It is already that time of the year again! Sales are through the roof in most markets during the holiday season. There are certain things, however, that your small business can do to achieve your best numbers yet this holiday season. Read on to gather five helpful hints on holiday marketing that have been proven to drive sales and allow for more customer engagement!

  • Running a holiday giveaway or contest on your small business’ social media platforms is a great way to gain the attention of your busy customers this time of the year. The giveaways should be simple to enter, putting the customer at ease, and keeping them excited for the opportunity to win some of your business’ goods or services. Make sure to advertise with images of your prize on social media so customers can really get an insight into what a great opportunity it would be to enter your contest.
  • Now is definitely the time to spice up your social media channels, as well as your website. It can be very eye-catching to post holiday content and colors, as well as imagery that gets customers excited for this holiday season. Just for fun, you could include a yummy holiday recipe, or holiday season tips for your followers to engage more with your business in a more personal way.
  • Holiday email marketing is also key at this time. Making sure to send out reminders of deals for events like Black Friday are key to keeping your customer interested. Again, this can really help drive sales in the right direction during such a busy time. Make sure that these email campaigns are bright and eye-catching, so that they do not just blend in with everything else in their inbox.
  • Another cool feature to add to a website page, if online ordering is available, is a count-down feature at the top of the screen. This can increase website traffic, and get customers excited for what is to come. Also, if a discount code is only available for a certain amount of time, then this could urge the customer to make the purchase sooner rather than later.
  • If your small business is able to, creating a holiday bundle of gifts, or a holiday gift package when dealing with services, can be very beneficial to your small business. This will incentivize consumers to make purchases for the holidays, and will veer them in your direction opposed to other businesses out there. Having holiday gift packages, for both goods and services, can definitely give you a leg up on other businesses in your industry.

I know this time of the year can be a crazy one, especially with everything we are living through right now. So, let’s make the most of it and start spreading some holiday joy using your social media and website!


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