Social distancing should not hinder the progress of your small business. Social media is a great opportunity to connect with customers in a new way. In fact, communicating online allows for more frequent exchanges with customers, making for a far more effective relationship. Below are three of the best ways to maintain strong customer relations online, despite the pandemic we are all living through.

  • Incentives are a key tip to stimulate customer base growth. By offering up a promo code for a discount, or a free good or service, your business is intriguing customers to become more familiarized with you and your products. Discount codes compel a potential customer to invest in your goods or services. “Giveaway” deals broadcasted on your social media platforms can also be beneficial to your small business, as they demonstrate a confidence in your mission. Giving away free items or services shows that as a business, you know the quality of what you have to offer, and you want others to experience it as well.
  • Forming a more personal connection with customers can be rather difficult online, however, it is not impossible. It is important that your business utilizes its social media platforms for other good causes. By not solely acknowledging and posting things pertaining to your business, you could really benefit long-term. It could be useful to post content relating to current world issues, and things that more people can relate to. An example is something encouraging followers to vote in this most recent election. This shows support in terms of involvement in society, while keeping politics out of it. In addition, posting a relatable joke or quote can show the “real people” side to your small business. Furthermore, staying natural and neutral on social media can be very beneficial in gravitating followers towards your business.
  • Having an insight into your customers and their backgrounds can be very useful in allowing your business to form more intimate connections with consumers everywhere. Knowing your audience can help direct you to one platform for posting, opposed to another. Typically, older generations are more active on Facebook, whereas younger generations are more active on Instagram. Not to say people do not use these two platforms interchangeably, but if one age group closely follows your business over another, this could be useful in finding your target audience. In addition, your content can be delivered in certain ways (photos, videos, etc.) based on your audience. You can tailor things to their interests in order to gain their attention.

Hopefully these three tips helped to show you that your small business can continue to form strong relationships with customers, even while keeping physical distance due to the pandemic. Incentives, a greater outlook on the current events in the world, and knowing your audience are three helpful hints to assist your small business in expanding during a time with many physical limitations.


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