Whether you have just started a new business or you’ve been around for a while, you are continuously building and growing your brand. You have to keep up with changing interests and technology, so you are going to constantly be thinking about the best way to stay relevant and engaged with your audience.

When you hear the word “branding,” it may sound expensive, but there are so many ways you can promote your brand without spending a fortune. Read on for some easy (and cheap) ways that you can brand your business.

  • Create a buyer persona
    Knowing your audience is one of the best ways to know how exactly to market to them. So, when you create a buyer persona, you are essentially getting to know every aspect about your customers and what appeals to them. You are going to want to figure out the demographics, needs, goals, and buying behavior of this group. This will allow you to understand the best way to get through to them and how you can best help them. The best part is–it’s free to do!
  • Develop your brand voice
    Every brand has its own personality and voice– it’s whatever you decide to make it. When communicating with your audience, this is the tone that you’ll use. When creating this voice or identity, ask yourself about your company’s values and how you want to appear to customers. For example, depending on what kind of service or products you offer, you could choose to use conversational language or more technical language. Whatever you choose, make sure it is consistent in all your messaging.  
  • Consistently post on social media
    When it comes to social media, make sure that you are using channels that make sense for your brand. Now that you have a clear picture of your audience, figure out what social media platform(s) they spend the most time on. One way to do this is by looking at your competitors and where they are most active. You can also just figure out the platforms that are most suited to the demographic you are targeting. Although you might decide to focus mainly on one channel, don’t neglect the others! By diversifying your social media channels, you are increasing your chances of reaching more audiences, even if they are not your “typical” customers. Consistently post on all channels and stay active by planning out posts with a content calendar!
  • Host a class or webinar
    Another great way to easily grow your brand is by hosting a class or webinar for your audience. If your business has a cool lesson or tips to offer, people are going to be on board with that. Especially as we move to more online and virtual events, classes and webinars are becoming increasingly popular. Find whatever it is that you’re passionate about, and promote that online. People will share that content and invite their friends to join, which is free advertising for you and grows your online presence. It will also improve customers’ perception of your brand, as you are offering something of value to them.

There are a ton of ways to grow your brand without breaking the bank, and these are just a few of those ways. Keep experimenting with new ways to market your brand to keep your customers interested and engaged with your brand. Let us know what you find works for you, and remember to have fun with it!


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