Commercial Elecricity

Exclusive for businesses located in:  NY, NJ, PA, MA, MD, or CT.

Each business has different needs when it comes to energy purchasing and that is why we are different from other energy management firms. We understand all of you current and previous experiences when working with energy companies and our goal is to reduce the time and money you spend on your energy budgeting so that you can focus on your core business. 
Joining us means, where individual business owners like yourself, have come together to benefit from highly competitive electricity pricing as a whole. We start the process by providing you with a complete utility audit to be sure you have been billed correctly, your in the proper rate class and have been charged the proper tariffs, this service looks back 6 years! This is a new concept for buying energy however, the concept is similar to being a part of a wholesale club which we are all familiar with (just like Costco or Sam’s Club). When we buy energy for our customers in bulk, each customer benefits individually long term because we can buy more energy at a lower cost.

Get your FREE, no-obligation, electricity price quote today!  Plus, you will receive a FREE Utility Audit.

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