Once you’ve driven traffic to your website, the next step is to compel those visitors to complete a desired action, such as subscribe to your newsletter or blog, or purchase your products or services. Companies who effectively market their content and provide value for their customers prompt them to return time and time again. The following simple tips will allow you to increase your conversions by engaging users on your website!

  • Install a Chatbot
    Chatbots are becoming increasingly more important for users and companies, as they benefit both parties. They can help you reach out to users the moment they need help, and find a solution to their problem. If they have any questions, the chatbot is right there for them to ask. Because customers know that they can get a quick and easy response when they visit your site, they will be more inclined to come back in the future with any other problems they may have.
  • Use retargeting
    If you have already started to generate a lot of traffic to your site, but are looking for a way to continuously bring back visitors, you might want to consider taking advantage of retargeting techniques! One of the most effective ways to do so is to create Facebook ads that are targeted at those who have already visited your site. For example, if a visitor added something to their cart, but left your site without making a purchase, a retargeting ad may prompt them them to return to your site and make that purchase.
  • Create Quizzes and Polls
    By using quizzes or polls on your site, you can better understand your potential customers’ needs. Not only will it allow you to generate feedback on how your business is doing, but it will also help you learn about what your customers are looking for and engage them more. Also, if you ask for their email addresses before revealing the results, you can grow your email list at the same time! 

Customers are always expecting something new or exciting from the businesses they shop at. By adding these simple features to your website, customers are more likely to engage with the content on your site and return time and time again. So, give the above tools a try, and you may begin to see a difference in your sites’ engagement rates!


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