How to Turn a Disappointed Customer Into a Happy One

Even the most successful businesses have experienced situations where customers have not been satisfied with the services they have received.  Whether their meal was botched in a restaurant, their product was shipped too late, or they were unsatisfied with the items they purchased, customers will be upfront and honest about their concerns. It is crucial to handle these situations strategically in order to mitigate damages and prevent losing future business from that customer, as well as other customers.

Here are five steps in order to turn an unsatisfied customer into a satisfied customer…

Have a good attitude!

Unsatisfied customers may yell or act aggressively while expressing their discontent with the service they have received. Instead of mirroring their body language and attitude, take a deep breath and remain calm. Try to maintain a relaxed and friendly demeanor to avoid further upsetting the customer. One tip that helps in accomplishing this is to look at their complaints as having a positive affect on your company in the sense that your company is improving its abilities by resolving their concerns. The attitude you have going into, and during the conversation, reflects the results of the conversation.

Validate their concerns

While the customer is explaining their concerns, listen actively and make them feel like they are being heard. Reassure the customer that the situation they experienced was not appropriate and does not reflect the intentions of the company. Try using phrases such as…

“It must have been frustrating that…”

“I understand why you are upset…”  

“I hear your concerns and…”

These phrases help to validate the customer’s concerns and make them feel as though their complaint is being acknowledged. In addition, make sure to apologize for any inconvenience that this issue has caused. If a customer feels as though you are “on their side,” they may not be as upset if there is nothing you can do to fix their issue.

Find a solution that satisfies both parties

After hearing their concerns, try to find a reasonable solution to appease the customer. Whether it is remaking the order, sending the product in the mail with a waived shipping cost, or redoing the service to their satisfaction, ensure that the customer’s complaints are answered. In addition, if possible try to go above and beyond with the compensation that you are offering.  For example: offer a discount or a free service in order to encourage them to use your business again.

Follow up with the customer

After resolving the customer’s issue, make sure to follow up with them via email or phone call to assess if they were satisfied with the service that they received. If you handle an unpleasant situation with a customer well, they may be inclined to recommend your business to a friend!

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Small Business Tips: Using Personalized Marketing to Reach Customers

Let’s Get Personal.

As many of us have noticed, companies online have been getting increasingly “personal” with their customers…maybe even so personal that we’re a little creeped out. For instance, when you are online shopping on a clothing website and then you go on Instagram and there’s an ad for the same exact dress you were just looking at a moment ago. Many people can even recall a time when they were discussing let’s say a certain book with their friend and that same book showed up in an Amazon advertisement without them ever having viewed it online. Maybe it’s our phones listening to us, or maybe, it’s the businesses we shop at.

Although some forms of personalized marketing can come off as a bit creepy and are not super effective in boosting sales or customer retention, personalized marketing, when done correctly, can have a significant positive impact on your business. So how do we use personalized marketing correctly?? Here’s how…



Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 12.24.08 PMFirst things first, if you’re going to personalize emails, text messages, printed mail, or Facebook messages, you have to get consent from the customer first. This means that the customer has to have given you their Facebook account information, phone number, address, email address, and name. One way many companies do this is at checkout when they ask if the customer would like to receive text or email alerts on upcoming sales, promotions, and company news. This way when they receive the personalized marketing, they don’t think your company is tracking down their information or stalking you online because they gave you the information themselves.


Track Purchases

Now that you have the information you need to send them more personalized marketing, you need to figure out what type of message you’re going to be sending them. Seeing as you are operating a small business, you may not have access to softwares that track individual customer purchases, so tracking which products are selling the most currently is an easier alternative.Utilizing your social media can be helpful here too by viewing the posts your company is tagged in by consumers. Keeping track of which inventory is selling, and promoting a related product or service will get you a much better return by boosting sales of that product even more. 


Comments, Compliments, & Concerns

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS write down anything a customer has to say about your business. Whether it’s in regards to a specific product or service, a specific customer experience, or customer service. If you run a restaurant, write down what customers have to say about certain dishes so you can either change up recipes, or promote a popular dish more often. Even viewing customer reviews on Google, Yelp, or Facebook can be extremely helpful in receiving more specific input on your company’s progress.


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Top 3 Most Successful Political Ad Campaigns





With the political controversy going on in America today, most companies avoid the mention of any politics in their advertisements to avoid potential backlash. Thinking back to recent political advertisements that caught our attention, we can all think of a few that were extremely unsuccessful (i.e. Kendall Jenner Pepsi Commercial 2017), however some companies hit the nail on the head with their political advertisements, and it’s safe to say the reward was worth the risk.


