How IGTV Can Improve Your Social Media Marketing

Have you heard about Instagram’s newest feature, IGTV? IGTV is an app designed for viewing longer videos from your favorite accounts. This app has been designed to be more like an actual television than a social media platform. Unlike the instagram app, videos can be up to one hour long and take up the whole screen. IGTV is incredibly user friendly; you don’t have to search to find the channels of people that you already follow. In addition, videos and channels are recommended to you based on your interests and the past videos that you’ve viewed. Like instagram, you are able to like, comment, and send videos via direct messaging. While IGTV is a separate app, you are able to access IGTV channels on the Instagram app, making it even more convenient! 

The best part of IGTV? Unlike the television, ANYONE can make a channel! This feature can be a great way to promote your business by sharing information that can’t be confined to a standard Instagram post. Not convinced? Here are just a few reasons why IGTV can improve your social media marketing game!

Raise Brand Awareness 

Instagram is arguably one of the most effective social media platforms for marketing, with literally 1 billion active users. IGTV is a great way to bring in new followers through promoting your business (new followers= higher brand awareness!!) With the available sharing features, IGTV makes it easier for users to send videos right to their friends and family. This means that a video on IGTV can be more effective (and so much less expensive) than a standard television ad because your followers can send it directly to people that they think would be interested. In addition, features on the app can recommend your channel to new people based on their interests and other followers.  

Boost product sales 

Like I mentioned above, IGTV is an easier and less expensive alternative to traditional advertisements. Since all you really need is a camera and the app, you are able to shoot conduct anywhere, anytime. IGTV can help you to promote your products or services in ways that a standard post could not. In addition, including tutorials or videos of your products can make customers more inclined to make a purchase! Tutorials are some of the most popular instagram videos because they allow you to show off your products. Try using IGTV to launch new products or promote sales! 

More opportunities for customer engagement 

Creating relationships with customers via social media is crucial to establishing a loyal customer base. Since IGTV allows for longer videos, businesses are able to showcase their products in more creative and interesting ways, resulting in higher engagement with viewers.  IGTV has a feature that takes viewers directly to your page so that they can learn more about your business. 

As you can see, IGTV is an amazing feature for promoting your business!! Click here to learn more about how our products can boost your social media marketing game!

4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use MaxExposure to Manage Your Online Social Presence

There are so many tasks that businesses have to complete every day. From paying bills to taking inventory, operating your business can be time consuming and stressful.  Instead of stressing about managing your social presence online, give us a call and we can help you enhance your business! We offer services ranging from social media management to web design and just about everything in between!!  Worry about running your business while we manage everything else; you’ll be astounded at how much a positive online social reputation can improve your business and customer experience!

We offer affordable prices and a number of free services

We understand the high costs that it takes to successfully run a business, and we reflect this in our affordable prices! For a reasonable price, your business’s social presence will improve, resulting in an increase in customers and sales! So instead of thinking of it as an expense, think of it as an INVESTMENT because your business will be improved. In addition, we offer a wide variety of services that are completely free of charge!! Services include our Free Conference Call Program, Free Social Media Analysis, Free SEO Analysis, and much more!

Great customer service

As a family run business since 2012,  we pride ourselves in our great customer service and customer accessibility. We treat our customers like family, which means that you will be receiving support from people who truly care about your business!  We are not just a social media and reputation management service, we go that extra mile to make sure that our services exceed your expectations.

We offer a wide range of services

We know that every business requires different and unique services in order to properly market to their clientele. For that reason, we offer over 100 business enhancing products and services, so you are sure to find one that fits your needs. We offer social media management, listing management, reputation management, website design, SEO, offline marketing services, content and experience, and the facebook messenger program. Under those categories, we offer different packages so that your business can receive the proper services!

Save time

Running a business is time consuming, why spend time on managing your online social presence when we can do it for you? MaxExposure products can help you to bring in more customers and customer engagement without actually changing anything about your business plan. We keep individualized analytics and data on our services and we are more than happy to discuss your business’s progress.  

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Our Favorite Instagram Editing Apps

The key to having a successful Instagram is not only in the quality of your content but also in the overall aesthetic of your page. No one even takes the “perfect” photo and most of the time, the in-app editing features of Instagram are extremely limited in its capabilities of transforming a photo from a pixely-dark image to a bright, eye-catching photo. The following apps all have different optimal uses. Read on to discover more.

landscape street rooftop iphone

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Level of difficulty: Easy

VSCO is an editing app featuring many preset filters. These filters are extremely versatile and have subsets that are specifically for outdoor photos, indoor photos, warm photos, cold photos, overshadowed photos, over-highlighted photos, etc.  This app is very user-friendly in that it also offers a toolkit where the user can edit skin tone, tint, shadows, highlights, saturation, contrast, exposure, sharpness, etc. We highly recommend this app to those who are novices at editing photos and need an all-in-one app.

