Social Media Trends to Watch for (And Act On!)


Chatbots are the customer service agents of the future. From completing purchases to answering questions, chatbot technology can do it all, and major corporations are all over it. From Starbucks to Staples, big name businesses are hopping on the chatbot train like mad, and in the near future, everybody will be using them. Even a “starter” level chatbot can have the capacity to answer questions, book appointments, and route potential customers directly to staff members. You can get a jump start on this trend for even the smallest of businesses with MaxExposure’s Lead Capture Chatbot Starter package!!

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Instagram is at the top of its game, and only getting stronger. Individuals can literally make a living from having a big personality, a sense of fashion, and an Instagram account. It’s the new age of influencers, as the public no longer only looks to the rich and famous for advice, but the everyday Instagram personality instead. As a small business owner, use this to your advantage. Sending free samples, or impressive discounts to popular Instagram personalities could gain you some major advertising, without having to break the bank. Just look for individuals with 10k + followers who have a loyal following with whom they frequently interact, that way you know that their followers will trust their opinion on your product!

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Online Job Searches

While finding job postings online isn’t a new concept, its on its way to becoming the only concept. Employers want strong candidates to apply quickly, with a true understanding of exactly what they are signing up for. At the same time, employees want the ability to apply to a variety of positions within minutes, with the same detailed description of what they are signing up for. Online job posting allow for these detailed descriptions, as well as application with the click of a button as well as candidate filtering with the use of prerequisite questioning. Businesses should be sure to maintain a presence on the main job listing sites such as Indeed or LinkedIn, as well as any existing specialty sites for their industry, such as Dice, the leading job site for tech companies. Don’t have an online job seeking presence, but looking for easy access to a spread of impressive candidates? Start with a LinkedIn account. Post detailed descriptions of open positions as well as news articles and trends occurring in your industry to pull in potential employees and receive the maximum amount of applications possible. Need help getting started? MaxExposure’s Social Page Build package will professionally build you a LinkedIn presence so you can start taking advantage of its benefits immediately.

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Lastly, blogs are the new way that people are choosing to connect over the internet. From personal bloggers (like influencers) sharing their personal feelings and encounters with the world to gain a deep connection with them, to big time blogs that have blossomed over the years into million dollar businesses (like Barstool Sports). For individuals who have a passion for writing and sharing their opinions, blogs are an awesome way to share content with the masses, where indiviudals can leave comments and react to posts, connecting with and learning from each other. From a business standpoint, blogs are an incredible marketing technique. Bring traffic to your website through current and intriguing blog posts that will engage your audience and likely result in not only more foot traffic but more customers in the long run. Want to start a blog but don’t have the content creators necessary to post? MaxExposure offers a Blog Package, consisting of original blog content for your business’ use, perfect for beginning your blogging escapade!

A Marketing Lesson from Beyonce

Beyonce is not only the Queen of the music industry (at least in my opinion), but has quite recently become the Queen of marketing. Her last album created an absolute tsunami on social media, blowing up Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many other socials with hashtags like #Flawless #WokeUpLikeThis and #Slay (which are all references to her songs and mannerisms). Beyonce and her PR team know how to create buzz about her music through exclusivity, timing and suspense. Anytime Beyonce does ANYTHING and we mean ANYTHING, social media blows up and the spotlight focuses on her. So, how does she do it? And what can your company learn from her marketing techniques?

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1. Be exclusive but remain relatable

Beyonce’s credibility and authority in the music industry make her both exclusive and relatable at the same time. Her consistency is what has made her so exclusive in the music industry and world of A-list celebrities. A hair is never out of place, sweatpants are never worn in public, her musical abilities are natural and she has refined her voice so acutely that she is never off-tone or off-beat. Her physical appearance and her talent are what set her apart from the rest of celebrities. She does what she has to do to make sure that her image is always consistent, even if that means hiring multiple personal assistants. Although she presents an image that is almost unattainable, Beyonce remains relatable to her audience by staying humble. Interviews with various backstage crews have said that she treats the janitors just as well as she treats her manager.

