You may be spending time on marketing but not selling as much as you would like. Well, it’s time to evaluate why and make adjustments accordingly! It usually comes down to whether or not your marketing can convince consumers that your product is useful and can provide excellent value for the price. The following three reasons are common explanations as to why customers aren’t buying from you, and can help you figure out which areas in your marketing approach need improvement!

  • Lack of awareness
    It may seem obvious, but customers are not going to purchase your products if they are not aware that they exist. The most important thing is to make sure that you are targeting the right market and that your message is actually reaching that market. You may be marketing, but not to the right audience for your brand, whether it is through the wrong messaging, marketing platform, etc. You will have to do some research and assess the key demographics of your target market and then from there, figure out the best way to reach them. 
  • Lack of perceived value
    Customers will not buy products that they believe provide no value to them. If they aren’t familiar with your product or service, they won’t know why they should choose you over your competitor. Here is where you can use the benefits of your product or service to create perceived value. In your marketing messaging, show people using the product, promote positive reviews, or even create a video illustrating its benefits. This definitely helps to show people how buying from you can benefit them.
  • Inaccessible
    If a consumer hears about your product but they find out it is not accessible to them, most will not go through the effort to try and get it. Consumers want to experience ease when it comes to buying a product, so if this is an issue, find out some ways to make your product more accessible to them! This could mean offering your product online, selling it in multiple locations, or distributing it differently. You have to take the nature of your product and target market into consideration when making these decisions, as some items sell better online while others do better in store. If you are hearing from your customers that your products are hard to access, re-evaluate and see if these changes work for you!

These common issues could be the reason why your sales aren’t where you would like them to be, so use this as a checklist to analyze your current marketing strategy. It will take some research and re-evaluating, but once you do, you will be able to find the area that needs improvement. From there, you can alter your marketing strategy, and finally start to see better results!


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