and engage in your campaign, and get your company’s hashtag trending, improving the chances of your company’s post showing up on the Explore feed.


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