So what can your business learn? It is essential to do what you can to keep your product/service and company consistent. Putting in extra hours and hiring extra staff (when possible) will only grow your revenues and reputation, if done correctly. Similarly, it is just as important to have consistent customer service no matter the value that the customer brings to your company.

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2. Timing is essential

Beyonce has become notorious for releasing songs and albums right before big career milestones. Before her 2013 world tour, she released a new album and right before the Superbowl, she released a new song. These are just a few examples of how she surprises her fan base with new music to leverage her popularity.

So what can your business learn? It is extremely important to always have a way of leveraging and promoting your companies new products, services and events. Doing it “Beyonce style” and announcing a new product the day before it hits stores probably won’t do much for your company, because your not on a global scale and you may not have the same type of loyal followers as Queen Bee. However, you can find similar results by announcing flash sales and distributing email blast campaigns to get your customer base excited for your company’s newest ventures.

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3. Get your customer base EXCITED

Beyonce almost never initially releases her albums through streamlined music websites. Those who are devout fans, choose to pay extra or make a more valiant effort to listen to her music as soon as it is released, regardless of its format. Those who aren’t a member of her Beyhive, her obsessive fan club, simply wait for the music to be released on Spotify, Apple Music or other streaming services. In either case, Beyonce and her team use suspense to build up excitement for her new music. It also helps that her music is very consistent in it’s quality.

So what can your business learn? It’s important to have a loyal customer base just as it is equally important to have on-and-off again customers. Your most loyal customers keep your brand strong while your inconsistent customers help create the value behind your brand. By creating hype and a positive reputation with your customer base about your products or services, you will always have customers that you know you can rely on to buy into your company… no matter how ridiculous or expensive the product/service (or in Beyonce’s case, songs or tour tickets) may be.

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How To: Up your Business’ Instagram Game

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Social Media and the Job Search

Three years ago during my college freshman orientation one of the very first seminars I attended was “How to Clean Up Your Social Media.” I attend Bentley University, which is a business school, and from the very first day we stepped on campus, the advisors and faculty ingrained in our heads the importance of professionally displaying ourselves on the internet. Social media management is everywhere at my school. Everyone is required to take a class dedicated to learning how to make a perfect LinkedIn profile, and even my sorority has strict guidelines and a contract we must sign that dictates what is considered appropriate to post.


Pause Before You Post on Social Media

In my last three and a half years at college, knowing what to post and what not to post almost comes second nature to me. However, I never really understood the importance until I began applying for summer internships, and more recently, a full-time job post-graduation. A recent study showed that 70 percent of employers screen job applicants using their social media, so it is important now more than ever before to check up on all of your online personas before you send in your resume to your dream job (Brooks, 2017).


pexels-photo-935756.jpegEven if you think your account is completely private, there are still ways to see the content you post. The easiest thing is to just pause before you post to ensure that everything you’re about to share, like, tweet, or comment is tasteful and appropriate. Someone once taught me that if you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see it, then don’t post it at all. I still follow those guidelines every day.


Social Media Scanning is not Always Out to Get You

Before you panic and delete every form of social media you have, know that there are times your platforms can actually help you out rather than hurt you. When an employer is screening an applicant, they are not necessarily looking at your profiles to “catch” you. Many of the times your pictures or statuses can confirm something you already spoke to them about or support your professional qualities. For instance, if your resume says you dedicate several hours a week to volunteering at your local pet shelter and your Instagram is filled with adorable puppies, then the employer will remember that and know the information you gave them is valid.


pexels-photo-219003.jpegEmployers also use social media to see what other people are posting about you too. This can be beneficial since most things that are shared online about someone else are positive. However, sometimes friends can post things that were meant as jokes but could be construed as inappropriate or unprofessional. Next time you’re about to post the most embarrassing selfies you have of your friend on her Facebook wall for her birthday, maybe think twice about it.


