In order to expand and improve upon your own marketing strategy, you have to take a look at your competition. Finding out what does or doesn’t work for your competitors will enable you to gain insights about the content that your audience will respond well to, allowing you to grow your reach. There are so many tools and methods you can use to monitor your competition, but here are just a few to help you get started.

  • Sign up to receive email updates from your competitors
    Email marketing is extremely important for generating revenue for any company. If you want to see how your email campaigns compare to your competition, consider subscribing to their email list with a personal email address. By doing so, you can learn more about their campaigns, the type of content they send out and how frequently, how they address their target audience, and much more. This may spark new ideas and can help improve your own email campaigns.
  • Analyze competitors’ video content and social media presence
    Video marketing is another super important part of any company’s marketing strategy. You can see if your competitors are creating videos and look for certain interactions like comments, views, and shares. For videos with more engagement, take a look at the keywords used or anything else noteworthy in the title or description. You should also do the same with their social media channels. If a specific post receives more engagement, you could try to take a similar approach on your own account. You want to pay close attention to what your competitors seem to be doing right or wrong, so that you can take that information and improve your own marketing strategy.
  • Attend your competitors’ webinars
    A lot of businesses hold webinars where they delve deeper into a particular topic. Attending some of your competitors’ webinars can help you find out how they go about sharing their content and what really interests the audience. Also, with most webinars having a Q&A session at the end, you can hear questions from the audience and learn more about their needs or concerns. From there, you can create your own content that serves those needs!
  • Monitor any website changes
    Finally, you’re going to want to periodically check your competitors’ website or blog for any noteworthy changes in the layout or messaging. Take note of the colors and fonts they use, how they organize their information, and how easy the site is to manage. Also, if they launch a new product or service, it is important to know about it as well as the messaging they use to convey the new announcement. Knowing how the competition delivers their content is very important so that you can give them a better experience!

In order to improve your own marketing strategy, it is essential that you keep track of your competitors. There are endless ways that you can monitor your competition, but these are a few to start with. If you are willing to adapt to constant changes in the industry, and work to keep up with the competition, you will definitely be ahead of the game.


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