5 Tips for Improving your SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, determines how visible your company’s site is online, or in other words, how highly your company’s site or web pages rank in search results on engines such as Google. 91% of US internet users utilize a search engine every month, and the top 5 results of every search receive 75% of the clicks, so maintaining a high SEO and ranking higher in these search results is extremely important to receiving user interaction. Below are five tips for improving your site’s SEO…


1. Search Competition

Searching Google for your competitor’s sites is a very effective starting point for improving your own company’s SEO. By searching your company’s industry name or topics or products within your industry will allow for the sites with the highest SEO’s in the industry to load at the top of the Google search. By clicking through these sites and paying attention to keywords throughout competitor’s sites, as well as the overall organization and set up of their sites will allow you to start in effectively developing ideas for your own company’s site and starting off with a relatively high SEO.

2. Develop a Keyword and Create a Meta Description

Your site may have one or more keywords throughout depending on what information will be included in your company’s site. These keywords may be in your site’s menu topics, as well as throughout any writing on your site. Including these keywords in your meta description can be extremely helpful in improving your SEO when your keyword is used in a search.

A meta description is the short paragraph shown underneath your site’s title and url that allows users to read into the site page without actually clicking on it. Your meta description can greatly impact how many people actually click through to your site. It is very important to include commonly used keywords in your meta description as this will improve the SEO, and encourage users to click on your site.

3. Include Off-Page Links on your Site

Your site will include both off-page information, referring to elements that are on someone else’s site, as well as on-page information, referring to elements that are on your site. Statistics show that 75% of SEO is off-page, and 25% is on-page, meaning that your SEO is mostly determined by the other sites used in your site’s information, rather than the information that is on your site directly. Search engines will recognize the link back to off-page sites and consider your site as relating to that off-page site. Therefore, finding sections throughout your site where you can link back to outside sources and websites with higher SEO’s will in turn increase your own company’s SEO. An example of this might be the link I have included in this blog, linking back to another extremely popular business blog.

4. Utilize Social Media Interactions

Including your company’s site link and information on your company’s social media accounts is a great way to get more user interaction on the site, and therefore improve your site’s SEO. Search engines keep track of which sites get the most user traffic, and are therefore more popular, and will show the sites with higher traffic higher up in the search results. Below is an example of how to link back to your site on Instagram and Facebook. Including the site link in your company’s Instagram bio or profile on Facebook and including the site link in social media posts or informing viewers that the link is in the bio in posts.

Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 2.12.36 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 2.08.41 PM

5. Perform SEO Maintenance Regularly

Search results are constantly changing, and search engines are constantly changing the factors they use in sorting search results. This means that your site’s SEO is also changing, even without the site itself changing. Keeping track of changes in keyword popularity, changing meta description accordingly, as well as updating links to off-page sites when the information changes, or there are newer, more popular sources to link back to will help you maintain your site’s SEO.


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How to: Sell without Selling on Facebook

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Facebook is much more than just a way of promoting your business and gaining a following, it’s a way of promoting sales and gaining customers. When you think of Facebook advertisements or company posts that are trying to sell a product or service, you might think of it saying something like, “Buy your own today!” or “Click here to purchase!” There are so many other ways to promote the purchase of your product or service other than just asking the customer to buy the product. Here are five aspects that are essential to include in Facebook posts that encourage people to purchase your product or service without having to say, “BUY THIS!”

1. Post a high quality video or picture of the product/service

If you’ve read our recent blog on “How to Increase your Newsfeed Visibility on Facebook,” you already know that posts with visuals, such as images or videos, receive the most engagement from Facebook users. Visuals direct viewers attention to the product and get them interested and engaged in the post immediately with minimal effort. It is important to make sure the visuals are bright and high quality to make the product or service look as aesthetically appealing as possible. The photo or video in the post is what is going to encourage the viewer to look further or read the post if there is word content, and therefore find out more information about the product. This post shows some high quality, creative images of the products they are selling, getting potential customers to stop scrolling when they see an image they like.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 11.36.10 AM

2. Include major benefits of the product/service

This can be either in the photo/video, or in words of your post. Informing viewers of the major benefits of your product or service will allow them to evaluate if the product is something they need or desire. This will determine whether or not they will keep engaging with your Facebook post, and potentially look into purchasing the product. Giving the benefits of the product without making a “buy this!” statement will portray a high quality image for your product and company because it shows you are confident in your product selling itself. This post shows a video of the product being installed easily by a child, and shows the benefits of using the product. This encourages viewers to look further into purchasing the product and clicking on the link if they are interested in the benefits of the product. Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 11.36.15 AM

