7 Calls to Action for Instagram


The purpose of a Call-To-Action or a CTA, is literally, to prompt your audience to take action on what you are prompting them to do. Sounds simple, right? Wrong. Let us help you convert your Instagram audience to potential customers with these no-fail CTA’s!

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  1. Create a Sense of Urgency by highlighting strict timelines. Try using wording like “24 hour sale ending SOON!”
  2. Encourage followers to tag their friends because more eyes = more possible conversions.
  3. Use powerful actions verbs such as buy, shop, try on, register or discover.
  4. Create incentives such as liking the post to get an in-store discount of 10%.
  5. Prompt questions that will spur engagement such as “What do you think of this new trend?” or “Would you ever try doing this?”
  6. Use creative and colorful graphics to draw the eye of your audience from their everyday, dull feed.
  7. Entice your audience to stay updated by posting about new products and special deals that they can only learn about through your Instagram page.

Happy Instagraming!

Written by @GraceMaxExpo

The Four Essentials Parts of SEO

There are 4 parts of Search Engine Optimization that are ESSENTIAL to upping-your search engine ranking. While there are hundreds of other tweaks you could make to your SEO programming, these are the basic four parts of SEO programming that you NEED to focus on.

1. The SEO Title

SEO title specifies the title of the webpage when searching on a search engine. Many might recognize the SEO title as the headline that you click when you find a webpage that is pertinent to your search. When creating an SEO title, include the topic of the page as well as the business that is associated with the page. For example, this page is about Bananas, and the business involved with the article, is Wikipedia.

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 1.48.23 PM.png

2. The Metadata tag

The metadata tag is the little description that appears under the SEO title. The purpose of the metadata tag is to provide a description to search engine users so that they can find the result that most suits their needs. In this example, it is made clear that this link is for educational purposes and you can find facts about bananas on this page rather than banana recipes or clothing with bananas on them.

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 1.51.51 PM

3. The Slug

The slug is the HTTP/URL address that appears above the metadata tag but below the SEO title. You can customize the slug so that it uses specific words that relate to your topic. In this example, Wikipedia uses “/Banana” to make it optimize searches for “banana” so that their result will appear closer to the top of the results list.

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 1.54.24 PM

4. The Focus Keyword

The focus keyword is the word that is recognized the most of the page that you are optimizing. By programming the Focus Keyword into the article, you are more likely to have your result appear at the top of the results list because it proves that your page is very relevant to the search. In this example, you can see that the “Banana – Wikipedia” result mentioned earlier is second on the results list, proving that the keyword “banana” is very relevant to those searching to learn more about types of bananas.

Get your own damn coffee! Tips to a Successful Internship Program

Millennials, get a really bad rep for being lazy, entitled and not wanting to pay their dues. They enter into the workforce thinking they will land their “dream job” at 22 years old, but the cold hard realty is that those “dream jobs” require 3-5 years of experience, which they’re supposed to already have fresh out of college. But how are they supposed to get said experience when they aren’t getting internships because they’re too young and inexperienced…and when they do get the internships, they’re not actually learning anything?

Understanding this fact, we at MaxExposure, have hired interns as young as Freshmen, to give them the real world experience nobody else will at 18 years old. We find that by hiring younger students, and offering them room to grow into their positions that they will stay with the company longer, which looks incredible on a resume!

Working with over 20 students over the past 7 years, I’ve complied a a list of 10 tips on how to have a successful program.