By taking the extra second to think about what you are about to upload before you hit the “share” button you will see that it can make a huge difference, and employers will take notice. Not only will you show you have great communication skills and creativity, but you will also show employers you know how to professionally portray yourself to others. Social Media is often times your first impression to many people and you always want to put your best foot forward.


Social Media Screening Works Both Ways

pexels-photo-515169.jpegOne thing I did take away from my job search experience is not only how important your own social media accounts are, but also how important social media platforms are for the company you are applying to. One of the first things I do when I hear about a company or am interested in applying to a job is look at the business’ Facebook and Instagram pages. These, along with many other platforms, give myself and other candidates a look into the company that may be different from what they have on their website.


Checking out the company’s social media platforms can also give you a feel for their company culture. Websites are usually more formal and informative, but social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram can share more fun or engaging content showing you an inside peek at everyday work life. You may even earn extra brownie points during an interview if you bring up something that they shared on Facebook or retweeted on Twitter!


If your business needs a little extra boost managing your social media platforms….

MaxExposure Social Media can help! Check out our Reputation Management package, which has our team of experts manage your reviews, social media activity, and overall online presence. If you are interested in this or would like to learn more about our other services please feel free to contact us!



Brooks, Chad. “Keep It Clean: Social Media Screenings Gain in Popularity.” Business News Daily, 16 June 2017,

How Social Media has Changed our Lives for the Better

Take a moment and think about social media and how it has affected your life. Do you automatically think of positive or negative things? Does the good outweigh the bad or vice versa? It is definitely a challenging thing to determine because in a way social media has consumed every aspect of our lives. The minute I wake up after turning off my alarm I am checking my emails, scrolling through Instagram pictures, watching the Snapchat Stories I missed from the night before, and seeing whose birthday it is on Facebook. For me this everyday routine is such a norm that I don’t even realize I am doing it, but many other people disagree and think that it is a causing more harm than good.

Before I started writing this post I typed into google “social media and mental health” to see what popped up. To my surprise, the first page of Google consisted entirely of articles about the negative impacts it can have. Every article was about the dangers of social media or tips on why you should stop using social media as often as we do. This shocked me. I understand there are definitely harmful things that can come from over using it, or using it in a harmful way, but I was surprised that not one article shed light on the positive effects it can have on people.


Growing up in the millennial generation learning how to work technology and social media was second nature to me. It has been there ever since I can remember and I really cannot imagine a time without it. Because of this, I view these tools in a more positive light than maybe someone who is older than I am would.

Below are my thoughts on social media and some of the many positive effects it can have on people:

It can boost your confidence

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When we make our online profiles, we generally like to show the public the best parts of ourselves. We choose flattering pictures and share exciting experiences we’ve had. By focusing on showing everyone else what we like about ourselves, we in turn can see what makes us so great and this can be a huge confidence booster. So post that #selfie and share that awesome video you made on vacation. Be confident in your social media posts and you will feel confident in yourself!

It can make you step out of your comfort zone

We’ve all heard the silly term “do it for the Gram” but in a way this motto can inspire us to take a step out of our comfort zone to try something new, even if your original intention was only to do it to show off for your followers. Don’t know if you should try sushi for the first time, but the table next to you has a picture perfect plate of it in front of them? Order the sushi! Not only will you get a great pic for your Instagram page but you also can cross something off your bucket list.

It can help us stay connected


Staying connected with friends is never an easy thing. We all get busy with our everyday lives and forget about the promise you made to your high school bestie when you ran into her at the grocery store to grab coffee sometime. Social media makes it easier than ever to stay in touch with people and up to date on their lives, even if you’re thousands of miles apart. By simply scrolling through Facebook you can congratulate a friend for getting their dream job, or wish someone luck as they move to a different country.

It keeps us up to date on the world around us

Depositphotos_175993390_originalIn my history class last week my professor was interested in seeing where we acquire our news from. To her surprise 90% of our class said their go-to source to see what’s happening in the world around us is social media. Sure we still might turn the news on the TV while we make breakfast in the morning but the reality is that for my particular demographic, we rely on social media to stay in the know. One girl in my class explained that her main use of Twitter is to stay updated on current events. She follows several local and national news stations as well as political leaders and rarely uses it for anything else. With headlines popping up at our fingertips on pretty much every social media platform, my generation is more apt to stay in the know using these outlets.