3. When price is attractive, voice the price of the product

When price is attractive to your target market, voicing the price of the product in the Facebook post will direct the viewer’s attention towards their purchase decision. Price is directly related to purchase, however it is much more indirect than bluntly telling the viewer to purchase the product. Try to avoid “Only $10.00!” statements which make your product appear cheap rather than price effective. Simply giving the price of the product or service will be enough for the customer to determine whether the price is affordable for them or not. This post states the price of the products rather bluntly, seeing as the products are priced rather low. This interests their target market and directs their attention to price and therefore purchase of the product. Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 11.48.20 AM

4. Engage the viewer when possible

Engaging the viewer in your Facebook post is all about encouraging them to click on, like, share, or view your post entirely. This can include engaging them by: making them click on the video to actually see it full screen/hear the sound, clicking a button in your post to read more, clicking to access your company website, or simply sharing/liking your post. Most people share or like Facebook posts when the post is not entirely to do with a product or company, but rather a topic of interest to them. For example if you own a bakery and you sell donuts, creating a post on weird flavored donuts you are testing, or just a video on making the donuts will attract the attention of every viewer who likes donuts. This post shows a related image to attract attention, and then simply the name of the blog post title. This encourages customers to not only view the post, but click on the post to read the blog, therefore encouraging engagement with the post. Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 11.36.22 AM

5. Show enthusiasm about the product

Showing enthusiasm about your product or service will make the viewer enthusiastic about engaging with your Facebook post. The energy of your post is what is going to make Facebook users stop scrolling and actually look at your post. Enthusiasm can be shown through the brightness and color in your pictures/video, or even the font and color of the text in your post. This is what is going to make viewers want to keep clicking through your post and look further into your product. This post shows a video of various pasta dishes (product), but also shows enthusiasm in the title of the post by using all capital letters, exclamation points, and emojis. Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 11.36.26 AM If you want to improve your selling through Facebook posts, check out some of our Max Exposure products below! Facebook Advertising Level 2 Your Company Video

Increasing your Newsfeed Visibility on Facebook

People’s newsfeeds are constantly changing on Facebook. Within minutes, you can refresh your feed and find over 10 new posts on your feed. This is because every second of the day, Facebook’s algorithm is recording and filtering what posts a consumer shows interest in, what posts their friends click on or like, and what new posts are added to pages you follow. Every time your post gets clicked on, liked, or commented on by one of its viewers, Facebook records that engagement, and your posts automatically move up in priority on that person’s feed thus improving your pages visibility.

Essentially, the more a viewer engages with your posts, the higher priority your posts get and therefore the more your posts will show up on their Facebook feed.

So how can you increase your news feed visibility on Facebook? This is as easy as changing the types of posts you post to Facebook.

Posts with images, or “photo posts” are shown to get drastically more viewer engagement than posts without images. Pictures catch the eye of the viewer, causing them to stop scrolling through their feed, read your post, and click on your post, like it, or comment on it.

The four main factors Facebook takes into account when filtering each person’s Facebook feed are: who posted it, when it was posted, interactions with the post, and type of post. Engagement is everything. The more a viewer’s engaged with your posts, (and by sharing it), the more their Facebook friends have engaged with your posts combined with the more your viewers interact with a certain type of post, such as photo posts, the more Facebook feed visibility your posts will receive.

Moving forward with your companies Facebook engagement, the three biggest tips I can give you are…

Always Keep in Mind the Content your Viewers want to see

This can be as simple as looking at your company’s recent posts and seeing which ones got more likes, comments, shares, or click-throughs. The post topics that received more engagement from your viewers are the ones that are going to reach the top of that Facebook news feed and attract even more viewer attention.

Post More Photo Content

As stated before, photo posts do receive significantly more engagement than any other type of post on Facebook. Even if you did not consider including an image with a certain post, it is extremely easy to add images that relate to the topic of your post, it will be worth it for the extra engagement your post will receive!

