For many brands today, marketing to Gen Z can seem impossible. Sometimes, it feels like you’re talking to a completely new species. But, getting through to this audience is actually a lot easier than you think. Try implementing these tactics into your marketing plan, and you’ll start to see a lot more engagement with this group!

Post eye-catching, visual content

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that Gen Z is a generation obsessed with visual content. Brands typically target these younger customers through shorter segments of video content, like Instagram and Snapchat stories, because they don’t take up much time, yet are effective in getting their message across.

The key takeaway here is that if Gen Z is the age group that your business is trying to target, you should definitely start prioritizing their presence on platforms that focus heavily on visual content!

Include interactive content 

Younger customers love creativity and interactivity. They want to do something when they see your posts. Interactive features such as Twitter or Instagram polls or quizzes prompt these Gen Z users to interact with brands, and it helps create a stronger connection.

Encourage interaction with tagging

A lot of Gen Z marketing involves tagging. You could encourage followers to share user-generated content with your hashtag to be featured on your story or page, or you could have them tag their friends in order to bring new followers to your page. This allows content to spread, and they will be willing to do it for the chance to be featured on your page!

Use a sense of humor!

A majority of Gen Z supports brands that they see as more fun and laid back. Showing a more personal side to your business resonates more with this audience. They want to know that there are real people behind the brand with a sense of humor. Even if humor doesn’t fit your industry, as long as you are authentic in your voice, Gen Z will respond well. Taking a stance on social issues is another way to communicate authenticity. Boldness is a trait that Gen Z definitely values.

Optimize mobile experience

Mobile optimization is extremely important for Gen Z. Since smartphone usage is basically universal among Gen Z, ensuring that your website moves seamlessly is essential. This generation is filled with impulse buyers, so a scroll-friendly and visually-pleasing page will allow you to convert your visitors into customers.

Promote sales and discounts

Last but not least, know that Gen Z will not want to pay full price for anything, and the sight of a sale is enough to quickly grab their attention. A constant rotation of time-sensitive offers capitalizes on the idea of FOMO and entices younger, more impulsive shoppers to take advantage of a deal before time runs out.

Attracting this younger generation may require you to market your brand in ways you might have never done before, but once you have their attention, these Gen Z shoppers can quickly become very loyal customers. Simply keep these tips in mind, and you will be able to build better relationships with this unique generation.


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