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Next to buying Life Insurance, Buying or Leasing a new vehicle is a confusing, time consuming and aggravating process.

What if you could get Any Vehicle, Any Make, Any Model, Any Options, Any Accessories and it was as easy as filling out a form and having a short phone call?

Whether you need a company fleet for your sales team, or sporty convertible for your daughter’s graduation from high school, we can get it done!

Who wants to spend hours at the dealership, haggling over price, waiting for your financing to be approved and talking to the “manager” to close the deal. Then, the hassle of going to the DMV to get your car registered, the lines, the paperwork and the endless waiting. What is your time worth? Not to mention there more plenty more enjoyable things you want to do with your time!

We make buying or leasing a car, truck or vehicle, simple, effortless and enjoyable!

MaxExposure has a partnership with an Auto Broker Network, that has relationships with 100s of dealerships all over the country, and our collective volume affords us significant discounts that we pass on to our clients.

Our Auto Purchase & Leasing Teams will find you the car (or cars) and options you want, negotiate pricing, get financing set up, register the car and have it delivered to your home or office… SAVING YOU MONEY, TIME and AGGRAVATION.

This is the civilized way to get a new car! It’s a concierge service, for LESS than you can do it yourself.

Please complete the form below and one of our Auto Leasing or Purchasing Specialist will contact you shortly (usually within 24 business hours).


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