Welcome to the MaxExposure Business Solutions - Ambassador Program.

You are joining a team of dedicated and enthusiastic entrepreneurs, who have a clear vision of the future and a passion for success – for themselves and the small business communities they serve.

You will quickly realize that we offer the ABSOLUTE BEST products and services available (at the most affordable prices) in the Social Media Industry, making MaxExposure the BEST VALUE available… PERIOD!!!  In addition, we have an extensive (and growing) portfolio of “off line” products to service the small/local business owner, with products or services (and pricing) normally afforded to much larger companies. Whether it’s our Social Media Management Services or our “off line” products… we offer the best in class services, that get our clients more exposure and enhanced their positive reputations and relationships with their customers.

As you embark on your training, this will become the bedrock of your confidence when meeting with potential clients. Our training is based on the Sandler® Selling System, which is designed to engage a prospect and “sell to their needs” (pain). The training is broken up into “daily modules”. You can do them each day or plow through it all quickly. Be sure to watch, listen and practice EVERYTHING offered… it all matters and is information you will need to be successful, ensure your clients are well served and the home office can deliver what is being sold.

By following our sales program process, you will find that a prospect will “ask you to help them”, which makes the sales process enjoyable for everyone involved. We don’t just sell products and services, we assist local business with what they need.

Your online training will be the key to getting off to a FAST START… but only if you follow the simple “step by step” process. Think of this way, if we knew a better way to generate sales…we would teach it… the videos, documents, scripts and examples we present are proven and work… follow the process… it works!! Keep in mind, this isn’t a get rich quick program. You are building a business, which takes time. The only thing that will make that happen faster is your consistent effort, following the program, dedication to helping as many local business owners as possible every day and your personal commitment to YOUR BUSINESS!

If you haven’t heard from one of our sales managers, you will be hearing from them soon, but feel free to initiate a connection immediately, to get acquainted personally and professionally to phone, text, email, social media or interruptive dance Jand let them know your goals and aspirations for working with MaxExposure. They are financially motivated to see you achieve your goals and success. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a full time Career Sales Rep, an Ambassador, a Master Distributor, an Agency or a Reseller, know that the home office team and I are always available to assist, provide guidance and insights to assist you to achieve your goals, ensure you have all the tools and support you need to succeed. Now it is up to you to do YOUR PART… enrolling is just a formality…. getting started and talking to people to build your business with MaxExposure Business Solutions is the only thing that will generate sales!

Below are some “Action Items” to engage immediately. We know if you are serious about building your business, you will have this done within 24 hours of receiving this email.

We are honored you chose to work with MaxExposure, and we are excited to see your contributions and how the residual income will impact your life!

Onward & Upward,


Action Items to be Completed in 24 Hours

Step 1:
The MaxExpo Sales Office! 

Using your PERSONAL Facebook Page,

  • If you don’t have a Facebook Page, please set one up just for this purpose…

Search for the MaxExpo Sales Office or To request access click the button below

This is a private Group… all Reps need to be part of this group – it will be our main form of communication!

Step 2:
Commissions via Direct Deposit

Every Monday (Tuesday on Holidays) we pay commissions via Direct Deposit.

To process your commissions payment, we need your bank account and routing information.

To set up your Direct Deposit account click the button below

Password: maxexpo  (for Rep Access Only)

Step 3:
Join the Team Page

Join our TEAM PAGE!

See the examples of what our team is all about … https://maxexpousa.com/about

Please click the link above… if your photo and “bio” isn’t there… WHY NOT??? (probably because you haven’t sent us your photo… make it professional or causal, fun and showing your “personality”…

When sending in your photo,  make a list of “interest” and we will write up the bio…

Being on the TEAM page will add credibility to your marketing effort locally and increase your sales. Send your photo and a short bio to aly@maxexpousa.com and it will be added to the team page asap

Step 4:
Rep Control Panel (RCP) Access

We offer our Ambassadors a robust and comprehensive “back office”, which we call the Rep Control Panel (aka: RCP). The RCP provides access to all the information our Ambassador’s may need in the pursuit of new clients and to be as productive as possible. The RCP is the place where the Online Training, Order Entry, Marketing Materials and our Email Marketing tools can be found. This also serves as one portal for access to everything the Ambassadors needs at any time. To access the RCP go to  www.MaxExpoRCP.com

Initially, during the first few days, we provide access to ONLY to the initial training information in the RCP, by using a “temporary password”.

Temporary Password is:                MaxExpoBMoveNow


Within the next 48 hours, you will be notified via email with your permanent password, which was provided in your welcome email. The upon notification, your permanent password can be used to access the RCP use all the features available in the RCP.

Please DO NOT share either password with anyone not connected to the MaxExposure, the National Association as an Ambassador or any unauthorized 3rd party, as the information in the RCP is confidential and proprietary. We appreciate you cooperation and compliance.