  1. Treat them how you would want to be treated – This goes with out saying, but so many interns are treated poorly. They get stuck doing the “grunt work” nobody wants to do which doesn’t actually give them any experience, except that they don’t want to be the low man on the totem pole. Now I’m not saying don’t give them basic assignments, but on top of the basic assignments, let them grow and learn and take on projects that they want to work on!
  2. Give them REAL assignments – Give them assignments that you would do, give them real tasks so that they can learn how to research, compile data, use software systems and or manage customer accounts.
  3. Let them fail – This one sounds weird right? Why on earth would you want your intern to fail. I don’t want them to fail, but I want them to learn to think on their own and problem solve. I throw my interns into the deep end having only a few weeks of swimming lessons under their belts because I want them to learn how to not only tread water, but swim confidently. In the real world, you have to do this, and you won’t always have the opportunity to hand off the phone. I supervise and always ensure our customers are well taken care of, but I let them make mistakes so that they can learn to fix them.
  4. Teach don’t preach – Teach them how to do things, teach them to use your systems, and do what you do, as their boss, they are watching your every move, so if you just “take care of it” they will never learn how to do it themselves.
  5. Let them talk to your customers! – This one was tough for me at first, because I didn’t want them to mess up, sound young (and inexperienced) or be asked a question they couldn’t answer. But they (the interns) will ALWAYS prove you wrong. As of the last 2 years, I’ve let our interns talk to customers on a regular basis and its been an incredible experience for everyone involved!
  6. Let them share their ideas! – Interns are FRESH BLOOD! they have new ideas, they see the world differently and they aren’t jaded by life yet. Let them give you ideas or come up with new plans. In my experience some of their ideas have been the best changes we’ve made!
  7. Let them grow! – Let them take on new assignments or roles. If they have the hunger to learn how to do something new, don’t force them to stick to their assigned role. Make sure it’s clear they have to get their assignments done, but let them take on more if they want to, it will only help them become a better employee and you become a better boss!
  8. PAY THEM! – Internships, especially in the marketing world, can traditionally be unpaid. This is fine, if they’re getting enough experience to justify the lack of money. But if your budget allows it, PAY YOUR INTERNS. When they are being paid for their work, they will take more responsibility, work harder and be more accountable for the role they are in.
  9. Hire their friends – Now this one can be tricky, because you want them to focus on their job, not social hour, but if you find a good intern, ask them to share open positions to their friends, more often than not they surround themselves with similar caliber people.
  10. Make work fun! – “I’m not a regular boss, I’m a cool boss” – you don’t have to be their BEST FRIEND, and you should always establish boundaries as they do work for you, but keeping the work place fun is key to them coming back! These kids don’t HAVE to work, they choose to work, and while yes they are getting resume experience, you want to show them that working in an office doesn’t have to be a scene out of “Office Space” it can be enjoyable and fun given the right dynamic.



How To: Synchronize your Social Media

If you are running multiple social media accounts for your business (which you should be!) you want to be sure that all of them are telling the same story. A cohesion should exist among your sites, allowing customers to seamlessly transition between platforms while never feeling like they have disassociated between sites. Utilizing multiple sites while presenting a united, synchronized front could be the key your company is missing to putting your best foot forward online. Professionalism is a major key to securing customers and a solid social media base could be your first step.

First, visually tie together your accounts so that when jumping from platform to platform your customers feel as though they are still looking at the same company. There are multiple ways to make this a reality including color schemes, styles, and fonts. These methods may take a bit of practice to perfect, however if done correctly could really bring all of your sites together. A simple fix to this is having a logo. If your company has a recognizable logo that is present on each site, the customer is quickly reminded exactly where they are and who they are looking at. Lacking a stand-out logo? MaxExposure’s Custom Logo Design Package offers a custom logo design to help your company stand out (and stand together on social media).

Second, promote accessibility between sites. If you are looking to present your customers with a fully synchronized, full spectrum social media lineup, you want to be sure that they are noticing it, or it might as well not be in place. Placing links to accounts in the bios of other accounts or directly linking sites in posts on other platforms is a good way to promote the unification of accounts to customers.

Lastly, have the same voice behind all of your accounts, preferably the same person. Having a consistency in the content and style with which your posts are presented can give your company a voice of its own. Before long the voice of the individual running the accounts will become that of the company, as there is never a lapse in tone or consistency.

Don’t have the time to rummage through all of your accounts to post? MaxExposure offers a DIY Package consisting of software that you can use to post to all of your sites with a single click! Don’t have the time to post at all? With MaxExposure’s Social Posting – Basic package, we post for you!


Baby Instagrams

Being the youngest of four siblings, my sister tends to find a lot of things to complain about. She was the last to get a cell phone, she’s the last to turn 21, and maybe most importantly, she’s the last to move out of the house (living alone with our parents can be pretty daunting). Being the fourth sibling definitely does have its perks; our parents are not nearly as strict with her as they were with me and my older brothers. However, one of the more reasonable things she complains about with being the youngest, is our parents did not keep up with scrapbooking and taking baby pictures of her like they had with the rest of us.

