Email is an extremely powerful marketing tool for any small business. With a compelling email campaign, you can begin to cultivate a larger email list, boost engagement, and send sales through the roof. It is also pretty cost-effective, making it perfect for any business to use, regardless of the size of the budget. There are a ton of different types of email messages that you can send to your list that will keep them engaged and excited to open your messages. Here are just a few.

  • Special offers and coupons
    Let’s face it, we all love seeing sales and special discounts from the stores that we enjoy shopping at. This is why special promotional email messages are a great way to boost open rates and sales! It also offers an incentive for shoppers to remain on your list, as they are gaining something of value from it. You can also send birthday messages that include a free gift or special discount to make the customer feel special and excited to shop with you. VIP members can get the same deal too. By rewarding them for their brand loyalty, you will be sure to keep their loyalty, as the more “points” they get, the more they will be incentivized to continue shopping with you!
  • Free downloads
    To engage your email list, consider offering free templates, tips, a helpful video, or even stickers or images that can be used as wallpaper. Most people love receiving anything free that is of value to them, so make sure that whatever you decide to send is something you know your audience will love. This small gesture can go a long way with customers’ perception of your business!
  • Company announcements
    You may be thinking that no one wants to hear about boring company news, but there are ways to turn it into something your subscribers will care about. Say you’re announcing a new product or service. You can offer them a limited time offer where they can test it out for free! If you just won an award, celebrate with them by offering a discount on your products or services. Whatever you do, make sure it is of real value to your customers.
  • A blog post digest
    If you are continuously updating your blog, an amazing way to get your subscribers to keep up with it is to send out mini summaries of each post with a link to each one. This doesn’t have to be a lengthy email; it should be just enough to get them to want to go over and read the rest of your blog. Remember, these little reminders can go a long way.
  • After-purchase check-in
    After a customer makes a purchase with you, make sure to check in with them a few days later about that purchase. Doing so is a great way to show customers that you care about them and that you genuinely want them to be satisfied with their experience. It will also allow you to gauge their happiness and it gives you feedback on your product or service. This data will help you improve your business over time, leading to more happy customers (It’s a win-win)!

If you’ve only been sending out newsletters and are looking to switch it up, these are some great messages to send out so that your consumers remain happy and engaged. It is always a good idea to have a variety of messages to keep your audience on their toes, so use some of these ideas to change it up from time to time. You never know, your customers might start to look forward to your emails and get excited for what is to come next!


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