Manage your Current and Future Engagement Properly

You want to ensure you are keeping track of your viewer engagement on Facebook. Creating your posts and actually posting them to your Facebook feed is just one step in the process of increasing your engagement. You can tell so much about what your viewers want to see and what will increase your engagement just by looking at the comments, likes, shares, and click-throughs after your post has been active for a day or two. You can easily access this data through your Facebook insights dashboard.

Knowing how to manage and keep track of this engagement will allow you to continuously improve and increase your engagement, and news feed visibility every day!

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How to Effectively Reach your Audience Using Social Media

Identify your Audience on Social Media

This is the first step to any type of marketing your company is involved in. You may think you have this figured out, because your company’s social media audience is just your target market, right? Wrong. Your company’s audience on social media is not only your company’s customers, but everyone associated with your company and your brand. Partners, stakeholders, employees, and customers are all included in your company’s social media audience. Recognizing every type of involvement your social media audience has with your company is essential in knowing how to effectively reach them through your company’s social media posts.


Another factor to consider when determining your company’s social media audience is the variety of age and demographics in your audience. For any company’s social media audience, it is safe to say the ages of the audience will contain a range of at least 20+ years. Considering this, posting content that attracts every age in your audience is very important in maintaining your social media following and engaging your audience. This means not posting content that would only be understood by one specific age group such as trendy phrases that only a younger generation might understand, as well as references to subjects only older groups would recognize.

Determine What Social Media Platforms Apply to your Audience

pexels-photo-429247.jpegNow that you have identified who your company’s social media audience is, you need to determine what social media platforms they use most, or are most valuable to them. If you already have active social media accounts, you could determine this through simply looking at your company’s current following on each social media site. You could also determine this however, by performing secondary research to find out what social media sites are most used by what kinds of people. www.statista.com contains various statistics on the demographics of users on social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram. Performing this secondary research, as well as using your current information on social media usage specific to your audience is very beneficial in knowing what social media platforms apply to your audience.


Find out what your Audience wants from your Social Media

Knowing what your audience wants out of your company’s social media is extremely important in creating effective content for your social media accounts. In trying to figure out what your audience wants from your social media, it can be very helpful to look not only at your specific product or service and your specific company, but at the industry as a whole. Everyone involved in your business, and included in your social media audience; partners, shareholders, employees, and customers, is therefore involved in your industry. Posts that apply to that industry as a whole will appeal to all of your social media audience.

If you run a dog shelter, you may post images or write posts for dogs that are up for adoption currently. This will appeal mainly to the customers in your social media audience. To appeal to the other sectors of your social media audience, you could post images of dogs that were recently adopted and are now in loving homes, employee stories, pet tips & advice, interesting articles that are pet / animal related and or company activities. By posting adoptions, employee stories and company activities it will allow your employees and customers to engage more and share their involvement to their personal sites.  It’s also important to remain relevant and interesting to your audience, by posting more than just “pets up for adoptions” your brand will grow further than those solely looking for a new family member, which can help other animals get adopted by people sharing content that they find interesting, which helps grow your brand and link back to your social media channels.


Create a Personality for your Social Media that Appeals to your Audience

Creating a personality that all of your social media audience can relate, or agree with is extremely important in attracting your audience to your company’s social media posts. People not only pay attention to the pictures being posted, or even the words written in the post, but how they are written, and the voice behind them. Knowing the type of personality that would appeal to your audience will make them enjoy your posts even more, and feel more comfortable engaging in your company’s posts with responses, likes, and so on. This will also encourage your audience to read through your posts when they see them on their social media feed as they not only like seeing the posts, but hearing that voice behind each post.

pexels-photo-708440.jpegHaving social media accounts that are constantly receiving likes, comments, or reviews from your audience will further enhance the effectiveness of the accounts, as well as help your company maintain a good brand image. Although your company already does maintain relationships with your customers through business transactions & follow up, social media can be another great way to enhance those relationships, and maintain a company presence even without people actually physically interacting with your company.


Implementing your New Social Media Strategy

Making alterations to any business process can seem daunting at times, but that is never a reason not to do it. Whether you just need to make one slight change to your social media accounts after reading this, or feel the need to do a complete overhaul, it is possible, and it is always worth doing to improve your company. Below are three ways you can go about implementing your new social media strategy…

Hiring a Social Media Management Company

Hiring a third party company to revamp your social media accounts and create posts for your company allows you to almost entirely eliminate the stress of doing it yourself. Social media management companies not only post to your company’s accounts, but meet with your company’s employees to discuss the type of audience your company wants to appeal to. Our company, Max Exposure Business Solutions, offers various packages to help maintain an excellent social media presence, including our Max Exposure Essentials – Basic package. This package includes social posting, responding to customer reviews/comments, and monthly analytics reports amongst other services. 

