You may not be one to open every email you receive, but email marketing is still vital to many companies. If your company isn’t seeing a lot of positive results from your email marketing efforts, take some time to update your lists and strategies. Here we have five that you should try!

  1. Grow and maintain a targeted list
    Take a minute to look at your situation from the consumer’s perspective. Would you rather receive emails from a website you visited and are interested in, or a random business you’ve never heard of? Chances are, people who have never heard of your business are not going to be interested. Instead, try growing and maintaining a targeted email list of interested customers. You can create a landing page where you can incentivize visitors to enter their email address in exchange for a discount, eBook, or some other benefit. Remove those contacts from your lists with high bounce rates so that you can focus on those who want to receive your emails.
  2. Improve your subject lines
    Most recipients open emails solely based on the subject line. Some even report the email as spam based on the subject line, meaning subject lines are super important if you want your emails to be opened. Be sure to keep them short and concise, make them personal, use FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), and make recipients feel special with birthday greetings or other personal moments.
  3. Use Design Templates
    If you want to better communicate with your subscribers, you’ll want to design eye-catching email templates that align with your goals, convey your message, and are mobile-friendly. This way, customers are more likely to read through the entire email and see what message you are trying to share.
  4. Send Segmented Campaigns
    With email segmentation, companies send tailored content that fits their customers’ needs based on previous purchases, demographics, location, or other experiences with your brand. By tailoring your emails to customers’ specific interests, it not only catches their eye, but shows that you care about their wants or needs!
  5. Run A/B Tests
    A/B testing lets you know how effective your marketing efforts are by comparing different variations of your emails, such as the headline, call to action, images, and templates. For example, you could compare two headlines, where you slightly change the wording. You could send out one starting with “Introducing” and one starting with “Alert.” If “Alert” had more opens, you would use that for your campaign. This test may take some time to see results, but it is worth it if you want to improve your next campaign.

Now that you have some ideas for improving your email marketing efforts, you can start to put these tactics into action. Once you start making these small changes, you will begin to see positive results, and if you’re looking for more email marketing advice, we’re here to help!



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