Microsoft Selfie

Level of difficulty: Easy

Microsoft Selfie is an extremely simple app with only less than 10 “beautifying” filters. This app is best for those who are pleased with the natural look in their captured photo but simply want to smooth out tones. We highly suggest this app to those who want a great looking photo but really don’t want to spend any time learning how to edit their pictures.


Level of difficulty: Easy

Layout is an app that allows you to create photo collages. With hundreds of different photo layouts, we recommend this app for those who want to create a simple collage. There is also an in-app toolkit for those who want to make small edits to the photo.


Level of difficulty: Moderate

Snapseed is a bit complicated at first but once you get the hang of it, it’s an extremely intuitive app. Owned and created by google, Snapseed comes with preset filters as well as a full toolkit. In the toolkit you can find options to tune your image by adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, warmth, etc. In the toolkit are also features that allow you to change the sharpness and structure of the image as well as the curvature of the tones. You can also edit white balance,crop, rotate and change perspective. Not to mention the brush features that allow you to paint the dodge/burn, exposure, temperature and saturation of the photo. The features on Snapseed are endless and unique. Our favorite is the “selective” tool that allows you to pick tones within a certain region of the photo to edit. We recommend this app to those who want all of the tools of photoshop with a less complicated interface.

Photoshop Fix

Level of difficulty: Hard

Photoshop Fix is basically a mini photoshop for your phone. The app has retouching, sculpting and healing tools that are compatible with Adobe Photoshop CC. We recommend this app to those who already have a knowledge of photoshop but want access to the app on their phone.

Photoshop Lightroom

Level of difficulty: Hard

Another Photoshop app, Lightroom is similar to Photoshop Fix but focuses on the light, color, geometry and optics of the photo. Similar to Photoshop Fix, we recommend this app to anyone who has a knowledge of Adobe Photoshop CC or Adobe Photoshop LR but wants access to these features from their phone.


How To: Create an Interactive Hashtag Campaign for Instagram

So, you want to know how to create an interactive hashtag and Instagram hashtag campaign? Let’s start by explaining what an interactive hashtag is. An interactive hashtag is a symbiotic marketing technique used by companies to get their social media users to interact with their brand online in exchange for some sort of reward. It’s a bit difficult to explain and understand so we’ll give you a few examples…

Heineken #SparkMyParty – Heineken promotes #SparkMyParty specifically to younger Instagram users in New York City. When Instagram users use the hashtag and tag Heinkein in a post or Instagram story during a live house party, they have the chance of being paid a visit by Heineken during their house party. Representatives from the company will show up during the party with free beer, balloons, DJ, snacks and brand gear. This campaign not only spreads the word about the Heineken brand but also makes the customer base excited to interact with the company.

Wilhelmina Models #LoveYourGenes – Wilhelmina is a global modeling agency that represents many celebrity supermodels and talent. When you post a selfie using the #LoveYourGenes , WIlhelmina promises that they will look at your photo. If they find you to fit their needs for new models, they will message you and you will get the chance to visit the NYC office and discuss modeling opportunities. This campaign makes it easier for Wilhelmina to find fresh faces as well as gives social media users the chance to easily be discovered.

lg smartphone instagram social media

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So how can you create your own interactive hashtag?

1. Pick a reward

What exactly do you want your users getting out of promoting your brand? Perhaps if they post with your hashtag they can receive 10% off? Maybe be entered in a contest to win free products or services? The options are unlimited.

2. Create a hashtag

Looking back to #SparkMyParty and #LoveYourGenes, what is the purpose of your interactive hashtag campaign? Be sure that your hashtag is catchy so that your users will easily remember it and won’t misspell it when using it on their posts. As a social media and business solutions company, let’s say we wanted to run a campaigns where you win a year of free services…. Perhaps a hashtag we could use would be #MaximizeMyBusiness. This hashtag is unique so we know that the average user won’t be using this hashtag on any normal photos, the spelling is simple so it will be difficult for entrees to misspell it and it’s fairly simple to remember because it’s a play on words for MaxExposure Business Solutions.

3. Keep track of your socials

The most important part of your interactive hashtag campaign is to keep track of all entrees! The last thing you want is to either forget about your campaign and make your business appear flakey OR not give all entrees a fair chance at winning.

The Four Essentials Parts of SEO

There are 4 parts of Search Engine Optimization that are ESSENTIAL to upping-your search engine ranking. While there are hundreds of other tweaks you could make to your SEO programming, these are the basic four parts of SEO programming that you NEED to focus on.