It can promote a healthy lifestyle

Happy young woman with bicycle

Although obesity is on the rise and Americans are continuing to lead unhealthy lifestyles, I personally think social media has a way of motivating people to stop binge-watching Friends for the sixth time and get some exercise. Whether it’s pinning motivational quotes to a board on Pinterest, checking out Kayla Itsines’ newest workout on Instagram, or watching a Tasty video of how to make a delicious shrimp salad wrap on Facebook, inspiration and motivation to improve your lifestyle are everywhere.

Next time you start to judge social media and all of it’s negative impacts and research associated with it, take a moment and think about why you use it and why you have so many profiles on so many different platforms. Social media for me does more good than bad and if used correctly, it can do the same for you too!

Creating a Company Personality using Social Media

Social Media is a great way to reach consumers and inform them of new sales, products, and company involvement in the community. This day and age, it is extremely important to the success of your company that you are active and involved in social media. Social media allows for easy communication between company and consumer.

Consumers contact companies with complaints or comments and questions on products and so on, and the companies can directly respond to their concerns, improving their customer service. Responding to consumer comments and complaints on social media allows the customer to feel heard and valued by the company.

Some companies have also used social media to create personalities for their company, mostly through Twitter and Facebook. This has allowed not only for more contact between consumer and company but has also provided customer entertainment and has increased the social media following of many companies today. Wendys for example, has famous Twitter “roasts” where they respond to customers’ tweets with funny responses which gains them a lot of social media attention.


After posting their responses to customers, a lot of people retweet or favorite their tweets, expanding their Twitter network and encouraging more consumers to follow their Twitter because their Tweets are entertaining.

The reason why Wendy’s Twitter roasts has gained so much consumer attention is because they have an awareness of what people use their social media platforms for. Twitter for example is mainly used for comedic entertainment or political opinions and comments. Seeing as it is not a good idea to share a company’s political stance as it may cause a loss of consumer support and create backlash, comedic entertainment is a great way to connect with consumers.


Most funny company tweets are responses to customer complaints and questions. Turning customer complaints, which could potentially give the company a bad reputation, into something funny and entertaining for their followers actually gives the company positive attention in the end.


Tips for Joining the Trend

If you think your company would benefit from posting these comical tweets to its consumers, it is important that the company abide by these tips, especially if the company does not already have a reputation for posting funny tweets. You want your consumers to actually find your tweets funny and insure that you do not offend people with risky humor.


To get a head-start on your funny tweeting, your company could create a false consumer account to tweet back at. This avoids risking offending an actual consumer seeing as they may think your company is not taking them seriously or making fun of them. Once you get a couple funny tweets out, consumers will recognize the trend and start coming up with tweets for your company to respond to.

Once you start responding to real consumer’s tweets, evaluate and think through the possible interpretation of your tweets prior to posting them. Having multiple people within your company look at your tweets prior to posting them and getting their opinion on them is a good way to double check and insure minimal backlash and maximum humor.

Creating a Personality

Creating a personality for your company and connecting with consumers on a more personal level will allow them to trust you and support you on a business level. Maintaining easy, efficient online communication with consumers is a great way to improve your customer service and show your customers how valued they are by your company.

Businessman holding cellphone with opened applications

Utilizing your company’s social media account not only for traditional customer service communication but finding innovative ways to provide customers with entertaining social media posts will not only build more positive relationships with you current consumer following, but will grow your consumer following on social media as well.

Every company is different and contains different types of consumers, challenge your company to not only maintain constant involvement on social media, but innovate how you use your social media. By focusing not only on responding to and communicating with your current customers, but attracting new customer attention on social media, your company will maximize the success of its social media involvement and improve its communication with current and future consumers.

