The Top Three Email Providers

Happy National Email week! As discussed in my last post, there is a number of factors that go into picking the perfect email service for your business. Factors include, but are not limited to: ease of use, reliability, security and compatibility with other programs. It is so important to make sure that your email service is compatible to your business before transitioning your business! Since emails are such an important part of your daily operation, it takes training and time to get used to a new email provider, so make sure that you pick the right one the first time around! Here is the ranking of the top three email services!


Due to a variety of factors, the top email service is gmail! I’m sure that this does not come as a surprise to many, as gmail has been increasingly popular over the years. First and foremost, gmail is incredibly user friendly; over 1 billion people use gmail worldwide for both business and personal communication! With an easy-to-navigate layout and various settings to adjust size, colors, etc., gmail is easy for even the least tech-savvy folks! Next, gmail makes sure that your information is safe and private by implementing a two-step verification filter to ensure that no unauthorized users are able to get into your account. In combination with spam filters, it is very unlikely that you will get hacked while using a gmail account. Lastly, gmail accounts offer various effective business such as google drives, google calendar, google sheets, etc. These tools make it easy to collaborate and share information among groups of people. Best of all- these tools save automatically so there is no chance of lost data!!


The second ranked email service is Outlook! With over 400 users worldwide, this service is certainly popular for its organization and ability to work seamlessly with other Microsoft applications. Outlook makes it easy to share documents from excel and word, two business popular applications. In addition, Outlook makes it possible to schedule meetings and appointments, and even reminds you 15 minutes before the time is set to start! No more forgetting about meetings or mixing up the times! Outlook also offers advanced technology that separates low and high priority emails so important information is easier to find. Lastly, Outlook requires two forms of identification before logging in. Like gmail, this system protects unauthorized users from gaining access to your information!!


The email service ranked third is iCloud email. This is a lesser known service, but still has many great features. Like gmail and Outlook, iCloud email offers a two factor verification login to ensure that it’s really you that’s logging into the account. The greatest feature about this service is its compatibility with all apple applications. Iphones are a very popular cell phone choice, and the icloud email can make it easier for people to communicate on the go and in the office. ICloud ensures that your information can be shared from the computer, to the phone, and through various applications. In addition, iCloud offers backups so you don’t have to worry about losing any of your information!

And there you have it- the top three email services! Need help with your emails or want to eliminate the hassle? Click here to check out our products!

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