How IGTV Can Improve Your Social Media Marketing

Have you heard about Instagram’s newest feature, IGTV? IGTV is an app designed for viewing longer videos from your favorite accounts. This app has been designed to be more like an actual television than a social media platform. Unlike the instagram app, videos can be up to one hour long and take up the whole screen. IGTV is incredibly user friendly; you don’t have to search to find the channels of people that you already follow. In addition, videos and channels are recommended to you based on your interests and the past videos that you’ve viewed. Like instagram, you are able to like, comment, and send videos via direct messaging. While IGTV is a separate app, you are able to access IGTV channels on the Instagram app, making it even more convenient! 

The best part of IGTV? Unlike the television, ANYONE can make a channel! This feature can be a great way to promote your business by sharing information that can’t be confined to a standard Instagram post. Not convinced? Here are just a few reasons why IGTV can improve your social media marketing game!

Raise Brand Awareness 

Instagram is arguably one of the most effective social media platforms for marketing, with literally 1 billion active users. IGTV is a great way to bring in new followers through promoting your business (new followers= higher brand awareness!!) With the available sharing features, IGTV makes it easier for users to send videos right to their friends and family. This means that a video on IGTV can be more effective (and so much less expensive) than a standard television ad because your followers can send it directly to people that they think would be interested. In addition, features on the app can recommend your channel to new people based on their interests and other followers.  

Boost product sales 

Like I mentioned above, IGTV is an easier and less expensive alternative to traditional advertisements. Since all you really need is a camera and the app, you are able to shoot conduct anywhere, anytime. IGTV can help you to promote your products or services in ways that a standard post could not. In addition, including tutorials or videos of your products can make customers more inclined to make a purchase! Tutorials are some of the most popular instagram videos because they allow you to show off your products. Try using IGTV to launch new products or promote sales! 

More opportunities for customer engagement 

Creating relationships with customers via social media is crucial to establishing a loyal customer base. Since IGTV allows for longer videos, businesses are able to showcase their products in more creative and interesting ways, resulting in higher engagement with viewers.  IGTV has a feature that takes viewers directly to your page so that they can learn more about your business. 

As you can see, IGTV is an amazing feature for promoting your business!! Click here to learn more about how our products can boost your social media marketing game!

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