Enterprise Rep

Enterprise Reps must have Business Builder Status and meet minimum qualifications – see details below


An Enterprise Rep can offer MaxExposure services to local businesses, the same manner as a Direct Rep or Business Builder, but also has the opportunity to market to large “groups”, for instance; Associations, Franchises and Large Corporations with multiple locations or other Resellers wanting to add MaxExposure to their product offering. In addition, Enterprise Reps can qualify to manage a team of Direct & Enterprise Reps and receive overrides on their sales efforts for the “life of their clients” (conditions apply).

Whale Hunters

Enterprise Reps are “Whale Hunters”, with more experience and dedication involved on a more full time basis. Enterprise Reps have regional territories, defined upon promotion, with some minimum standards to retain exclusivity**. Territories can be geographic or by industry (i.e. The Entire State, Part of a State, Dentists, Plumbers or Named Franchises nationwide). Exclusivity is applied to Associations, Franchises or where the main office of that organization is located. Local (stand-alone) businesses are not included in exclusivity and can be sold to be any MaxExposure Rep or Reseller.


Pricing for Associations (etc.) is based on the number of members enrolled from that group. The more members that enroll, the lower the price is for the entire group. In addition, as the group enrollment achieves 50% of the membership, MaxExposure will donate funds to the Association or Group’s charitable foundations (e.g. scholarships funds, etc.).

its your business

Each Enterprise Rep is their own business entity, in which they should want to promote themselves to other business owners within their community. One of their marketing tools is having a MaxExposure Social Media account. 

This will demonstrate their personal use of the products and services we offer. As such, each rep is required to purchase a premium Social Media Management package ( discounted to the Basic Package price of only $399/month + $550 Set up fee*) to promote themselves in their local market.

Commission Schedule & Bonuses

Click the tabs below to find out more about our commissions structure and bonuses

  • Set-up Fee   50% of all set up fees paid on each sale…
  • Residual:  50% of the Residual Margin for the life of the client (minimum requirements will be the same to retain commissions year to year).
  • Commissions apply to all products which have a “profit margin” listed.

The set-up fee on the Rep’s MaxExposure Social Media Business account, is fully refunded over the course of the first 5 sales (20% per sale) when accomplished in the first 45 days from enrollment.

  • All features on the Essentials Plus Package
  • $50 FB advertising each month
  • Personal FB Page post promoting your MaxExpo Business page weekly
  • 1000 business cards, replaced as needed
  • $550 Set up fee Refunded over first 5 sales within 45 days of enrollment
  • Review Manager™ System FREE to all Independent Direct Reps.
  • MaxSales System Fee waived ($69 value FREE)


  • up to 20 Analysis
  • over 20 Analysis @ $3 each billed the following month

Once a Rep achieves 25 “personal sales” (or 10,000 in recurring monthly sales) they can apply to advance to the Enterprise Rep level, if desired. Training & Certification will be required. Upon certification, a Rep will be qualified to engage in selling to Enterprise Business with multiple accounts. See program information for more details.

REP can qualify to advance to a management positions after they have secured 25 clients through personal sales and complete the Manage Training Program, which consist of programs to professionally and effectively recruit, train and manage MaxExposure Sales Reps.

Once qualified, a Manager will receive 5% override commission on all sales and set up fees, secured by a REP on the manager’s team. A Manage can have unlimited REPs on their team without any boundaries or territories.

  • One on One Sales Training from Company President or Sales Executive
  • Ongoing training & Sales Support as needed
  • Personal Consultations as needed

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Sales Rep

We offer enrollment for Sales Reps, who might not be able to invest in their business, just yet. This option allows a new rep to engage, start building their income and then upgrade to the higher commissions and benefits of being a “Business Builder”

Business Builder

A Business Builder, can engage at any level they choose; full time, part time or whenever they like, primarily at the local are level.

Enterprise Sales Rep

An Enterprise Rep can offer MaxExposure services to local businesses, in the same manner as a Direct Rep, but also has the opportunity to market to larger groups.

* Must be Business Builder to upgrade​

Resellers & Agents

Resellers are business owners that are already selling goods and services to small local businesses and want to offer additional social media management or business solutions.