How Pets Play a Role in Social Media


From dressing pets in cozy sweaters, to letting them sit shotgun with you while you run errands and even featuring them in your Christmas card, people today see their pets as legitimate members of their family more than ever before. One way to show off these family members is by plastering their cuteness all over social media.

The Craze Behind Pet Pages


Looking through my Instagram page, I can tell right off that bat I follow at least 15 animal or pet accounts. I personally enjoy following these accounts because they provide a refreshing change to the countless selfies and meme posts I see all of the time. Once I scroll to a video of a French bulldog puppy wearing onesie pajamas I immediately like the video and watch it at least six times. My mood is instantly boosted and I tag all of my friends in the post to make sure they can witness the cuteness too.

For many people, their Instagram accounts are very structured, and platforms like Instagram provide a way to market their own personal brand identity. Some people love to share their perfect pooches on their personal account, but some feel it would be better to have an account separate from their own.


This is why making an account for your dog or cat is so appealing. The purpose of these pet accounts is to be fun, light hearted, and adorable. It lets pet owners utilize social media in a comfortable way that shows off their fun side, and allows them to brag about how wonderful their pet is. Studies show that about 65% of people who own pets post about them on different social media platforms at least twice per week, and one in six of these pet owners have actually created a social media page specifically for their pet. The craziest thing is that some of these pet accounts receive more attention and gain more followers than their personal accounts.*

Why Make a Page for Your Pet?


To get more insight I went to my friend who created an account for her three-legged rescue golden retriever, Koda (@kodathe_golden) a few years ago. Her account has over 1000 followers and features pictures and videos of Koda running around in the backyard, playing in the snow, and taking baths. The captions for her account are written from Koda’s perspective, which makes each post even more fun and personal. When I asked my friend why she created this account, she explained “I had a million pictures of Koda on my phone and I wanted to share them with my friends and family on Instagram so they could see exactly why I was so obsessed with her. Koda’s Instagram account also provide a way for me to promote adopting animals, especially ones that might need a little extra love.”


Our Director of Client Services, here at MaxExposure, Aly, also has a instagram for her cats @the_siberian_squad, where she features their antics, captions from their perspective and the sibling rivalry between the brother & sister duo! When I asked her why she did it, she explained that her friends and family, mainly her own sisters, were getting annoyed ONLY seeing cat pics on her personal instagram, so she created another one just for them. She also mentioned that, “It allowed me to join a community, the cat community, on instagram which is full of fluffy fur-babies and helpful advice from their moms (& dads). I found the network particularly helpful when we got our second cat, and I needed advice on how to integrate them!” Her incredibly cute duo, Piper & Dash, have about 2500 followers and counting!

How it Helps Animal Shelters


Social media has also played a huge role helping animals in shelters find their forever homes. Animal shelters and fosters all across the world are using social media pages to post pictures of their adoptable animals in hopes of finding these furry friends a family. By posting a cute picture of a dog on an animal shelter’s Instagram account it helps spread the word and increases the chance of adoption. Someone might see the post, tag their friends, and then encourage them to adopt. Social media is also extremely valuable to these shelters because it is a completely free method of advertising. Most animal shelters & fosters run on donations and volunteer work and advertising usually does not make the budget. By getting these pictures and stories of the animals out on different platforms, animals have a much higher chance of going home with a family.

How to Get Your Pet to be a Social Media Star:

If you want to jump on the social media pet account bandwagon, there are a few things you should know before you make your fur babies account.

  1. Make the account handle something unique and something that reflects your pet. You don’t want to get lost among all of the other generic pet accounts, so make sure your username is fun and stands out.
  2. Find your pet’s voice. The best accounts are the ones where you feel like the animals themselves picked up the phone with their own paws and made the post. Sharing their lives through their own perspectives will be sure to gain you more followers
  1. Post consistently. You want to be just as loyal to your followers as your dog is to you. Post a few times per week to keep your followers engaged, and make sure to switch up the content to keep the account interesting.
  2. Hashtags will help. Boost your following and get noticed by using fun and popular hashtags like #TongueOutTuesday or #WhiskerWednesday. These hashtags will help other pet loving accounts find you and make sure to follow them back! Also having a set group of hashtags that you use on each post will help for search-ability, but be sure to change them up every few months to continue to grow the page!

