Credit Repair

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  • Credit Repair
  • Credit Analysis/Audit
  • Credit Consultation
  • Suppress Sub bureaus
  • Clean Personal Identifiers
  • Send Challenge/Dispute Letters to the 3 Major bureaus
  • Send Challenge/Dispute to the creditors
  • 35-40 days review for deletions, updates and verified accounts
  • Update client portal with new scores, deletions and updates
  • Repeat the process for derogatory items
  • Credit Education
  • Tradelines to raise clients credit score

Business Credit

Build solid Business Credit with Business Experian, Paydex and Equifax Blueprint not linked to your Social Security Number quickly.

Personal Finance officers assigned to your business to expedite your growth. Weekly follow-up call from your advisor.

What you can do with your Business Builder Blueprint


Your Finance Officer helps you get approved, negotiates rates and terms, and helps you through all aspects of the funding process until your loan proceeds are in your bank account.

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