Credit Card Processing | Zero Mark Up |

What if you could process credit cards with ZERO FEES… well ZERO MARK UP fees over the standard bank card processing “exchange rate”, which is about 2%…

MaxExposure has a unique partnership offering ZERO MARK UP processing to our clients, with all the benefits and services that the higher fee processors charge.

  • Guaranteed Next Day Acceptance
  • Next Day Direct Deposit / Funding
  • FREE Equipment and terminals
  • FREE Online processing / virtual terminals
  • Comprehensive Reports and Data Analysis
  • World- Class Customer Support and Training
  • No Rate Increases... EVER!

How can we do this? How do we get paid?

Actually it’s ingenious… we partnered with a Merchant Services company that specializes in “High Risk” processing (online shopping sites, dating sites, travel agencies, etc… which are susceptible to chargebacks and cancellations), which provides them significant fees for their services. There are very few banks that take high risk, so they can command higher fees.

To maintain their relationship with the banks and card providers, our partner needs to have a large base of “low risk” clients, which balances out their portfolio and charge back ratios. Our clients are all established businesses with very low chargeback rates, and assist them to meet this objective.

The “win-win” is our clients get literally ZERO MARK UP processing and our compensation comes from fees paid by our partner derived from a pool funded by the high risk clients. In the end, our clients are happy, and that’s all that matters.

As an example, if your business processed $50,000 a month ($600,000 a year), and you pay 2.5% the savings would be .5% or $250 a month that is $3000 a year, simply said… it’s your money, why not keep it or apply it to advertising to grow your business (see the MaxExposure Advertising Program options) click here

To get a FREE Merchant Account Audit, simply complete the form, and upload a recent Merchant Account statement to your form and one of the merchant services specialist will contact you with your new rates and projected savings.

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