2011 – Chipotle: “Back to the Start” 

Chipotle’s “Back to the Start” Ad brought attention to the need for improved sustainable farming in the food production process. Chipotle is considered a fast food chain; a restaurant chain most commonly thought of as serving inexpensive, low quality food. By confronting the topic of the food production process and food quality head on, Chipotle differentiated themselves from other fast food chains. Chipotle preempted any potential backlash they could have received regarding their process for making food, and changed their image from a typical fast food chain, to a restaurant serving high quality, sustainably farmed fresh food. Chipotle’s campaign focused viewers attention on the fact that they were taking an initiative to inform people of an issue with other restaurants’ food sourcing, rather than the fact that they were also marketing themselves and trying to improve their image.  —  Video Link


2017 – Heineken: “Worlds Apart”

Heineken’s “Worlds Apart” ad campaign showcased two average people with opposing beliefs working together to complete a simple challenge. At the end of the challenge, their opposing beliefs are revealed and they get the option to either leave, or stay and discuss their differences over a beer. Every person in the experiment decided to stay and discuss their differences rather than leave. Heineken found a way to shed light on these topics of conversation and on America’s current political disputes without creating any conflict of ideals with viewers. Heineken did not share any political view of their own, and they also created a positive image on the people who did reveal their political views in the advertisement.  —  Video Link


2017 – Mr.Clean: “Cleaner of your Dreams”

On a funnier note, Mr.Clean’s Super Bowl 2017 Commercial, “Cleaner of your Dreams,” depicted a cartoon Mr.Clean cleaning a woman’s house while she stands behind him checking him out. At the end of the ad, Mr.Clean turns into her husband, the wife goes to kiss him and the ad reads “You Gotta Love a Man who Cleans.” This ad targets both men and women, as women can relate to the wife in the advertisement, and men are literally being told women love a man who cleans, encouraging them to clean more. This puts an ironic and funny spin on an advertisement for cleaning products as it opposes old ideals of women being the “housewives,” and has the woman “checking out” the man, which traditionally, the roles would be reversed.  —  Video Link


All three of these ad campaigns were extremely successful in not only increasing these brands’ sales, but also improving their brand images. Each ad took a different approach with one more lighthearted but still serious, one more serious than lighthearted, and the last one taking on a more comical approach. Taking risks in your company’s marketing campaigns and being bold, as long as it is done properly and carefully, is more than worth it in building your brand and getting your name out there. If you convey that your brand is socially and ethically responsible enough to bring up the not-so-easy topics of conversation, or make a bold statement, you’ll not only grow your audience, but develop a trusting relationship with them.


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A Marketing Lesson from Beyonce

Beyonce is not only the Queen of the music industry (at least in my opinion), but has quite recently become the Queen of marketing. Her last album created an absolute tsunami on social media, blowing up Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many other socials with hashtags like #Flawless #WokeUpLikeThis and #Slay (which are all references to her songs and mannerisms). Beyonce and her PR team know how to create buzz about her music through exclusivity, timing and suspense. Anytime Beyonce does ANYTHING and we mean ANYTHING, social media blows up and the spotlight focuses on her. So, how does she do it? And what can your company learn from her marketing techniques?

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 12.11.34 PM.png

1. Be exclusive but remain relatable

Beyonce’s credibility and authority in the music industry make her both exclusive and relatable at the same time. Her consistency is what has made her so exclusive in the music industry and world of A-list celebrities. A hair is never out of place, sweatpants are never worn in public, her musical abilities are natural and she has refined her voice so acutely that she is never off-tone or off-beat. Her physical appearance and her talent are what set her apart from the rest of celebrities. She does what she has to do to make sure that her image is always consistent, even if that means hiring multiple personal assistants. Although she presents an image that is almost unattainable, Beyonce remains relatable to her audience by staying humble. Interviews with various backstage crews have said that she treats the janitors just as well as she treats her manager.

So what can your business learn? It is essential to do what you can to keep your product/service and company consistent. Putting in extra hours and hiring extra staff (when possible) will only grow your revenues and reputation, if done correctly. Similarly, it is just as important to have consistent customer service no matter the value that the customer brings to your company.

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 12.12.08 PM

2. Timing is essential

Beyonce has become notorious for releasing songs and albums right before big career milestones. Before her 2013 world tour, she released a new album and right before the Superbowl, she released a new song. These are just a few examples of how she surprises her fan base with new music to leverage her popularity.