Hiring a Professional for In-house Training

Hiring a professional to train you or one of your employees on how to use social software can be extremely helpful in revamping your social media accounts. This is a cost effective way to get a handle on where to start in improving your social media accounts and how to constantly track the progress of your social media activity. Max Exposure Business Solutions offers a DIY Software Training service which offers one hour of professional training on social posting, social listening, social media analytics, and more.

Facebook Ads

pexels-photo-267482.jpegCreating Facebook ads for your company can help you identify who your audience is, and gain an increased following from your audience. People on Facebook will view your ad and if the subject appeals to them, they can click on the ad, view your page, and like your page, automatically sending your posts to their feed. This is a time and cost efficient way for you to identify what people apply to your company’s social media audience, while simultaneously marketing for your company. If your company is looking to increase their Facebook following and find its social media audience, feel free to look at Max Exposure’s Facebook Advertising – Level 2 package!



5 Tips on Pictures and use on Your Company’s Social Media

One of the best aspects of having social media accounts for your business is that social media uses both a combination of visuals (pictures), as well as words, to both grab viewers’ attention, and provide them with information regarding your business. While the actual information or words that you post are extremely important in viewers’ actual knowledge of your company, the pictures you post to social media greatly impact viewers’ overall image of your company. If your company posts low quality images, or over or under edits them, people may associate this with the quality or success of your business. High quality, well edited pictures will cause viewers to see your company as successful, and providing high quality business.

Below are five tips for taking and editing your pictures for social media…


Use a high quality camera for your pictures

Taking pictures using a high quality camera can make such a big difference in how your viewers see your company. Higher quality cameras reduce grain and adjust to lighting depending on where the picture is being taken. If you are featuring images of your products on social media, using a high quality camera will make your product look better, and of higher quality, as well as show a more accurate color and details in the product.

Create a picture theme for your account

Creating a subject theme for your social media increases consistency throughout each of your company’s accounts and gives you better guidance for the pictures you need to take. For example if you own a restaurant, your theme might be pictures of food, with the occasional restaurant or staff picture depending on the purpose of the post. If you own a pet adoption agency, you might make the theme, “just rescued” or “just adopted” and feature images of the pets. If you choose a good theme, your viewers will become familiar with it and you will gain more followers who like the theme of your posts. Choosing a theme also applies to using similar filters when editing your images. You want the filters to “match” somewhat, this will improve your social media account’s overall aesthetic appeal, causing people to view your social media account as trendy or high quality.

Know when to hire a photographer v. use your own employees

pexels-photo-970105.jpegDepending on the type of pictures you need, you may need to invest in an actual professional photographer to take the pictures for you. It’s important to know when to hire photographers versus use your own employees in terms of budgeting and efficiency. If you just need pictures of plates of food for your restaurant’s Instagram, you should just use your own employees and save on photography expenses. If you need pictures of landscapes or groups of people, hiring a professional photographer may be best. This is going to depend on your own judgement call as every company has different employees with differing ranges of skill in taking pictures.

Take more pictures than you actually need

If you need five different pictures, you should take about 20 pictures of each of those five images, and select the best choice out of those 20 images. Changing up the lighting, angles, and material in the picture will allow you to pick and post the best image possible. Sometimes you may find that the angles you don’t think are going to work, end up working the best. In today’s social media trends, people are constantly taking pictures from angles that people never would have thought would look good before. The angles and lighting of your pictures will drastically change how people view the quality of the pictures on your company’s social media.

Bright is best

pexels-photo-910329.jpegWhen editing your images, BRIGHT IS BEST!!! “Exposure” editing should be performed at the very end of your picture editing, after all other filters and types of edits have already been completed. You always want to make sure you go a point or two brighter than you think your image should be. Most people today view their social media accounts from their phones, and most people, for the sake of saving battery life as well as to reduce harshness on their eyes, reduce the brightness on their cell phones. I do not know a single person who keeps their cell phone brightness on 100% throughout the day. This means, that the brightness of your images on social media that people are viewing from their cell phones is also decreased. Increasing your picture brightness a little more will catch your viewers attention that much more, and therefore improve the effectiveness of your social media.

