Let’s be real, no one takes anyone’s word about anything anymore. The world has grown very skeptical about everything, small and large. This is why client testimonials are key for your small businesses’ success. Potential new customers will not have to listen to your biased opinion on how great your own business is, but rather, they will hear this from your most loyal customers as they learn about their own personal experiences with your business.

Customer loyalty from existing customers is a huge benefit of sharing client testimonials through your social media outlets and/or websites. By accepting the feedback of existing clients, and publishing this feedback publicly, you are giving credibility to those who got you and your business to where it is today. In addition, sharing these reviews on social media or your website can provide potential customers with insight into your products or services. This builds a very strong relationship with your customers, as they recognize how much you appreciate them and their consistent business. Your small business’ products or services are not just utilized to solve one singular problem alone, but rather, your business should be tasked with solving this one problem better than any of your competition can. Therefore, consumers are extremely invested in providing feedback on their experience with your business, good or bad. Not only is this boosting the trust and emotional relationship developed between the customer and the business itself, but you hopefully also accumulate additional loyal customers, who then go on to produce even more positive feedback for your business, which is never a bad thing.

To gain more footing in your industry, client testimonials allow for a connection to form between your target audience, and those who have experienced your services, or used your products. Consumers whole-heartedly trust each other more than they trust straight marketing tactics employed by your team. Therefore, these testimonials add more weight and encouragement for a consumer to make the purchase into your business. In hearing the successes of other customers’ experiences with your business, they are happier and more confident in making this decision to buy into your product or service. In fact, “92% of people said that they read testimonials when considering a purchase.” * Even better than this is that “72%…said that positive reviews and testimonials helped them trust a business significantly more.” * These statistics go far in exemplifying how beneficial promoting customer testimonials on your business’ platforms really is.

The combination of other effective marketing strategies, and the use of customer testimonials, magnifies the mission of your small business in a very unique and personalized manner. If used effectively, “customer testimonials can help you generate roughly 62% more revenue not only from every customer but from every time they visit your brand.” * These testimonials promote an open line of communication between consumers and business owners, which is something that is very valued these days. So, why not better your consumer relationships as soon as possible and start with publishing these testaments to the strengths and successes your business possesses.



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