Employee Feature: Briana Cefaloni

What do you do for MaxExposure? 

I am Client Service Representative for Max Exposure. I help with on-boarding and the continued satisfaction of our customers. 

What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of my job is the family feel of MaxExposure. Being away from home and extremely close to my family, it is so nice knowing I have a family at MaxExposure. Getting to work alongside the sisters in my sorority and having such an inspirational boss, Aly, I am constantly motivated to better myself. 

Why do you feel companies should choose MaxExposure?

Companies should choose MaxExposure for its small business feel and personal attention. Being a small firm, we are able to put a greater focus on each of our customers. We do things like quarterly customer calls and give constant feedback and guidance to our clients. This personal attention is much greater then one would get at a larger social media business. 

What is your favorite MaxExposure product?

My favorite MaxExposure product is Facebook Advertising. Since I run them for customers every month I truly get to see the impacts they have on businesses. Advertising on Facebook allow businesses to reach hundreds or thousands of new people every month in their region. This is getting them more exposure, which is the ultimate goal. 

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