The biggest tip you’ll get for 2019!

Today we go through how to start making videos for 2019. The small business community is still behind when it comes to video content. 95% of the social profiles we come across aren’t making consistent videos. We give you some tips to set yourself apart from the competition in 2019.

The VALUE of Facebook Messenger!

Today we go through the difference between Facebook advertising with an automated Messenger component vs normal Facebook advertising. Why are so many businesses jumping on the Messenger bandwagon? This video explains the benefits and stacking of results without any extra ad spend.

What’s your strategy?

One of the biggest mistakes we see people make is that they don’t have an actual social media marketing strategy. They don’t set any goals or know how to achieve them. They are inevitably disappointed with the results of their marketing efforts. Today we go through how to formulate a basic social media strategy.

Are you networking with the right people?!


Do you go to networking events regularly? Networking events allow you to show your support for the local community and establish yourself as the local expert. As you establish more relationships in the community you will start to see awesome things happen. People want to do business with people they have a good relationship with.

How to Utilize Influencer Marketing

Word of mouth and the use of social media are two of the best forms of marketing today. So, what if you could combine the two? Well, you can — the answer is influencer marketing.

Whenever potential customers look for a product or service, one of the first things they do is ask their friends for advice. People will trust their friend’s opinion over something they read on Yelp or Google. This is where you can leverage influencer marketing. The first step in this is to find an influencer.

By definition, an influencer is “an individual who has the power to affect purchase decisions of others because of his/her authority, knowledge, position or relationship with his/her audience.” This could be someone who has a social media account, such as an Instagram, that is focused. For example, if you are a restaurant you would want to look for “foodie” Instagram accounts. But not just any account would qualify as a good influencer. Below are a few you want to look for.

Types of Influencers:

  • Bloggers
  • Celebrities
  • Public Figures

It might be hard to get someone like the Kardashians to promote your beauty products to their millions of followers but that’s ok! You can start by reaching out to public figures or bloggers. These are people who post consistently about things like fashion, food, travel or fitness and their following is usually their friends and people who are enthusiastic about that specific field.

Now that you have an idea of the types of people to reach out to here are a few steps on how to get them to be an influencer for you:

Reaching out:

Once you find a potential influencer it’s time to reach out to them. They will usually have an email you can contact in their bio or you can just send them a direct message through Instagram. Like this:


Incentivize your offer:

It is only fair that both your company and the influencer benefit from this partnership. Instead of paying them, send them something like free samples of your product, a free class at your studio, or a discount on your website.



Once the influencer tries your product or service they should post about it on their social media. Ask them to tag you in the picture and add a location. Influencer marketing is such a great way to reach a new audience. Influencers are trusted by their following so if they post about something they like or suggest you to try, it’s more likely that their followers will follow through and actually try it.


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Baby Instagrams

Being the youngest of four siblings, my sister tends to find a lot of things to complain about. She was the last to get a cell phone, she’s the last to turn 21, and maybe most importantly, she’s the last to move out of the house (living alone with our parents can be pretty daunting). Being the fourth sibling definitely does have its perks; our parents are not nearly as strict with her as they were with me and my older brothers. However, one of the more reasonable things she complains about with being the youngest, is our parents did not keep up with scrapbooking and taking baby pictures of her like they had with the rest of us.

My mom wrote a whole pregnancy book for her first born, my older brother, and made almost two scrapbooks full of just his baby pictures. After my oldest brother, the amount of pictures and keepsakes dwindle down more and more with each kid. Apparently struggling to keep up with baby pictures and milestones is difficult for a lot of parents. Today, there are so many companies designed around building scrapbooks and collecting pictures of your kids while they’re young.

More common than using these services however, is the use of Instagram to create your own virtual baby album, “baby instagrams.” Anyone from celebrities to normal everyday parents are creating these accounts and posting milestones, pictures, and videos to create an online photo album of their baby’s special moments.

Bachelor in Paradise winners Jade and Tanner Tolbert have an Instagram for their baby Emerson, @emmy_tolbert.

My cousin just had a baby and she posts pictures every month that her baby turns another month old. Each month she takes out a blanket with numbers 1-12 for her baby’s first full year of life. This is a creative way of making Instagram posts into a scrapbook-esque picture album. In the caption she includes a short paragraph all of his milestones he’s completed that month.

