How to Make Your Business’s Memorial Day Promotions Stand Out!

It’s Memorial Day Weekend!! Every year, this weekend comes with honoring the brave men and women who died while serving in the United States military, family barbeques, pool parties, and of course-sales and promotions from nearly every business! In a time where it seems like Memorial Day promotions are EVERYWHERE, how do you get yours to stand out??

Find your target audience for this promotion

It is important to identify your target audience in order to ensure that your advertisements are reaching the right people! Nothing is more frustrating than crafting the perfect ad and not receiving the engagement that you expected to receive from it. In order to determine the proper audience, consider the product that you are advertising. Are you a trendy boutique? A hardware store? A bakery? Consider demographics of people who would be interested in your promotion, and find ways to connect with them. Social media, emails, flyers, and online ads are great ways to inform customers of your promotion!

Create the perfect advertisement

There are many factors involved in creating an effective advertisement. Once you determine the proper target audience for your promotion, craft the ad around what they want to hear. Popular tips include using catchy phrases, bright colors, and interesting pictures in order to attract the customers attention. People see advertisements every day, but often chose not to read them.  First impressions matter a lot for ads; If you catch a customers eye, they will be more likely to actually read it!! In addition, it is crucial to keep your point clear and concise – no one wants to call and clarify something that was mentioned in an ad or show up to the store and realize that the product that they want isn’t actually on sale.

Use social media

Social media can be a great way to promote your business! Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have been found to be great marketing tools. Not only is social media a quick and easy platform for advertising, but it is also less expensive than placing ads in the paper. In addition, social media ads tend to get more customer exposure! Tip: Don’t be afraid to use Instagram stories! They are an easy way to remind customers of promotions without actually being permanent on your feed!  

Differentiate yourself from your competition

If you are selling the same products as a number of other businesses nearby, it is important to differentiate yourself from your competitors. An easy way to do this is by offering them incentives to go to your store. For example, offer a free gift with purchase or a coupon for the next time that they make a purchase! These tactics can help to get customers to chose YOU over competitors.

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Social Media Marketing for Software Companies

Companies can spend thousands of dollars through creating advertisements for their business that may not even be reaching the right groups of people. There is a far more inexpensive solution for reaching out to customers: social media marketing!! Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, in order to advertise a good or service. Not only is social media inexpensive, it is so easy and convenient because it can be done right from your phone or computer. Nearly 80% of Americans have social media accounts which means that your advertisements have the potential to reach much larger numbers of people than traditional advertising would.  Social media techniques can vary from industry to industry, but the main goals are simple: advertise your service or products and show why you are the most credible business for the job. Here are 3 tips for promoting your software company via social media:

Choose the correct social media platform!

The great thing about social media marketing for computer software companies is that most people purchasing computer software are generally relatively tech savvy and are therefore able to navigate social media platforms. Not everyone uses every type of social media, so it is important that you choose the right ones for your company. Generally, since Instagram has more photo based content rather than text based, it is a great way to build your brand’s exposure and reputation. Potential buyers will see photos of your products and branding which will make them more likely to remember the brand and name in the future. Facebook and Twitter, however, are text based and could be used more effectively to sell products and reach out to potential buyers. LinkedIn can be a more personalized approach to reach out to other employees and companies who may be interested in purchasing software. Selecting the right platforms for your business is crucial to the success of your social media marketing.

Create a content schedule.

When using social media to promote your company, it is important that you carefully plan out your content. Switching up your content and photos is crucial to making sure that your followers don’t get bored. Try using the 80/20 rule: a ratio of 80% advertisements and 20% entertainment or other sources of interesting media to maximize engagement from followers!  Using a content schedule can help you to keep your ideas organized and ensure that your posts are not too repetitive.

