Facebook Messenger
Advertising Program

Help drive traffic to your restaurant by reaching potential customers in a dynamic and new way. We build a Messenger program for your restaurant that provides an irresistible offer to your local area through Facebook. Obtain local email addresses for remarketing and track whenever someone comes to your restaurant.

The best part of this program is, we now have their Social Media, FB Messenger app address and Email to send them promotions when needed:

Slow Wednesday Night

Monday Night Special

Weekend Music

Hot Deals or Sales

  • Reach new customers and incentivize existing customers to come into your restaurant
  • Brand yourself in the community to thousands of local potential customers with Facebook advertising
  • This is not a “get rich quick” promotion, it’s a “strategic campaign” to continuously drive customers to your business and create “loyalty”. In the first month you might not break even (however many of our clients do), the strategy is based on multiple offers, follow up, reminders and ongoing (automated) communications with your customers, that will keep them coming back.
  • Messages average an 85% open rate - making sure your customers are actually seeing your offer
  • Trackable ROI that shows when a customer comes into the restaurant and how much they spend
  • Build a database of local email addresses and Facebook information from people in your area
  • Custom built Messenger program for your business
  • Experience the LIVE demo by clicking here!
  • Auto reminders are sent prior to expiration when someone doesn't redeem their coupon
  • After each time they redeem an offer, the system will send them a “thank you” and another offer, three in total. It’s been proven that after 3 customer engagements, with great services, they become a frequent repeat customer.

Check out the process, step by step!

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