Depending on your skill base with photo editing, here are some editing softwares and apps you can use to edit your company’s pictures for social media…

Easy-to-use photo editing tools:

VSCO (Can be found in the AppStore) Free

AutoDesk Pixlr (available for download on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac) Free

Flickr Pro (download on iOS or Android device) $5.99/mo or $49.99/yr

Advanced photo editing tools:

Adobe Photoshop (software download) $9.99/mo – $82.98/mo

PaintShop Pro (software download) $63.99


Baby Instagrams

Being the youngest of four siblings, my sister tends to find a lot of things to complain about. She was the last to get a cell phone, she’s the last to turn 21, and maybe most importantly, she’s the last to move out of the house (living alone with our parents can be pretty daunting). Being the fourth sibling definitely does have its perks; our parents are not nearly as strict with her as they were with me and my older brothers. However, one of the more reasonable things she complains about with being the youngest, is our parents did not keep up with scrapbooking and taking baby pictures of her like they had with the rest of us.

My mom wrote a whole pregnancy book for her first born, my older brother, and made almost two scrapbooks full of just his baby pictures. After my oldest brother, the amount of pictures and keepsakes dwindle down more and more with each kid. Apparently struggling to keep up with baby pictures and milestones is difficult for a lot of parents. Today, there are so many companies designed around building scrapbooks and collecting pictures of your kids while they’re young.

More common than using these services however, is the use of Instagram to create your own virtual baby album, “baby instagrams.” Anyone from celebrities to normal everyday parents are creating these accounts and posting milestones, pictures, and videos to create an online photo album of their baby’s special moments.

Bachelor in Paradise winners Jade and Tanner Tolbert have an Instagram for their baby Emerson, @emmy_tolbert.

My cousin just had a baby and she posts pictures every month that her baby turns another month old. Each month she takes out a blanket with numbers 1-12 for her baby’s first full year of life. This is a creative way of making Instagram posts into a scrapbook-esque picture album. In the caption she includes a short paragraph all of his milestones he’s completed that month.

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 12.11.10 AM.png

Baby instagrams…

are a fun and easy way of staying on top of taking pictures and recording milestones as your baby grows. You don’t have to have a baby to utilize Instagram the way these new parents have!! Dog Instagrams and Bridal Instagrams have also become extremely popular trends in recent years.

Take whatever you’re passionate about and run with it! If you’re passionate about fitness start a Fitness Instagram with healthy recipes and new workout routines! I think you will find that using Instagram as more than just a “social media platform” and actually sharing your true passions and interests can be more fun and rewarding not only for yourself, but for the people who follow you. Happy posting!!!

Student Going on Intern

Often times, interning is the first working experience college students get in their specific field of study. At my school, Bentley University, internships are held in incredibly high regard and are pretty much considered essential to complete before you graduate. I am currently a junior, majoring in marketing with minors in management and psychology, and I started interning with MaxExposure Social Media about three months ago. Prior to starting my own internship, I had always just thought of an internship as a way to get connections for a job later on, or something that would look good on a resume. After just three months I have learned internships provide so much more than just career connections.


In my internship, I am responsible for writing and editing blogs for MaxExposure, responding to customer comments and reviews on clients’ social media accounts, completing social media performance analyses, and I am currently starting on website design. In just three short months, I have improved my writing skills, as well as learned the proper ways of communicating with customers. I have an increased understanding of all of the responsibilities involved in marketing, and the importance each task holds to a company’s success.

Aside from all of the task-specific skills I have gained, I have also communication and organization skills that will help me to succeed all throughout my career. Below I have listed the top three most important things I have learned throughout my internship with MaxExposure:


Communication is KEY

pexels-photo-601170.jpegWith this being my first internship, as well as my first time working while being in school, keeping constant communication is essential. Sometimes my schoolwork can be rather daunting, and I have had instances when I did not properly communicate that with my boss and other coworkers. After talking it over with my boss I realized had I communicated that I was feeling overwhelmed from the very beginning, the work could have been completed more efficiently and on top of that, I wouldn’t have felt so overwhelmed. Consistent communication with your boss and coworkers is extremely important in any internship or job; this realization and lessons I have learned through lack of communication will benefit me throughout my entire career.