My mom wrote a whole pregnancy book for her first born, my older brother, and made almost two scrapbooks full of just his baby pictures. After my oldest brother, the amount of pictures and keepsakes dwindle down more and more with each kid. Apparently struggling to keep up with baby pictures and milestones is difficult for a lot of parents. Today, there are so many companies designed around building scrapbooks and collecting pictures of your kids while they’re young.

More common than using these services however, is the use of Instagram to create your own virtual baby album, “baby instagrams.” Anyone from celebrities to normal everyday parents are creating these accounts and posting milestones, pictures, and videos to create an online photo album of their baby’s special moments.

Bachelor in Paradise winners Jade and Tanner Tolbert have an Instagram for their baby Emerson, @emmy_tolbert.

My cousin just had a baby and she posts pictures every month that her baby turns another month old. Each month she takes out a blanket with numbers 1-12 for her baby’s first full year of life. This is a creative way of making Instagram posts into a scrapbook-esque picture album. In the caption she includes a short paragraph all of his milestones he’s completed that month.

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 12.11.10 AM.png

Baby instagrams…

are a fun and easy way of staying on top of taking pictures and recording milestones as your baby grows. You don’t have to have a baby to utilize Instagram the way these new parents have!! Dog Instagrams and Bridal Instagrams have also become extremely popular trends in recent years.

Take whatever you’re passionate about and run with it! If you’re passionate about fitness start a Fitness Instagram with healthy recipes and new workout routines! I think you will find that using Instagram as more than just a “social media platform” and actually sharing your true passions and interests can be more fun and rewarding not only for yourself, but for the people who follow you. Happy posting!!!

A Case Study on Handling a BAD Review – Tips from Clients

I know one thing that all business owners have in common… They HATE a bad review.

While many clients use our Review Manager™ system to direct positive reviews online, and negative reviews to a private email, some customers still find their way to the public review sites with a bad review.

The importance of responding to reviews:

It is important to respond to all reviews, both positive and negative, which we do for our clients, but one of our clients took matters into his own hands and found incredible results.

Bobby LeRose, owner of Bobby Q’s Cue & Co. in Norwalk CT hates reviews more than most business owners, feeling they were often unfounded and harsher than they needed to be. Many times wanting to “lash out” at the reviewer, which is never a good idea, he agreed to allow the MaxExposure Team to handle his review responses, which took the emotion out of the process for him.

After we responded, he randomly did some research, to find out why the review was so bad. In the process, he would find the reviewer’s name from their credit card info or on social media platforms such as Facebook, noticing that many times they would have “a mutual friend” (most restaurateurs know someone who knows someone you know) and then in an attempt to win them back, he reached out to them privately via direct message through Facebook.

Instead of reacting with an equally negative response, Bobby left them an apology for their situation and a very polite invitation to connect with him personally, to make whatever the issue was “right”. In some cases, he called the customer and spoke with them live online.

The response has been phenomenal…

In all cases (and there have only been a few), the reviews were either deleted all together, or changed from 1 star to 5 stars, with updated comments sharing their pleasure and surprise that an owner would take the time to reach out personally. The end result was a happy customer and a better star rating on sites like Yelp and Facebook.

Regardless of your business, reviews are here to stay. They are necessary today for customers to know more about you. How we respond to them, and the best way to handle them, is critical to any business in the “New Economy” of online consumer engagement.  Bobby Q’s has found a way to make them right, and protect his excellent reputation online.

If you want more information on our Review Manger™ System or Review Response Program, contact me at www.MaxExposureSocialMedia.com/Joe-Grushkin

About the Author:

JGJoe Grushkin is a serial entrepreneur for over 35 years. Currently, as the CEO, President and Founder of MaxExposure Social Media, the premier Social Media & Reputation Management Firm on North America, he is growing the business with effective leadership skills and developing a management team to lead in the future. MaxExposure assists small and media sized local businesses in over 80 industries. More information is available at www.MaxExposureSocialMedia.com