Employee Feature: Alli Burns, Marketing Assistant

Hi!! My name is Alli and I’m the face behind many of the MaxExposure blog posts! I have been working with MaxExposure for a little over a year as a marketing assistant. To give you a little background on me, I am originally from Connecticut, I am a marketing major attending Bentley University, I am a big red sox fan, and on the weekends you can catch me watching Friends reruns!

What do you do for MaxExposure?

I am responsible for creating and posting social media content for customers to maximize their social media engagement and following. I am also responsible for creating and publishing content on our MaxExposure blog to give our customers, and blog viewers, social media tips and inform them of new marketing trends to help them improve their own marketing strategy!

What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of my job is hearing back from my boss, Aly, that one of my clients is loving the content I am posting for them. To know that I am not only helping a company increase their online following and sales, but that I’ve actually excited them about their social media account, and their business in general, is extremely rewarding.

I’ve also greatly enjoyed writing and publishing our MaxExposure blogs and learning about new marketing topics, tips, and trends that not only can help our customers, but make me a better marketer as well! ((Click here to check out more of our MaxExposure blogs and get tips on how to improve your company’s marketing!))

Why do you feel companies should choose MaxExposure?

I think companies looking to improve their marketing tactics and company profitability should choose MaxExposure because they are a family-run business. Being a family-run business means they are extremely invested in their customer’s satisfaction with our services. In using a larger marketing company, often times your only point of contact is “customer service” calls and email. At MaxExposure, any time a customer has a concern about their products, they have the opportunity to reach out and speak directly with the employee in charge of providing their services.

Speaking with the actual person in charge of the services gives the customer an opportunity to not only consult that employee regarding their concerns, but collaborate with them and get advice from an expert on how to improve.

What is your favorite MaxExposure product?

My favorite MaxExposure product is the new Website Builder product! A lot of small businesses have outdated or nonfunctional websites so being able to see the transformation of their online company image has been amazing! 


If you need us to boost your social media following and engagement, check out our MaxExposure Social Posting products today!

Are you networking with the right people?!


Do you go to networking events regularly? Networking events allow you to show your support for the local community and establish yourself as the local expert. As you establish more relationships in the community you will start to see awesome things happen. People want to do business with people they have a good relationship with.

Real Life Networking

Youth culture. Four young people sitting close to each other and looking at their gadgets

Let’s do a vote. Raise your hand if you see the same three people every morning at Starbucks. Now raise your hand if you have that one person you see at the gym almost everyday, who is always using the machine you want to use. Ok, now raise your hand if you have said a single word to them before.

With our advances in social media, networking & connecting with others has become easier than ever before. Even with this simplicity, we still refuse to acknowledge people we don’t know both in person and online. Why don’t we say hi to each other anymore?! Why are we SO AWKWARD!!

The average person probably visits five to ten different locations in any given day; Starbucks for the morning coffee run, CVS to pick up some extra Advil, work, subway for lunch, the gym, and maybe the gas station on the way home. It’s safe to say that throughout your busy day, you cross paths with over one hundred people you’ve never met before, most of whom you see almost every day without even noticing it.

Imagine how many more connections you would make, and the people you would meet if you simply tapped the guy standing in line in front of you at Starbucks and started a conversation. If you get rejected, you get rejected and you never have to see or speak to them again. The alternative would be you both hit it off and you’ve increased your network of people by one.

Why so Shy??

My boss has lived by this motto for years now. Almost every time he comes into close contact with someone he doesn’t know, he introduces himself and starts a conversation. This is how he met his pilates instructor, the guy he shares his office space with, and so many other people he now considers his friends.

Twitter profile on Apple iPhone 5S

He does the same thing online on social media. Every time he friends someone on Facebook or whenever someone friends him, he messages them and simply says “Hey, saw we are friends on Facebook now! How are you?” (yes, he’s the guy who’s message you deleted yesterday cause you thought he was creepy).

There is this stigma that reaching out to someone you don’t know well online, or even in person is strange and awkward. But isn’t it slightly more awkward to stand behind the same person everyday in line at Starbucks without even acknowledging one another? Or “friending” someone on Facebook and then not ever actually talking to them?

Imagine a world where you knew someone almost everywhere you went, and if you didn’t know anyone you would introduce yourself and then you would know someone there too. Networking in real life and not just online is extremely important not only in business, but in life in general.

I’m not trying to be your mother here telling you to, “shut off your cell phones!!” or “Talk to people in person, not via text!” I’m telling you to use your cell phones! Use your social media to connect with people! Use your cell phone to add the number you just got from the person you met in line at Starbucks and call them!

Go outside your comfort zone and push yourself to meet at least one person every day. Growing your network and making more connections will lead you to success in all aspects of your life. Stop being so socially awkward and let’s get networking!!