Assess your user engagement

User engagement is a great way to assess the success of your social media accounts. How many followers do you have? Are your followers liking or commenting on your posts? Are large numbers of people unfollowing your account? After promoting a product via your social media pages did sales go up? These are all important questions to ask in order to assess your user engagement. If your user engagement is poor, try reaching out to family, friends, and other businesses or companies to gain more followers.  Having a large number of followers is good for two reasons. The first reason is that it makes you seem more credible because you have a large number of people who know about your company. The second reason is that the more people who follow you, the more likely that they will be engaged with your account and purchase products.

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How to Respond to Positive Reviews

Customer reviews play a tremendous role in a business’s reputation. It is very common for people to research a company or business before making a purchase. Reading reviews is an easy way for them to do so. Potential customers can pick up on the customer service that a business provides via their responses to reviews.  It is important to respond to positive reviews because it makes customers feel like their thoughts and opinions are valued. In addition, responding back to customers who are already satisfied with your work can help to build a loyal customer base! Here are some tips on how to respond to positive reviews from customers:

Thank the reviewers

First and foremost, it is important to immediately thank the reviewers for taking the time out of their day to write a review. People can be really busy, and will appreciate you recognizing the effort that they put in. In thanking the reviewer, make sure to point out or agree with specific things that they mentioned. In addition, time is of the essence! Don’t wait too long to respond back. A punctual “thank you” means a lot more than one that is weeks (or months) late!!

Personalize your responses

In responding to reviews, it is important that each customers feels like they are valued and appreciated. One way to do so is by personalizing each response.  Start off by addressing the review to their name instead of a generic title such “Dear customer.” Small details like this make customers feel like they are receiving a genuine response! Next, reference specific details that they mentioned in their review.  By doing so, it will seem like a personalized message, rather than an automated response. Don’t go too over the top, in most situations a few sentences should be perfect! At the end of the response, suggest a product that they might like, offer a promotion, or send them the link to sign up for another appointment. Customers may feel more inclined to shop again if they have an incentive!

Share the positive review

One way to improve your online reputation is by sharing positive reviews online! Share snippets of praise from customers on your website, social media accounts, or advertisements.  If you have good reviews, potential customers will be more likely to select you over other businesses.

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5 Social Media Tips for Law Firms

Social media marketing can be an effective resource for spreading the word about your law firm. The main goal of using social media for marketing is to advertise your services, show why you are a credible firm, and make people think of your name first when they need legal help. Social media marketing is a great advertising outlet because it is quick, easy, and inexpensive, but has the potential to result in high levels of engagement.  Here are 5 tips for promoting your law firm via social media:

Choose a social media platform where your potential clients are active

Not everyone uses every social media platform. In order to most effectively advertise for your business, make sure to appeal to the platforms where your potential clients are the most active.  For example, if you specialize in business or employment law, LinkedIn may be an effective platform for you. In addition, consider the demographic of your clients; younger people are typically more active on Instagram and Twitter, while older people are more active on Facebook.  Choosing the proper social media network can make your campaign more successful.

Portray a professional brand in order to build the credibility of your business

When looking for a lawyer, potential clients want to see firms that portray themselves in a professional manner.  It is important to include complete and accurate information in easy-to-read places. Information should include: hours of operation, location, mission statement, contact info, a link to the website, any awards or recognition received, and number of years practiced. This will eliminate the hassle of having to search for information.  

Use the 80/20 rule

When using social media to promote your law firm, it is important to have a balance between advertisements and entertainment. If your feed is only advertisements, you run the risk of losing  follower engagement due to lack of interest. But if your feed is only entertainment, your business may not seem credible. Try to achieve a ratio of 80% advertisements and 20% entertainment to maximize interest from followers!  

Gain support from followers

Now that you have your account running, it is important to gain followers so that your page seems well established. Try reaching out to family, friends, other firms, or local businesses and encourage them to follow you. Follow and engage with other similar accounts, and it is likely that they will do the same.  

5. Promote your business

Let possible clients know about any recognitions or awards that you have received.  

When used properly, social media is a great tool to help promote law firms! Need more help? Click here to check out our social media services!

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