Commission Waiver Policy

While the company covers the cost of the conferences, which are expected to be in excess of $500 per rep, each rep agrees to waive one monthly residual commission to attend.

The company policy is as follows:

  • The company will apply the “last” *Qualified* sale submitted by the rep to the waiver

Or if there are no *Qualified* sales available at that time:

  • The company will apply the next *Qualified* sale submitted by the rep to the waiver

(*Qualified* sale is any sale after the Reps First Sale)

How to Attend, without any sales applied to the waiver prior to the Conference.

Being that we want everyone to attend the conference, which will cost the company over $500 per attendee, and knowing that there is still more than 6 weeks left in the summer to make sales, if the Rep does not have a *Qualified* sale to apply to the waiver for registration, the rep may deposit $200 with the company and attend the conference. When the Rep has a second sale (which Qualifies for waiver) submitted to the company, the $200 deposit will be refunded to the Rep. This deposit will be held on account, until a second sale is applied to the waiver, at any time in the future.

Please note:

Waived Residual Monthly Commission applied to the conference will be counted in the calculations of the Minimum Profit Program, however, will NOT be calculated in annual earnings for 1099 reporting or tax purposes.

Any questions can be directed to or call 203.247.1739 (Aly)