So what can your business learn? It is extremely important to always have a way of leveraging and promoting your companies new products, services and events. Doing it “Beyonce style” and announcing a new product the day before it hits stores probably won’t do much for your company, because your not on a global scale and you may not have the same type of loyal followers as Queen Bee. However, you can find similar results by announcing flash sales and distributing email blast campaigns to get your customer base excited for your company’s newest ventures.

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 12.14.15 PM

3. Get your customer base EXCITED

Beyonce almost never initially releases her albums through streamlined music websites. Those who are devout fans, choose to pay extra or make a more valiant effort to listen to her music as soon as it is released, regardless of its format. Those who aren’t a member of her Beyhive, her obsessive fan club, simply wait for the music to be released on Spotify, Apple Music or other streaming services. In either case, Beyonce and her team use suspense to build up excitement for her new music. It also helps that her music is very consistent in it’s quality.

So what can your business learn? It’s important to have a loyal customer base just as it is equally important to have on-and-off again customers. Your most loyal customers keep your brand strong while your inconsistent customers help create the value behind your brand. By creating hype and a positive reputation with your customer base about your products or services, you will always have customers that you know you can rely on to buy into your company… no matter how ridiculous or expensive the product/service (or in Beyonce’s case, songs or tour tickets) may be.

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 12.15.10 PM.png

Social Media and the Job Search

Three years ago during my college freshman orientation one of the very first seminars I attended was “How to Clean Up Your Social Media.” I attend Bentley University, which is a business school, and from the very first day we stepped on campus, the advisors and faculty ingrained in our heads the importance of professionally displaying ourselves on the internet. Social media management is everywhere at my school. Everyone is required to take a class dedicated to learning how to make a perfect LinkedIn profile, and even my sorority has strict guidelines and a contract we must sign that dictates what is considered appropriate to post.


Pause Before You Post on Social Media

In my last three and a half years at college, knowing what to post and what not to post almost comes second nature to me. However, I never really understood the importance until I began applying for summer internships, and more recently, a full-time job post-graduation. A recent study showed that 70 percent of employers screen job applicants using their social media, so it is important now more than ever before to check up on all of your online personas before you send in your resume to your dream job (Brooks, 2017).


pexels-photo-935756.jpegEven if you think your account is completely private, there are still ways to see the content you post. The easiest thing is to just pause before you post to ensure that everything you’re about to share, like, tweet, or comment is tasteful and appropriate. Someone once taught me that if you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see it, then don’t post it at all. I still follow those guidelines every day.


Social Media Scanning is not Always Out to Get You

Before you panic and delete every form of social media you have, know that there are times your platforms can actually help you out rather than hurt you. When an employer is screening an applicant, they are not necessarily looking at your profiles to “catch” you. Many of the times your pictures or statuses can confirm something you already spoke to them about or support your professional qualities. For instance, if your resume says you dedicate several hours a week to volunteering at your local pet shelter and your Instagram is filled with adorable puppies, then the employer will remember that and know the information you gave them is valid.


pexels-photo-219003.jpegEmployers also use social media to see what other people are posting about you too. This can be beneficial since most things that are shared online about someone else are positive. However, sometimes friends can post things that were meant as jokes but could be construed as inappropriate or unprofessional. Next time you’re about to post the most embarrassing selfies you have of your friend on her Facebook wall for her birthday, maybe think twice about it.


By taking the extra second to think about what you are about to upload before you hit the “share” button you will see that it can make a huge difference, and employers will take notice. Not only will you show you have great communication skills and creativity, but you will also show employers you know how to professionally portray yourself to others. Social Media is often times your first impression to many people and you always want to put your best foot forward.


Social Media Screening Works Both Ways

pexels-photo-515169.jpegOne thing I did take away from my job search experience is not only how important your own social media accounts are, but also how important social media platforms are for the company you are applying to. One of the first things I do when I hear about a company or am interested in applying to a job is look at the business’ Facebook and Instagram pages. These, along with many other platforms, give myself and other candidates a look into the company that may be different from what they have on their website.


Checking out the company’s social media platforms can also give you a feel for their company culture. Websites are usually more formal and informative, but social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram can share more fun or engaging content showing you an inside peek at everyday work life. You may even earn extra brownie points during an interview if you bring up something that they shared on Facebook or retweeted on Twitter!


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Brooks, Chad. “Keep It Clean: Social Media Screenings Gain in Popularity.” Business News Daily, 16 June 2017,