1. The SEO Title

SEO title specifies the title of the webpage when searching on a search engine. Many might recognize the SEO title as the headline that you click when you find a webpage that is pertinent to your search. When creating an SEO title, include the topic of the page as well as the business that is associated with the page. For example, this page is about Bananas, and the business involved with the article, is Wikipedia.

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 1.48.23 PM.png

2. The Metadata tag

The metadata tag is the little description that appears under the SEO title. The purpose of the metadata tag is to provide a description to search engine users so that they can find the result that most suits their needs. In this example, it is made clear that this link is for educational purposes and you can find facts about bananas on this page rather than banana recipes or clothing with bananas on them.

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 1.51.51 PM

3. The Slug

The slug is the HTTP/URL address that appears above the metadata tag but below the SEO title. You can customize the slug so that it uses specific words that relate to your topic. In this example, Wikipedia uses “/Banana” to make it optimize searches for “banana” so that their result will appear closer to the top of the results list.

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 1.54.24 PM

4. The Focus Keyword

The focus keyword is the word that is recognized the most of the page that you are optimizing. By programming the Focus Keyword into the article, you are more likely to have your result appear at the top of the results list because it proves that your page is very relevant to the search. In this example, you can see that the “Banana – Wikipedia” result mentioned earlier is second on the results list, proving that the keyword “banana” is very relevant to those searching to learn more about types of bananas.

Get your own damn coffee! Tips to a Successful Internship Program

Millennials, get a really bad rep for being lazy, entitled and not wanting to pay their dues. They enter into the workforce thinking they will land their “dream job” at 22 years old, but the cold hard realty is that those “dream jobs” require 3-5 years of experience, which they’re supposed to already have fresh out of college. But how are they supposed to get said experience when they aren’t getting internships because they’re too young and inexperienced…and when they do get the internships, they’re not actually learning anything?

Understanding this fact, we at MaxExposure, have hired interns as young as Freshmen, to give them the real world experience nobody else will at 18 years old. We find that by hiring younger students, and offering them room to grow into their positions that they will stay with the company longer, which looks incredible on a resume!

Working with over 20 students over the past 7 years, I’ve complied a a list of 10 tips on how to have a successful program.

  1. Treat them how you would want to be treated – This goes with out saying, but so many interns are treated poorly. They get stuck doing the “grunt work” nobody wants to do which doesn’t actually give them any experience, except that they don’t want to be the low man on the totem pole. Now I’m not saying don’t give them basic assignments, but on top of the basic assignments, let them grow and learn and take on projects that they want to work on!
  2. Give them REAL assignments – Give them assignments that you would do, give them real tasks so that they can learn how to research, compile data, use software systems and or manage customer accounts.
  3. Let them fail – This one sounds weird right? Why on earth would you want your intern to fail. I don’t want them to fail, but I want them to learn to think on their own and problem solve. I throw my interns into the deep end having only a few weeks of swimming lessons under their belts because I want them to learn how to not only tread water, but swim confidently. In the real world, you have to do this, and you won’t always have the opportunity to hand off the phone. I supervise and always ensure our customers are well taken care of, but I let them make mistakes so that they can learn to fix them.
  4. Teach don’t preach – Teach them how to do things, teach them to use your systems, and do what you do, as their boss, they are watching your every move, so if you just “take care of it” they will never learn how to do it themselves.
  5. Let them talk to your customers! – This one was tough for me at first, because I didn’t want them to mess up, sound young (and inexperienced) or be asked a question they couldn’t answer. But they (the interns) will ALWAYS prove you wrong. As of the last 2 years, I’ve let our interns talk to customers on a regular basis and its been an incredible experience for everyone involved!
  6. Let them share their ideas! – Interns are FRESH BLOOD! they have new ideas, they see the world differently and they aren’t jaded by life yet. Let them give you ideas or come up with new plans. In my experience some of their ideas have been the best changes we’ve made!
  7. Let them grow! – Let them take on new assignments or roles. If they have the hunger to learn how to do something new, don’t force them to stick to their assigned role. Make sure it’s clear they have to get their assignments done, but let them take on more if they want to, it will only help them become a better employee and you become a better boss!
  8. PAY THEM! – Internships, especially in the marketing world, can traditionally be unpaid. This is fine, if they’re getting enough experience to justify the lack of money. But if your budget allows it, PAY YOUR INTERNS. When they are being paid for their work, they will take more responsibility, work harder and be more accountable for the role they are in.
  9. Hire their friends – Now this one can be tricky, because you want them to focus on their job, not social hour, but if you find a good intern, ask them to share open positions to their friends, more often than not they surround themselves with similar caliber people.
  10. Make work fun! – “I’m not a regular boss, I’m a cool boss” – you don’t have to be their BEST FRIEND, and you should always establish boundaries as they do work for you, but keeping the work place fun is key to them coming back! These kids don’t HAVE to work, they choose to work, and while yes they are getting resume experience, you want to show them that working in an office doesn’t have to be a scene out of “Office Space” it can be enjoyable and fun given the right dynamic.