Very few things in the world make me happier than opening up Instagram or Facebook and seeing an abundance of adorable pet pictures and videos. Pet owners today are more obsessed than ever before with their furry friends, and what better way to show the love for them than through social media?



How do you Connect?

Lets Connect!

There are currently over 2.46 billion people that use some kind of social media platform, and of that 2.46 billion, over 2.06 billion use Facebook, 700 million use Instagram, 328 million use Twitter, and 255 million use SnapChat as of 2017*. Most people do not use all four of these social media platforms, so how do people choose which social media platforms they want to use? In an attempt to formulate an answer to this question, I looked at my family’s current social media usage.

My parents, who are both 53 years old, are hardly involved in social media at all. My dad had a Facebook for about four months that he made solely for the purpose of stalking my sister and I to make sure we weren’t posting anything inappropriate or talking to any ‘sketchy’ boys online (we still don’t bring our boyfriends home to this day). His Facebook only lasted four months on account of the fact that we refused to friend him back. My mom on the other hand, just got a Facebook three months ago because she claimed she was feeling “out of the loop.” Just last week I taught her how to write a post AND include an image so she’s making some definite progress.

My mom does have a SnapChat I made for her that she never uses because all she can manage to learn how to do on it is take the picture. She does not understand filters, nor how to add text to the image. When I first downloaded it for her I would snapchat her and all I would get back was a blurry selfie and no caption. She’s the kind of mom who still turns her iPhone sideways to text so I suppose trying to teach her how to use SnapChat may have been expecting a bit too much from her.

My two older brothers, 24 and 27 years old, mainly use Facebook and SnapChat. One of my brothers hardly ever posts on Facebook, and the other one only posts pictures to his albums. My little sister, 17, uses Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, and Twitter. She’s pretty active on all of these platforms. If I had a penny for every time my dad has told her to put her phone down in the last three years I could buy Snapchat.

Youth culture. Four young people sitting close to each other and looking at their gadgets

I on the other hand, use Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat, but currently do not, nor have I ever  used Twitter. Although I don’t use Twitter, I have had a Twitter since freshman year of high school that I was never actually active on. I didn’t know it even existed until one of my college friends showed me an empty profile with just my name and a profile picture of me from high school. After finding it I was encouraged by another friend to start it up again and actually use the account. She wanted me to use it so she could send me memes. For those of you who don’t know what a “meme” is, I have included the Urban Dictionary definition below:

Meme: It’s not a word, it’s a lifestyle.**

Although I am personally a huge fan of this definition, it is not very telling so here is a more descriptive definition:

Meme: An image, video, or set of of text that becomes popular and spreads   rapidly via the Internet.**

Anyways, although many people have shown me funny memes from Twitter, I can find funny memes on both Facebook and Instagram so I didn’t have much motivation to go on Twitter for memes too. Needless to say I used my account again for two days before forgetting about it again.

Are you a Mac & a PC?

So maybe this is the answer to our question: why do we use certain social media platforms and not others? Brings me back to the Apple commercials from 2007, are you a Mac or PC? Why do I like going on Instagram, Facebook, and SnapChat, but can’t bring myself to go on Twitter? It’s as simple as what you desire to get out of social media. For example I use Instagram because Instagram has gone from just posting pictures of people and places, to posting artsy and creative images using filters and photo editing apps. I also like using it for following my favorite celebrities and even looking at new clothes stores are selling, or food options at restaurants. I follow celebrities and clothing brands I like on Instagram and get ideas for shopping and even just for creative pictures I want to post of myself on my account.

