So you’ve written that article, created a video, or put together your latest eBook. This kind of content is exactly what you need to attract prospects, convert them into leads, and eventually nurture them into loyal customers.

So what’s the catch? Creating this online content is only half the battle– now you have to find the best way to spread this content and have it reach your target audience. Without having effective channels to broadcast your content, it may seem as though your hard work is not paying off. Here are a few different ways you can spread your content so that you start to see results!

  • Post Social Media Updates
    Social media platforms lead the way in getting content to your target audience. Because so many people are on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn, you have a greater chance of reaching them there. You should spread your content on a variety of platforms, but make sure that they are a good fit for your company! Don’t worry about being present on all of them. Hashtags are also great for getting your content to those who may not be already following you. By using hashtags that your audience is interested in, there is a higher chance that they will find you!
  • Engage in Social Groups and Communities
    Online social groups and communities are perfect places to spread content, as they are made up of people with specific interests. If you want to join a private Facebook group, send a request to the group admin, and then make sure that you follow the rules of the group. There are also communities on Google+, where you can reach many more people, as some have thousands of members. In these groups, you can post an update similar to what you would regularly post on social media, or you can post the actual piece of content (i.e. the blog, video, eBook, etc.). Make sure that what you are posting is useful, entertaining, or provides some sort of value to your audience. With a clear call to action, this is how you’ll get the results you want. 
  • Publish Content on Other Websites
    When people are looking for answers to questions that will solve their needs, oftentimes, they will turn to the internet for answers. Sites like Quora are great for giving advice and getting your content noticed. Say you are a hardware store, and someone posts asking what power tool is best for a certain home project they are working on. You can give them your advice, and get noticed by not only that person, but everyone else who followed that question as well!
  • Send out Email Newsletters
    Email marketing is definitely still very alive and well. People on your email list have already opted-in, so you know they are interested in seeing your content. Your subscribers are already leads, so now you have to nurture them into sales. You are going to want to target your content to each subscriber as best as you can. Figure out what product, service, or offer drove them to sign up in the first place, and then look for what emails they open and what links they click on. With this information, you can tailor your content more specifically to different groups on your email list, making the probability of a sale much higher.

To get your content out there, you need to make sure you are being seen in the right places, by the right people. Not only are you working to inform or entertain your audience, but convert them into leads as well with effective calls-to-action. Knowing places to spread your content will make sure all that hard work pays off!


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