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 12.11.10 AM.png

Baby instagrams…

are a fun and easy way of staying on top of taking pictures and recording milestones as your baby grows. You don’t have to have a baby to utilize Instagram the way these new parents have!! Dog Instagrams and Bridal Instagrams have also become extremely popular trends in recent years.

Take whatever you’re passionate about and run with it! If you’re passionate about fitness start a Fitness Instagram with healthy recipes and new workout routines! I think you will find that using Instagram as more than just a “social media platform” and actually sharing your true passions and interests can be more fun and rewarding not only for yourself, but for the people who follow you. Happy posting!!!

How Social Media has Changed our Lives for the Better

Take a moment and think about social media and how it has affected your life. Do you automatically think of positive or negative things? Does the good outweigh the bad or vice versa? It is definitely a challenging thing to determine because in a way social media has consumed every aspect of our lives. The minute I wake up after turning off my alarm I am checking my emails, scrolling through Instagram pictures, watching the Snapchat Stories I missed from the night before, and seeing whose birthday it is on Facebook. For me this everyday routine is such a norm that I don’t even realize I am doing it, but many other people disagree and think that it is a causing more harm than good.

Before I started writing this post I typed into google “social media and mental health” to see what popped up. To my surprise, the first page of Google consisted entirely of articles about the negative impacts it can have. Every article was about the dangers of social media or tips on why you should stop using social media as often as we do. This shocked me. I understand there are definitely harmful things that can come from over using it, or using it in a harmful way, but I was surprised that not one article shed light on the positive effects it can have on people.


Growing up in the millennial generation learning how to work technology and social media was second nature to me. It has been there ever since I can remember and I really cannot imagine a time without it. Because of this, I view these tools in a more positive light than maybe someone who is older than I am would.

Below are my thoughts on social media and some of the many positive effects it can have on people:

It can boost your confidence

Family picnicking in the park

When we make our online profiles, we generally like to show the public the best parts of ourselves. We choose flattering pictures and share exciting experiences we’ve had. By focusing on showing everyone else what we like about ourselves, we in turn can see what makes us so great and this can be a huge confidence booster. So post that #selfie and share that awesome video you made on vacation. Be confident in your social media posts and you will feel confident in yourself!

It can make you step out of your comfort zone

We’ve all heard the silly term “do it for the Gram” but in a way this motto can inspire us to take a step out of our comfort zone to try something new, even if your original intention was only to do it to show off for your followers. Don’t know if you should try sushi for the first time, but the table next to you has a picture perfect plate of it in front of them? Order the sushi! Not only will you get a great pic for your Instagram page but you also can cross something off your bucket list.

It can help us stay connected


Staying connected with friends is never an easy thing. We all get busy with our everyday lives and forget about the promise you made to your high school bestie when you ran into her at the grocery store to grab coffee sometime. Social media makes it easier than ever to stay in touch with people and up to date on their lives, even if you’re thousands of miles apart. By simply scrolling through Facebook you can congratulate a friend for getting their dream job, or wish someone luck as they move to a different country.

It keeps us up to date on the world around us

Depositphotos_175993390_originalIn my history class last week my professor was interested in seeing where we acquire our news from. To her surprise 90% of our class said their go-to source to see what’s happening in the world around us is social media. Sure we still might turn the news on the TV while we make breakfast in the morning but the reality is that for my particular demographic, we rely on social media to stay in the know. One girl in my class explained that her main use of Twitter is to stay updated on current events. She follows several local and national news stations as well as political leaders and rarely uses it for anything else. With headlines popping up at our fingertips on pretty much every social media platform, my generation is more apt to stay in the know using these outlets.

It can promote a healthy lifestyle

Happy young woman with bicycle

Although obesity is on the rise and Americans are continuing to lead unhealthy lifestyles, I personally think social media has a way of motivating people to stop binge-watching Friends for the sixth time and get some exercise. Whether it’s pinning motivational quotes to a board on Pinterest, checking out Kayla Itsines’ newest workout on Instagram, or watching a Tasty video of how to make a delicious shrimp salad wrap on Facebook, inspiration and motivation to improve your lifestyle are everywhere.

Next time you start to judge social media and all of it’s negative impacts and research associated with it, take a moment and think about why you use it and why you have so many profiles on so many different platforms. Social media for me does more good than bad and if used correctly, it can do the same for you too!