Although right now I am juggling school and work, in the future I will be juggling adult life and work, so learning how to multi-manage and effectively schedule right now will benefit me so much in the years ahead. Work will throw curveballs at you, just as life and school will, so learning how to complete planned tasks efficiently and allowing extra time to account for unplanned tasks is extremely important to your success.

pexels-photo-908298.jpegWhether this be done by setting alarms or creating checklists, having a plan on how to handle curveballs and pop-up situations is important to time management and ensuring everything that needs to get done does! Working for a small business and witnessing the constant juggling act between work and life responsibilities has been eye opening. One time for example, my boss’ cat got sick so she had to leave the office and take him to the vet. She immediately told me to call her clients whom she had conference calls with to reschedule. Knowing how to schedule (and reschedule) to account for possible curveballs is essential to maintaining a successful career.

You get what you give

Like any job, you get out of internships what you put into them. This doesn’t necessarily mean spending tons of time on your work, but putting high quality effort into it. If you maintain focus and try your hardest to produce the best work you can, you will learn more in return and end up being more skilled, and therefore more successful. Acknowledging this will also help motivate you to work harder and focus more, therefore improving your overall work ethic.


The Benefits of Using a Third Party for your Company’s Social Media

Today, social media platforms are no longer just used for the “social” aspect, but are now utilized to promote and market businesses to consumers. Social media offers a way for companies to reach large audiences of people at a relatively inexpensive price. Maintaining customer relations on social media is essential whether you have a new, up and coming business that’s looking to create a network of potential customers or employees, or a business that wants to expand its network or improve its company image.

pexels-photo-296878.jpegSocial media is one of those “you get what you give” kind of things. As in, the more effort and maintenance you put into your social media, the more benefit you will get out of it. The difficulty many businesses find when trying to maintain their social media accounts is that it takes a lot of time and energy going through each social media account and coming up with posts, replying to customer comments and direct messages, responding and evaluating online reviews, and hosting promotional campaigns. On top of every other responsibility you have to handle for your business, customer relations on social media can sometimes be overlooked. One way of insuring this does not happen and you maintain good customer relations online is to hire a third party to not only post to your social media, but respond to customers reviews, ratings, and comments as well. Below are just a couple of the benefits of using a third party for your company’s social media…

Takes One Responsibility off the List

As mentioned previously, operating a company can be extremely difficult, and it comes with a load of tasks, many of which change on a day to day basis and require flexibility and adaptation. With all of these other responsibilities, your company’s social media is one of the first tasks many people tend to overlook or move off to the side. You might find you are getting overflowed with work one day and find yourself saying something like, “Hey Sarah, can you do this instead of posting to Instagram like you usually do, we posted something just last week, that should hold us over for a bit.” Not only will your customers start to recognize inconsistencies in your posts, but your employee, “Sarah,” was also responsible for checking customer comments and messages on Instagram, which you have now overlooked and your customers may be frustrated not receiving a timely response. Taking this one responsibility off of your to-do list actually takes about 5 responsibilities off your to-do list, making it much easier for you to manage your business.

Allows for an Unbiased Response to Customers

pexels-photo-826349.jpegEvery company gets those rude, nasty comments or reviews from customers on their social media accounts. You know the ones I’m talking about, the ones claiming “not only was their lobster uncooked, but it was crawling around on the plate.” Responding to these, you might be tempted to react with some snarky comment because obviously, you want to defend your company. Hiring a third party company to respond for you takes the bias out of the response and allows for your company to still maintain a good image online. If customers saw that you did not respond well to criticism and were rude to your customer’s negative reviews, they would think less of your company and might even choose not to do business with you.

Keeps the Voice of your Company Consistent

Oftentimes companies might put their company’s social media accounts in the hands of the marketing department or public relations department, rather than just assigning the responsibility to one employee. Although this may be more efficient for your company, the voice of your company is constantly changing which can confuse customers and make them feel as though you just throw around your social media responses from employee to employee without real consideration. Having one consistent voice makes customers feel more cared about and comfortable, and third party companies do just that. They train their employees on how to respond to customer responses so there is consistency in every response.

