So, you’ve got visitors to your website, but you want to keep them interested and coming back for more. This is one of the biggest challenges for every online business. Although you may have people visiting your site, you are going to need to engage your users to have them actually subscribe to a newsletter, download your ebook, or make a purchase. Below are some simple tactics you can use to try to improve this engagement rate!

  • Use a chatbot
    A chatbot is a software application used to conduct online chat conversation with customers. They can help reach out to users immediately if they need help. This will definitely keep your visitors engaged with the site and coming back because of the great service. (p.s. If you don’t know how to integrate a chatbot with your website marketing, we can help!)
  • Optimize your calls-to-action
    The most effective calls-to-action do not interrupt visitors’ reading, but rather are smoothly integrated into the content and provide solutions to their problems. They are also clear and to the point, so that the reader can easily identify them. By making these small tweaks to your CTA’s, you may start to see improvements in site engagement!
  • Take advantage of feedback
    In order to cater to your customers’ needs, you must first understand those needs. An easy way to do this is by creating quizzes or polls. With these tools, you will be able to gain feedback on how your business is performing and ways you can better appease your customers. People typically don’t mind taking quick quizzes, and it’s another way to grow your email list while improving site engagement at the same time!
  • Learn the art of retargeting!
    If you want to bring people back to your site time and time again, you should definitely take advantage of retargeting. You simply show ads to previous visitors using Facebook Insights to remind them to come back. Just remember to use a few variations of the same message in your ads, so that it is not too repetitive. 

In an age where consumers are constantly being bombarded with content from hundreds of companies and many options to choose from, it is important to make your company stand out. The more you engage with them, the more likely they are to take interest in your company and come back continuously. Give these few tips a try, and see if you can increase those engagement rates!


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