Facebook I use for an entirely different purpose. I hardly ever actually post to Facebook unless I’m sharing a cute video of a puppy, a funny Ellen clip, or posting pictures to an album. I could, and have, spent over an hour on end just scrolling through Facebook watching X Factor auditions, funny videos of babies falling over, or Jimmy Fallon interview clips. Aside from entertainment from videos and memes, I also use Facebook to read news, get information on local businesses, as well as view posts from my friends on what they are currently up to. And of course the occasional upload of a new quality selfie for my profile picture is always fun too.

SnapChat is probably the platform I use most throughout the day. This is because it’s the easiest and fastest way to keep in touch with people. If I want to know what someone’s up to, or tell someone what I’m up to without texting or calling, I can simply snap them. Facebook or Instagram would require me to direct message them, which at that point, it would make more sense to just text them. In this way, SnapChat has almost become a replacement for texting, aside from urgent messages that I need a quick response to.

The Star of Snapchat

When I’m home my mom is basically the star of my SnapChat. Even friends she has never met before know her personality very well (probably too well) and refer to her as “Wendy.” My mom definitely does not enjoy my constant videos and pictures of her, but she has built up a bit of a fan group for herself over the years so she really shouldn’t complain. I think I use SnapChat the most because it requires the least amount of effort to interact on it as it just is a picture and a caption. Going on Instagram means I have to scroll through posts, and like all of my friends posts, and attempt to stop long enough to actually read the captions. Facebook is sometimes not too entertaining depending on what’s trending, but it is now where I go to find out information on local businesses as I depend on it to show me reviews, basic information and more!

I suppose there are a lot of variables that determine which social media platforms we use such as our interests and what social media platforms our friends use. Regardless of what social media platforms we choose to use, social media as a whole has become a major aspect of people’s lives today.

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5 Ways to Improve your Company’s Image

Although social media is extremely important in expanding your company’s network and maximizing profits, social media is also essential in building and promoting a good company image. Below are five ways in which your company can use social media to improve its image.

Share posts about company involvement in the community

Whether your company is donating proceeds to a charity, participating in a food drive, or simply showing support for a local sports team, it is extremely beneficial to the company’s image to post about these events on social media. Customers like to see that the company they are purchasing from are not only focused on their own profits, but on supporting other companies and foundations within the community. In seeing that your company is engaging in its community, customers will be more inclined to continue purchasing from you and support not only your products, but your company as a whole.

Social Media & Company Image

Share posts from customers’ social media accounts

Many people on social media will “tag” companies on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter when they are using that company’s product or service. Viewing who has posted pictures with your company’s products and reposting these images to the company’s own social media accounts makes the customer feel important and noticed by the company. Other customers will also appreciate this recognition and acknowledge that your company does care about its customer’s satisfaction with their products and services.

Comment and like customers’ posts

Even when you do not repost a customer’s picture, it is important your company’s social media account at least likes and comments on the picture. This again makes the customer feel important and noticed which encourages them to post with your product more often! By posting more often, it promotes your product or service to their followers and encourages them to purchase from you, as well as offering more pictures and product reviews for other customers to see. Commenting and liking customers’ social media posts will increase tagged posts from customers, therefore improving your products’ quality image and your overall company image. 

Comment on your customers posts!

Share posts about employees’ backgrounds

Every employee comes from a different background and has grown up with different experiences. Showing customers your employees’ experiences is extremely important in promoting a good company image. By showing employees’ backgrounds and experiences, customers can build an image of your company and understand the values and ideals the people within your company hold. Sharing posts about employees’ backgrounds also allows customers to trust the quality of your company’s products or services because it shows customers the qualifications each employee has. For example if a chef at a restaurant has previously worked with the health department, customers may be more inclined to trust that restaurant’s food quality and safety procedures.

Include high quality images

Use high quality images

Although this may seem obvious, it is extremely important that your company consistently maintains high quality images in its social media posts. In considering pictures of employees or customers to post on your social media account, or just your company’s images in general, the quality of the image needs to be factored in. If your company posts high quality images on social media, customers will associate the high quality images with high quality products and services. This will also increase the number of people following your company’s account as well as how many likes each post receives. 

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