Maintains Appropriate Response Time

The one thing you do not want to do, that could decrease your customer’s ratings rather than increase them, is take too long to respond to customer reviews. Whether the review is good or bad, customers want to know that you value the time they took to go on your site and review your business. Not many customers take the time to do this, so the ones that do need to be showed that it does make a difference. Bad reviews especially need a quick response rate because not only will the customer who posted the bad review be frustrated, but other customers viewing that review and see that you did not take the time to respond promptly to it. Third party companies have scheduled times each day of when to check and respond to reviews, comments, and so on, to insure this is never an issue for your company.

Insures High Quality in Social Media posts

hands-woman-laptop-notebook.jpgLastly, using a third party to not only respond to comments and reviews on social media, but to post to your company’s social media as well is extremely beneficial to your company’s image. Figuring out what to post to social media can be extremely difficult, and finding a photographer or videographer that is qualified and produces the correct quality images and video for your social media takes up more of your time and effort. Hiring a third party for this insures you receive the same quality every time, without having to constantly go through the process of scheduling a photographer and having someone come up with post ideas.

Our company, Max Exposure Social Media, offers various services surrounding customer relations, social media for your company, logo design, and now we even offer website design for your company! Our packages can help your company in increasing efficiency and quality of your online interactions with your customers. This will help increase your following and improve your company’s image every day. If you are interested in viewing any of our products or services, please follow the link below and check them out!


How to Respond to Negative Reviews on Social Media


Picture this. You’re at a new restaurant that just opened up down the street. You figured you’d give it a shot and who knows, maybe it’ll be the new “go-to” for date night! So you grab a couple friends and you all end up having a great time and enjoying a delicious meal. You go home, spread out on the couch, watch some late night tv, and sleep soundly knowing you found a new favorite restaurant and had a fun night out with your friends.

Now let’s rewind a couple hours. You’ve just arrived at the new restaurant. The wait is 30 minutes long even though there’s hardly anyone there and the staff is running around frantically, hardly paying any attention to you. You finally sit down at your table, the waitress brings you some waters, and disappears for 20 minutes while you’re looking at menus. She comes back, takes your order, your food arrives 30 minutes later, cold and bland. Needless to say, you had a terrible first experience and you go home complaining about the bad service and mediocre (at best) food, and you and your friends agree you will not be going back to that place again anytime soon.

So with 100% honesty answer this question: under which of these two circumstances would you be more likely to go online and write a review for the restaurant? I don’t know about you, but I hardly ever write a good review for a business, and I can name a couple occasions in which I wrote negative reviews. This is why I have made a resolution for myself, as I encourage you to do as well, that I am going to post reviews every time I visit a business, regardless of what kind of experience I had.


Whether you are a business owner, or an employee, you are also a consumer, allowing you to take action to better businesses’ customer service on both ends of the stick. Just as it is your responsibility to respond to the negative reviews your business may receive, it is also your responsibility to give feedback to other companies, good or bad, in the hopes that they too can improve upon their customer service as well.


Receiving negative reviews online is unavoidable for any company, so being prepared and knowing how to respond to these negative reviews when you do receive them is extremely important in managing your customer relations and maintaining a good brand image. Below I have included 5 tips for responding to a negative review online:

     1. Read and Reread the Review 2. Include their name in the response (if possible)

Prior to responding to a negative review, you want to make sure you get a thorough understanding of what the customer is complaining about so you do not forget to include anything in your response. For example if you own a restaurant and the customer is complaining about the terrible service and that their soup arrived cold, you should not only respond to the terrible service complaint. You want the customer to feel valued and listened to, so responding to all of their issues is extremely important in maintaining a good customer relationship.

     2. Include their name in the response (if possible)

Including the customer’s name in your response to their complaint is a great way of personalizing your message to them and making them feel important. This is not always possible however, for example if a customer’s username is “Gladiator 97,” their first name is most likely not Gladiator, and therefore you should not include any name in the response.

     3. Portray a positive outlook on their feedback

pexels-photo-840996.jpegYou do not want to sound like you are annoyed that they gave you a negative review. Although the customer may be frustrated with your company, they are helping you improve your business by giving you feedback on where you could improve. You should always thank them for writing the review, for example you may write: “Thank you so much for your feedback, we value your business with us..” or “Thank you for taking the time to inform us of your experience, we love receiving customer feedback and are constantly working to improve our customer service..”