Twitter Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Twitter might be one of the most difficult platforms to crack. The demographics of Twitter users vary to the extremes and the fast-paced, chronologically ordered timeline of tweets within the app makes it difficult for your content to be seen. Many small businesses struggle when they first start using Twitter to market themselves because they have to go through many trial-and-errors to finally reach their target audience. Instead of wasting your time going through the trial-and-error period of building a Twitter following, we’ve already experimented and this are the mistakes we created, that you can learn from:

coffee smartphone twitter application

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1.Tweeting too often and using too many hashtags

Twitter uses a chronological timeline where the most recent tweets are typically featured at the top of your follower’s timeline. If you are tweeting once every hour, you are ALWAYS going to be somewhere on your follower’s feed. While some may say that this is good exposure for your business, it’s honestly just downright annoying. Focus on sending out 1-3 quality tweets a day instead of inundating your followers with every single detail on your business day. Similarly, spamming your tweets with hashtags may create more favorites and retweets but those accounts often won’t be in your target market and therefore, their interaction with your account is useless. If you are tweeting about a recent breakthrough in medical technology, don’t hashtag #ParentingTips because the interactions stemming from that hashtags are about as useless and meaningless as a lamp with no light bulb in it. Focus on quality, not quantity.

2. Being repetitive

Sending out the same tweet every day doesn’t help you at all because the only people seeing that tweet everyday will be your followers. Instead of advertising the same message over and over again, try providing quality content for your followers in between your advertising messages. Throw in some interesting articles or some memes… because no one wants to scroll through your feed and see “Stop by and try our new flavor of soft serve today #strawberry #blueberry #pumpkinpie” tweeted 30 times in a row. #SelfExplanatory

3. Not engaging with followers

The ultimate sin of Twitter marketing… not engaging with your followers *cue the high pitched, scary organ music.* The purpose of social media is to… be… SOCIAL! Encourage your customers to follow your account, follow your followers back (especially if you know them), respond to their tweets when you are mentioned in them and interact/retweet/favorite any tweet that is pertinent to your business! No engagement = no retention = no effective message = no point in having a Twitter.

woman wearing purple shirt holding smartphone white sitting on chair

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4. Not joining conversations

Recently, there have been many movements spurred on Twitter including, #MeToo #GivingTuesday #FakeNews #TakeAKnee. Twitter has changed the way that individuals and group of individuals interact with each other, especially with controversial topics like these. Some fear that joining the conversation in topics such as these would hurt the credibility and reputation of their business. As long as you keep your opinions appropriately worded and non-discriminatory, joining the conversation on a trending issue, you open yourself up to interaction with your followers and increased exposure on Twitter.

How to: Target Demographics

Want to learn how to create the perfect ad? Download this guide for FREE!

1. Determine a Demographic

When determining a demographic you should ask the question, “who does my product or service appeal to?” Every product and service has an ideal demographic and if you can reach this demographic, you are likely to sell to them. Here are a few examples:

If you are a child’s clothing shop you probably won’t advertise to adolescents, but you may want to advertise to people in their late 20s and 30s who are likely to be new parents. You can define the demographic even further by targeting people in that age group who have searched for hashtags like #kidsstyle or #parentingtips.

If you are a hardware store, you may want to target demographics who stereotypically shop at hardware stores. Instead of aiming at female aged 15-20, you may want to hit an older, male demographic.

2. Create an appealing message

Now that you know your demographic and have begun targeting them, you now should create a message that will appeal to their needs and wants. Including promotions and special deals will also attract members of your target demographic and encourage them to shop with your company, instead of your competitor. Here are a few examples:

This Ace Hardware’s flyer includes sales on products that they know they’re demographics will need during this time of year. It’s summer, the perfect time to plant new gardens and paint the porch.

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 9.39.06 AM.png

This children’s clothing shop perfects their facebook ad by promising a great price and including photos of the clothing they sell. They also include a call to action where they tell their potential clients that they can have the “cutest dressed baby”… and who doesn’t want their kid looking absolutely adorable?

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 9.39.51 AM

3. Determine a medium

Refer back to your demographic. Different mediums work better with different genders and generations. Younger generations might react better to facebook ads or promoted social media posts while older generations might react better to emails.

4. Aggregate the message

Once you have created your physical ad and targeted your specific demographic, you just need to aggregate your message. Be sure to keep track of the stats on your ad to see how it is performing and what tweaks can be made to perfect your message.