Creating a Company Personality using Social Media

Social Media is a great way to reach consumers and inform them of new sales, products, and company involvement in the community. This day and age, it is extremely important to the success of your company that you are active and involved in social media. Social media allows for easy communication between company and consumer.

Consumers contact companies with complaints or comments and questions on products and so on, and the companies can directly respond to their concerns, improving their customer service. Responding to consumer comments and complaints on social media allows the customer to feel heard and valued by the company.

Some companies have also used social media to create personalities for their company, mostly through Twitter and Facebook. This has allowed not only for more contact between consumer and company but has also provided customer entertainment and has increased the social media following of many companies today. Wendys for example, has famous Twitter “roasts” where they respond to customers’ tweets with funny responses which gains them a lot of social media attention.


After posting their responses to customers, a lot of people retweet or favorite their tweets, expanding their Twitter network and encouraging more consumers to follow their Twitter because their Tweets are entertaining.

The reason why Wendy’s Twitter roasts has gained so much consumer attention is because they have an awareness of what people use their social media platforms for. Twitter for example is mainly used for comedic entertainment or political opinions and comments. Seeing as it is not a good idea to share a company’s political stance as it may cause a loss of consumer support and create backlash, comedic entertainment is a great way to connect with consumers.


Most funny company tweets are responses to customer complaints and questions. Turning customer complaints, which could potentially give the company a bad reputation, into something funny and entertaining for their followers actually gives the company positive attention in the end.


Tips for Joining the Trend

If you think your company would benefit from posting these comical tweets to its consumers, it is important that the company abide by these tips, especially if the company does not already have a reputation for posting funny tweets. You want your consumers to actually find your tweets funny and insure that you do not offend people with risky humor.


To get a head-start on your funny tweeting, your company could create a false consumer account to tweet back at. This avoids risking offending an actual consumer seeing as they may think your company is not taking them seriously or making fun of them. Once you get a couple funny tweets out, consumers will recognize the trend and start coming up with tweets for your company to respond to.

Once you start responding to real consumer’s tweets, evaluate and think through the possible interpretation of your tweets prior to posting them. Having multiple people within your company look at your tweets prior to posting them and getting their opinion on them is a good way to double check and insure minimal backlash and maximum humor.

Creating a Personality

Creating a personality for your company and connecting with consumers on a more personal level will allow them to trust you and support you on a business level. Maintaining easy, efficient online communication with consumers is a great way to improve your customer service and show your customers how valued they are by your company.

Businessman holding cellphone with opened applications

Utilizing your company’s social media account not only for traditional customer service communication but finding innovative ways to provide customers with entertaining social media posts will not only build more positive relationships with you current consumer following, but will grow your consumer following on social media as well.

Every company is different and contains different types of consumers, challenge your company to not only maintain constant involvement on social media, but innovate how you use your social media. By focusing not only on responding to and communicating with your current customers, but attracting new customer attention on social media, your company will maximize the success of its social media involvement and improve its communication with current and future consumers.

The Camera has to Eat First!

Food3Out of all the things I take pictures of, food photos definitely take the cake. When it comes to social media, I am not a huge selfie girl, but one thing I do snap all the time is pictures of doughnuts, aćai bowls, and pizza. Whether I bake homemade cookies or go out to a restaurant, you can bet my phone camera will be eating first.

I usually will post the picture on my Snapchat story or on my Visco account, but most of the time I just save the photo for myself. Taking pictures of food for me is a way to remember a fun night out with my friends or a delicious homemade meal that my mom cooked for the family.


My food photo addiction started when I studied abroad in Europe for a semester. Everywhere I went I indulged in amazing food and I would have been crazy not to take a picture to remember it. I’m talking about cheese fondue in Switzerland that had your mouth watering, heart shaped pizzas in Italy that made you fall in love, and hot chocolate in London that brought tears to your eyes.

Some people are against this trend in social media and think it takes away from living in the moment. They also think people will only buy or order a certain food just for the picture. I however think that there are many more positives to this movement than negatives. Taking pictures of your food encourages people to live a little more outside of their comfort zone. For me personally it has inspired me to try different restaurants I have never been to, or order something that might seem a little crazy. It also has allowed me to show off my cooking skills, get a little artsy and creative, and really express how much of a foodie I am.