     4. Acknowledge the difference in perceptions

Negative reviews can be extremely frustrating because on most occasions, the customer is going to exaggerate the issue and make it appear worse than it was in reality. No matter how frustrating this may be, you have to remain the bigger person and express your concern rather than argue the issue with them. Remember, you are not only responding to the customer who wrote the negative review, but to every other person who may read the review and response when looking at your company’s reviews. Being the bigger person and responding as appropriately as possible to your customers’ reviews will benefit your company’s overall image in the long run.

     5. Actually look into their issue

pexels-photo-618550.jpegAs stated before, receiving negative reviews is less of a threat, but more an opportunity to improve your customer service and relationships. If the customer is complaining of a bad experience with an employee, or quality of a product your business carries, it is your responsibility as a company owner to take the time to look into the issue and insure it is resolved and will not reoccur. 



How to Make your Job More Enjoyable

Using digital pad

In today’s day and age, people are constantly complaining about their job, whether it be the workload, their colleagues, or their over demanding boss. Even if you love what you do, there are so many other factors coming into play that skew your level of enjoyment in your day to day at work.

               “My boss was being so annoying today.”

“I’ve had so much work lately, I had to stay two hours later at the office last night.”

                          “I can’t stand the people in my department! They’re so under-qualified.”


There is no way of knowing what challenges you are going to encounter throughout your work week. Although these challenges or conflicts add to your stress and overall, tend to lead to a less enjoyable work week, there are things you can do to prevent that stress or frustration from affecting how much you enjoy your job. Below are 5 tips on how to improve your overall enjoyment at your job..
      1. Smile every morning

cropped-cropped-cropped-adobestock_57792388.jpegThis one sounds super cliche, but smiling every morning when you wake up, when you get in your car to go to work, and when you walk into the office, makes a huge difference in your work attitude. Smiling is a natural way of making you feel more relaxed and calm, and lowers your stress levels. You will generally feel much happier throughout the day and have a more positive outlook on your job by starting every morning with a smile.

      2. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

We all know work can get pretty demanding and exhausting. We all have those days when we tell ourselves all day that we’re going to go to the gym after work, no matter how tired we are, no matter how much we want to crack open the leftover lasagna from last night, and then, when it comes time, you put those gym clothes on, and drive straight home to the lasagna (gym clothes are definitely more accommodating to the post-work binge eat). Although you feel tired at the end of the day, the more and more you skip the gym, and the more you choose lasagna as opposed to some healthy greens, the more tired you are going to feel. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle; eating healthy, working out, and staying hydrated, will not only make you feel better both physically and mentally, but will make you view your work as part of your lifestyle as opposed to something that interferes with your lifestyle. This will allow you to enjoy your work more, rather than resent working.

       3. Decorate your workstation

Woman Working. Work space Concept, Woman Working Home Office Start up Ideas ConceptEveryone has a different office setup depending on how the company organizes its employees and what type of office space is used. Decorating your office or desk can make such a big difference in the overall atmosphere of your work space. Put up pictures of people or things that make you happy and make you smile. I was recently struggling to keep up a positive attitude with work, so I changed my phone background to a picture of my cousin’s new baby laughing. Although I received multiple accusations of having a child and not telling anyone (my boyfriend begged me to change my background), the picture made me smile and improved my overall attitude throughout the day.

4. Strengthen office network

The people you work with can vastly affect your overall happiness at your job. Although there are the occasional employee conflicts or disagreements, getting to know your coworkers outside of the office will improve your communication and lessen the conflict in the office. Going on employee outings on the weekends such as, going out to lunch, going to see a movie, getting coffee, holding an employee dinner, or even going out to a bar together, can greatly improve your relationship with your coworkers and strengthen communication both in and out of work. These experiences will also give you something to talk and laugh about with your employees, lessening the boring small talk and improving your connections with people, overall making work more appealing and enjoyable.

Group of cheerful people toasting with drinks

       5. Bring Yourself to your Job Everyday

This probably makes zero sense to you as of right now but let me explain. We go to work everyday, but would you say that you bring not only your work talents, but your personality to work everyday? Do you often find that you act extremely different, maybe rather boring, at work compared to how you act outside of work? I am sure you are great at what you do, and having the talents required for your specific job is extremely important. However, bringing your personality into the workplace cannot only increase your own personal happiness, but the happiness of your coworkers as well, and can even improve job performance. Bringing your personality with you to work allows you to feel more comfortable with your colleagues, and improves your relationship and connections with employees, and even clients. Job talent and personality combined leads to improved work ethic and performance, and can even lead to job promotions as well.