How to Grow Your Instagram Following: Stories

We have already talked about the benefits of using story highlights, but the real bread and butter is the content in a story. Instagram now notifies you when you have caught up on all of  your feed’s new content. Naturally, instead of closing out the app people will tap through thousands of stories. It’s time to take full advantage of that.

Stories can include all sorts of content: a poll, a question, a preview, a reminder to check out your latest post, but it is always more than just a picture. Think of a story like a regular post, there are multiple components. There’s a caption, a hashtag, a location and a user tag. Now a story can contains all of these things too, but it leaves you with more room for creativity and opens doors to catching a new audience.

Let’s start from left to right:


A location sticker can always help boost a post. You can make the size as big or as small as you want and put it anywhere on the screen instead of it being stuck on the top of your regular posts. The best part of putting a location in your story is that your story can appear on a live story of that location that anyone can see.


When you mention (or tag) someone in your Instagram post, whether it be an individual person, or a company, that person or company receives the notification. That user will then be encouraged to view your story, or maybe even repost it to their own story. This will get your stories trending on more than just your account, therefore increasing your following.


Although it’s not recommended, you can add up to 11 different hashtags to a story (try to stick with one or two). Just like the location sticker, there is a live story of others who have also used the same hashtag. Be selective with your hashtag choices: you don’t want a hashtag that’s used millions of times but you also don’t want a hashtag that only a few hundred have used. If you really want to have a chance at getting exposed to a new crowd chose one in the low thousands. 

If you’re not as interested in having people click on the location or hashtag as you are with having it be viewed on a live story, a hack is to cover it up with a sticker or GIF!


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