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Incentive Travel Certificates & More to Drive Sales, Leads and Company Loyalty

Want to generate leads, referrals, more sales? What if you could have UNLIMITED incentives for your sales people to “give away” to your clients, prospects and vendors?

Once you enroll, you can download and print (or email) as many certificates as you desire, for one low monthly fee. Each certificate does have a small redemption fee, which is paid by the recipient, or you can credit your client the redemption fee as part of the “thank you” for your business.

Many clients us our certificates to generate leads and referrals. Imagine if every customer gave your sales team 5 new referrals, and for each, they can “choose” 5 certificates! The leads would flow and your sales team will love it.

Another GREAT use of the certificates is sales incentives… a Weekend Cruise or 4 days in Vegas for your Top Sales performers is always a great way to build camaraderie and company loyalty, keeping your sales team focused and motivated, at a VERY Affordable prices for your company. What would costs thousands of dollars can be done for less than $100 (in redemption fees).

MaxExposure has partnered with a company that has been in travel and incentive industry since 2005, and they are the leader in the incentive certificates business, offering very simple, easy to understand and valuable certificates to make you look good with your clients, prospect and employees or reps and increase your sales.

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