Facebook is an ideal platform to help boost the growth of your small business. The service has many features, many for free, that positively impact your small business by getting your name out there. Read on to learn five quick tips on how to use Facebook to your small business’ advantage.

  • Cover photos are everything in this case. Your business’ cover photo on Facebook is the first thing a potential customer or new follower sees when they click on your profile. An image that catches a viewer’s eye, compelling them to click on more and scroll through your feed, sets the tone for a positive experience on your page.
  • Utilizing tools like “Facebook Live” are a great resource for helping your small business connect with customers on a more personal level. It is important to advertise the fact that you are going to have a livestream chat or information session. You can do this on your regular Facebook feed, as followers will receive alerts and reminders. You can also advertise on your other social media platforms about this event. When it comes to the livestream itself, allow it to show the “human” side behind the business. Customers will be more interested to hear you talk in a relaxed setting about what you have to offer, and anything else exciting there is to share.
  • Encouraging customers to do the talking on Facebook is another great use of the platform. This gives them a space to give your business shout-outs, ask questions, or give feedback. All of these things are very beneficial for your small business, and better enough, you have the ability to respond to these comments. This shows attention to customer service, which definitely gives your small business a leg up.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words. Make sure to use images and video clips on your Facebook page more than just writing paragraphs about topics you wish to share. It is better to show more than tell, as it engages customers more to see the visuals. It is also more effective to show your products and services so that potential customers can see exactly what they are considering investing their money in.
  • Lastly, you will definitely want to utilize the locations feature on Facebook. By putting your small business physically on the map, it allows for customers to “check-in” when they visit your physical location, or buy your products or services. This is then displayed on the customer’s timeline for their own followers to see, making it a very effective marketing strategy, as it is spreading awareness of your business with you barely doing anything on your end.

Definitely include Facebook as one of your small business’ social media platforms for the reasons listed above. There are far more features than I mentioned, but hopefully you can use those tips to get started on running a successful Facebook page today!


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