Top 5 Engaging Social Media Topics

As the limits to the content your company posts on social media is rather unlimited today with the addition of new applications for editing pictures and videos, it can get a bit confusing on what exactly to post. To help you out, I have a list of the top 5 most engaging topics for your social media posting that not only increase viewer engagement, but increase sales as well!


Product Photos

Showing your product on your company’s social media feed allows for viewers to familiarize themselves with your product and encourages them to look into your product further.


ALWAYS make sure your images are high quality to insure your product looks as appealing as possible!

Including a link either in the post or on your bio (on Instagram) to your website to allow for viewers to check out more of your products is effective in increasing your sales!


Customer Photo Re-posts

Reposting images posted by your company’s customers will not only make the customer  feel appreciated and recognized, but encourage others to post images with your product on their pages as well.


Include the tag of your customer so people viewing their profile can see the tag and visit your page!

Make the customer look good!! (no one else is going to want you to republish their picture if you’re going to make them look bad)


Behind-the-Scenes Photos

Behind-the-scenes pictures or videos can include anything from community involvement, to company events or in-office activities. Showing your viewers what happens in your company behind-the-scenes allows for them to connect and familiarize themselves with your company and its employees and build trust with you.


Make sure people look happy in the pictures!! :)))

Don’t make the picture look too staged. Taking a combination of candids and posed-for pictures will give your viewers a good idea of how the event was and show the camaraderie of your company’s employees.



Creating your own social media posts gives your company’s social media page another dimension and allows for increased freedom on what you can post.


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Tips and Advice

Giving tips to your viewers that are connected to your business allows for them to get more involved in your industry and will allow for your social media pages to actually benefit them.


Make sure your tips are useful to your viewers! Example: If you own a clothing store, give them a tip on how to repurpose an old piece of clothing, or show them a new fashion trend that’s emerging!

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