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MaxExposure Business Solutions (and MaxExposure Social Media) are marketing divisions of B2B Global Network, Inc. We market and sell over 80 Premium Business Solutions to small and medium sized business, with a “high touch” superior level of customer care and affordable, discounted pricing normally reserved for large corporations.

Business Builder Program

A business builder program is a full time opportunity, or can be worked in conjunction with a current sales position (when selling goods or services to local businesses). Typically our Business Builders are selling to local businesses, as they engage in their day to day activities, where they “eat, play or shop”.  However, there are no territories or boundaries for personal sales to individual businesses. A Business Builder can contact any business, anywhere to open an account.

Helping Local Businesses

Business Builders are the ‘face of the business’ in their community. Networking and connecting with local business through Chamber of Commerce, networking events, direct contact with local businesses and using our MaxSales Marketing System to learn more about our products and services.

Most businesses, like Franchises, Online Marketing and some Sales Jobs, require a significant upfront investment of resources (cash) or credit lines to get started. The need to buy equipment, pay rent, hire staff or spend thousands on websites, marketing and infrastructure before you generate your first dollar is a challenge for most entrepreneurs.


There is NO upfront investment to become a Business Builder… just your time, effort, dedication and commitment to generating a high income for yourself and your family.

Imagine having a PROFITABLE BUSINESS in your first month, followed by years of RESIDULE INCOME??? The Business Builders who remain dedicated to their business, every month & year, experience increased income and profitability, providing you with true financial freedom.

MaxSales Marketing System

Through a combination of “high touch” and “high tech”, our Business Builders use our proprietary MaxSales Marketing System, which will provide them with a highly organized way to process their leads, send information via email and know exactly when the email is read, to follow up in a timely manner.

In addition, our state of the art, patent pending Social Media & Online Presence Analysis Report will provide the prospect and the Business Builder with a clear and definitive understanding of what the client needs to improve the effectiveness of their Website, Social Presence, Reviews & Reputation, Listings and Advertising exposure.

Using this technology means, no more chasing people to schedule appointments, you will know who is interested through the power of this marketing system.

Business Builder are provided with a comprehensive Product and Sales Training center, primarily through Online Rep Control Panel (back office). The training includes videos, tutorials and documents, to allow a Business Builder to engage as quickly as possible.

Typically, training will take a few hours (over a couple of days), however, the Sales Rep can engage in the sales process, during training, to accelerate their income generating activity immediately by following our simple and effective sales process..

Training Includes:

  • Sample scripts for client conversations
  • MaxSales Marketing System tutorials
  • Setting Appointments Process Training
  • Observation of the sales process (live)
  • Proven email templates
  • Product information and training videos
  • Tips and Strategies for a fast start
  • Marketing Materials
  • Forms and Documents
  • Ongoing support

Live support and one-on-one training is available via phone , txt and email for Business Builders, upon request. 

Product information is provided on each product item via documents in the online store. Product support, if needed is available through our customer care team and webinars online.


Since 2011, we have been a leader in Competitively Priced Social Media Management and online presence Products and Services, designed to be affordable to small business owner.


 If we can’t beat a competitors Price… they are getting the best price available!

Since we started, we have NEVER had a case where a competitive product or services is sold for less than what we offer (excluding a customer having their son or daughter doing it for them).

We know our pricing model get the business owners attention and many times we will hear “how can you do it inexpensively?” The answer is… we have the right people, technologies and systems to do it for less and we have been doing it this way for a very long time!

Our goal is to prove “World Class Services” at the lowest prices, which will foster a long term relationship and provide consistent residual income to our Business Builders for many years.

Our Business builders control the prices they charge a client, based on our Minimum Selling Price List Guidelines. The Business Builder can increase or decrease pricing as needed.

  • Set-up Fee   50% of all set up fees paid on each sale (minimums apply)…
  • Residual:  40% of the Residual Margin on each customer, for the life of the client (see minimum requirements to retain commissions year to year).
  • Inactivity (no new accounts) for 3 consecutive months will forfeit all residual commissions going forward.


Residual Commissions are for the LIFE of the Client. To remain active and receive residual commissions the Business Builder must generate $24,000 per year in new business, based on their enrollment date, for the trailing 12 months.

For example if a Business Builder enrolls on March 1, 2019 they need to generate $24,000 in new residual business by Feb. 28, 2020 to receive the residual commission for the next year. To generate $24,000 in a year is approximately 4 accounts a months or one account a week.

Inactivity for 3 consecutive months will forfeit all residual commissions.

If desired, a Business Builder can hire sales reps to work for them, and sell within their organization to achieve the minimum standards to maintain their status. This allows Business Builders to free up their time, retire with their full income or business organizations to increase their income.

MaxExposure Business Solutions – Business Builder – Sales Rep Agreement – Oct. 2018

The business builder is their own business entity, in which they should want to promote themselves to other business owners within their community. The Business Builder is free to Hire, Recruit, Train, Manage and Build a Team… it’s YOUR BUSINESS to grow, manage and enjoy for years to come.

MaxExposure serves as your exclusive provider of Online Presence services, tools and programs to market to YOUR local customers, clients and businesses, in the communities you serve.

There are no territories or boundaries, providing all Business Builders the opportunity to EXPAND to any market, locally or nationally.

Business Builders are entitled to purchase products and services from the company at “Reseller / Agent” pricing (Cost + 50%), to allow them to benefit from the services they are offering to other local businesses at significantly discounted rates.

Business Builders, while working with local businesses, may come in contact with larger organizations, associations or franchise organizations looking for volume discounts for all their members.

Our management team is prepared to assist any Business Builder in engaging with these larger accounts.

Once the relationship is contracted, the Business Builder will have exclusivity applied to all the members of that Association, Franchises or organization nationwide (that are currently not clients of MaxExposure).

Pricing for Associations (etc.) is based on the number of members enrolled from that group. The more members that enroll, the lower the price is for the entire group. In addition, as the group enrollment achieves 50% of the membership, MaxExposure will donate funds to the Association or Group’s charitable foundations (e.g. scholarships funds, etc.).

Resellers & Agents Program

Resellers are business owners that are already selling goods or services to small businesses. They have a client base and want to offer them additional services (offered by MaxExposure) to increase their income, without increasing their “workload” or overhead. Any business selling directly to business owner can qualify.

Resellers will have access to all our tools, including our Social Media Analysis® process. Resellers purchase our services at “discounted rates” (Cost + 50%) and can resell them at whatever pricing they choose, usually slightly less than MaxExposure Retail rates – however rates can be market driven or rolled into a package offering with other reseller products – we do not publish our rates on our website. Resellers collect fees directly from their clients.

This is not a “white label” program. It’s a partnership, offering all the services “powered by MaxExposure”.


MaxExposure handles all the reseller’s customer’s needs, support & service. Resellers pay MaxExposure directly with one major credit card, each month, for their client services and collect fees directly from their customers.


Any customer registered within the system is permanently a customer of the reseller. There are no sales minimum standards annually.


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