Step 5:
Expense Reduction Program

Imagine if you could lower your recurring payments on your Business and your Home expenses??…

  • Cell Phone
  • Internet
  • Cable TV
  • Credit Card Fees
  • Security / Alarm Service
  • And more…

MaxExposure has partnered with the premier “Expense Reduction” service in the industry… and they will negotiate on your behalf. With NO EFFORT on your part…

Whatever they find in savings in “split” 50/50 with you… if they don’t find any savings… you PAY NOTHING!

Simply go to www.MaxExpoSavings.com and complete the account set up, upload your bills and they take it from there.

This is just another benefit of being a Ambassador with MaxExposure Business Solutions. By lowering your personal and business expenses, you can have more resources to advertise and drive your business forward, and assist other local business owners to be more profitable, productive and get found more online.

Step 6:

While you can use your personal email for marketing and communications with local businesses is ok to do, it is recommended that you Set up a Unique Email address specifically for MaxExpo Marketing Purposes to avoid any email issues, SPAM compliance and to separate your past business endeavors and present activities. 

Setting up a NAOLB Gmail Email Account:

  1. Go to http://www.gmail.com
  2. Set Up NEW Gmail Account
  3. Create EMAIL to be YOURNAME.NAOLB@gmail.com
  4. Create your password
  5. You will need to do a phone verification to validate your email account.
  6. Email Aly@maxexpousa.comand Joe@maxexpoUSA.com from your new email to confirm it is completed.

Tip: be sure to add the company Social Media Sites to your email signature – in the next frame. If you need help contact us for assistance.

Note… Be sure to set this email up on your PHONE, COMPUTER and any other devices you frequently use.

We STRONGLY suggest using outlook (or similar) via logging into Gmail and/or “push” your new email to your personal account to ensure you never miss an important communication.

Step 7:
Video Conferencing

Download Zoom – for Meetings 

Step 8:
Fast Start Bonus

During your first 30 days, from enrollment, you are in your FAST START Period. This only happens one time in your career. So make the most of it.

During your FAST START you will receive:

  • 100% of the first month’s margin on All Annual contracts sold
  • 75% of the margin on All one-time payment products sold
  • 100% of the set up fees paid on any MaxExposure Digital Services (excluding 3rd party provider services)

Not applicable to services purchased for Ambassador personal business use – Bonus applies to New Business purchases customers only.

This is a GREAT way to generate some FAST INCOME in your first month and build your prospect and customer base…

Jump into the training and start talking to local business owners immediately and watch your income GROW!

Step 9:
Follow Us!

Follow MaxExposure on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, Instagram & YouTube 

Step 10:
FREE Landing Page

For your personal marketing and lead capture, MaxExposure offers our reps a FREE Landing page, to request a page and see an example, go to www.MaxExpoUSA.com/landingpage and fill out the form, it is recommended that you also purchase a unique domain name (i.e. yourname.com or something that is easy to remember) and forward that domain to your landing page. MaxExposure offers discounts on domain names, go to https://maxexpousa.com/domain-internet-services/ and complete the form and our team will connect you, confirm your domain name, payment and they will take care of forwarding it for you.. 


Step 11:
Online Training Access

You have been “Pre- Registered” for the training. Simply click the link below to login

The training center access information is:

  • the email you enrolled with
  • your REP ID Password

Here is the direct link to the training site:

Click Here

  • Once in the training follow the Launching Your Business “steps” as you progress.
  • Don’t do all the training in one sitting… learn each step as you need the information
  • The First Step takes about an hour. After that, you are ready to begin prospecting local business!
  • If you get stuck, contact your manager

Within 48 Hours, after you enrolled, you will have access to the Rep Control Panel

Here is a “direct link”

www.MaxExpoRCP.com upon access, see the Online Training link at the top of the page

(your Rep # is your password)


Step 12:
Check in with Joe!

Every Monday (Tuesdays on Holiday weeks) at 5:00pm EST via video chat with Company President, Joe Grushkin is available LIVE online.

 This is time set aside for individual or group conversations to get additional training, ideas, share successes and updates on what is happening around the business.

 Log on to www.JoeLive.Tv to connect at 5:00pm EST (sharp)

Note: access is blocked at 5:05pm to avoid interruptions to the conversation.

Connect with Joe Grushkin 

Once you have access to everything, and have set up and tested your email, accessed the training, RCP and the Sales & Success center, please feel free to Book time with Joe Grushkin to connect or get acquainted: to schedule a video chat go to www.MeetJoeG.com 

Joe’s contact information:

Joe Grushkin  – 203.247.2008 – joe@maxexpousa.com

Click here to connect / follow Joe online: Facebook   Twitter   Linked In           

Contacting Support

When using the chat function on our website… Please identify yourself, and that you are an Ambassador when you initiate the chat / request for support, to better assist our support team to know how to assist you.

In most cases, to allow our support team the time they need to serve our clients, it’s best to contact Joe Grushkin, for sales and product support first. He can be reached via text, email or phone – If Joe is unavailable and you have an “urgent need” (i.e. with a client) please use the chat on our website… identifying yourself immediately… and they will be happy to assist.

Completion Report: I am ready to get started!!