Since I am a trained professional (or so I’d like to think) at taking pictures of my food, here the top 5 tips and tricks I have learned along the way.

Find the perfect lighting

Natural lighting is usually the best way to go. Using the flash sometimes shows strange shadows and can make your meal look slightly less appetizing.


Play with your food

I know this goes against everything your mother taught you, but sometimes the bun will fall off your burger or a French fry will be astray. Before you get the best picture possible move around a few things to makes sure your plate is at perfection.

Get creative with angles

Just like us, food has their good side too. Depending on how you hold your camera can really impact your picture. My go-to trick is getting the camera eye level with your plate and tilting it slightly downwards so everyone can get a better look at all of the delicious ingredients.


Work with the background

Whether you’re sitting at a cool wooden table or you’re outside at a barbecue, the background adds to the personality of the picture. Get your friend cheesing in the background or show off the freshly squeezed orange juice behind your omelet at brunch.

Tag the location

This is super important so you can remember where you enjoyed that delicious and picture worthy meal, and so your friends and followers can check it out too. If you’re posting on Instagram, tag the restaurant’s name so other followers can click it and see other people’s delicious meals they’ve tagged as well. On Snapchat swipe left until you get the geo filter that shows your location. Your followers will thank you later.


If you really get the hang of it and don’t want to clutter your Instagram feed with only food pictures you can make your own food account. These accounts are an awesome way to check out cool places to try, and you can brag to your followers when you discovered the most beautiful piece of pizza in all of Boston.

One of my friends started her own food account that is strictly gluten free foods (@gffoodie_boston). She extremely allergic to gluten and wanted to provide a way for other GF foodies to find great places to eat without sacrificing taste. Her account has over one thousand followers and she even gets cool promotions and deals from restaurants to check out their menu and post about it.

Snapping a pic of your perfect Panini is always a good idea, but it is also important to put your phone down after the photo and actually enjoy the food and the conversation.

Whenever my friends and I go out to eat, we have a rule that we all stack our phones in a pile faced down in the middle of the table. If someone reaches for their phone out of habit, they are stuck with the bill at the end- unless of course it’s to take a quick picture.

It sounds a little silly but there is always a time a place for your phone, but checking twitter while you bite into a juicy burger definitely isn’t it.

Happy snapping!

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Mastering the Perfect Selfie

Of all the social media trends out there, selfies has proved to be one of the most long-lasting trends of our time. The first selfie ever was believed to have been taken in October of 1839 by a man named Cornelius.

old selfie

This “selfie” is clearly very different from the selfies we see today on social media. Selfies today are taken much closer to the face, and, at least in my case, require a generous amount of makeup to be applied prior. Getting that perfect selfie can be much more difficult than it seems, so I have included several steps that are essential to mastering “selfie-taking.

Find a good background

Finding a good background can be pretty difficult. I always try to stand or sit against a white or nude wall. Using a plain wall brings more attention to you in the selfie and makes your picture look cleaner and more put together. Finding a plain background that also offers some natural light is even better. Natural light brightens your face and makes the picture appear clearer and less grainy.

Decide if you are taking a group selfie or individual selfie


If you are taking a group selfie versus an individual selfie, how you actually take the picture is going to be different. In taking a group selfie, depending on how many people are in the selfie, you have to decide who is going to take the picture to get the best angle. For three people, the person in the middle should take the picture so everyone’s face is equally shown in the picture. For more than three people, a person on either end should take the picture by extending their arm and angling the camera so everyone is included in the shot. 

Get the perfect angle


This definitely takes multiple tries. You need to test what angle makes your face look best which differs for everyone. Make sure you get your entire face in the picture, and take the picture from farther away from your face than you want it. You can always zoom in, but you can’t zoom out of the picture. Sometimes when posting on Instagram or Facebook the app may crop the picture weird so you want to make sure your entire face is still in the picture once it’s cropped.

Important tips

When taking your selfie, try to keep your chin parallel with the ground so you appear in your natural state and not stretching your neck upward or tilting your head downward.


If you are taking group selfies, make sure everyone is close enough to one another so everyone is included in the picture and there are no awkward gaps in between people.

Lastly and most importantly, have fun with it and take a selfie that makes you feel good!! Be sure to post your selfie on your favorite social media site for the world to see!

Happy Selfie-ing!!